Quarry Sit-In

In 1990, the Treffry family of Place in Fowey - who own the mineral rights to parts of the parish - planned to re-open one of the old quarries on the eastern side of the valley for the extraction of 'dimension stone'. Their idea was to extract the granite in 10 ton pieces and transport this by truck through the village to a works on Bodmin Moor for cutting and finishing. To asses the feasibility of the plan and the quality of the granite, they planned test bores in various locations, including the long abandoned Cairns Quarry on the opposite side of the valley to the church.

For the villagers, this raised two issues -

  • Did the owner of the rights to the minerals that lay beneath the ground also have the right to surface access and, more importantly, disrupt the activity being carried out thereon (= farming).

  • The pro of possible local employment versus the con of an estimated two return truck journeys per day through the narrow lanes leading to & from the village plus past the school.

Those who were vehemently against the plan staged a well-publicised sit-in at the field gate which gave access to the Cairns test bore site. To cut a long story short, the Treffry family finally decided not to pursue their plan (apparently for 'economic reasons' rather than the opposition) but the following photos do depict some popular 'elder statesmen' of the village who sadly are no longer with us.

"Private - No Access"  with 'muck spreader' at the ready.


Fred's Metro, Don Hawken, unknown, Fred Carne, Dorothy Robinson, Mrs Hawken & daughter Carol


Gwen & Hedley

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