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West Country



Both can be viewed as maps and/or text and they give planned works/disruptions for up to the next 4 weeks but the coach map is much better for moving around town at higher zooms as it works like Google. 

BEWARE - not all roadworks or closures due to crane ops are shown by any means so you can still very easily be caught out . . . but at least you then blame Boris. 


Regional / National

  • AA 'Roadwatch'

  • BBC

  • Highways Agency - currently has two almost parallel sites:

  • RAC Traffic News  - select region then sort results by County for best results.

  • Roadworks - Current & Planned: 

    • ELGIN  (Electronic Local Government Information Network)   
      After Google, the map controls take a little getting used to but the detail is quite remarkable. Great as a work of utter fiction where Cornwall Council is at all involved.



- Motorway Service Areas


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