Surl Family Tree 2a / Beckwith Tree 6  

Offspring of Edith Lucy Beckwith and Edwin John Surl

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Family Group - 1907

Edie & Ted's two boys - Geoffrey (left) and Arthur (right) dressed in typical 
Edwardian sailor suits at 28 Ossian Rd, Stroud Green, London in1907.
Seated are Edie Beckwith's mother Eliza (nee Finall) and brother George, 
standing is her sister Nancy & kneeling is sister Jessie.


10.11 Geoffrey Edwin SURL  - 1899-1959 & Bessie JONES 1910-1975


Geoff and Arthur holidayed together each year from 1926-30. 
This was taken in Scotland in 1928 using a self-timer.

 Geoff, Bessie & Christine        Bessie in London, Sep 23 1972

Geoff, Bessie and Christine in 1936 and Bessie in 1972 

Bessie with Christine & Stephen - c1942

Bessie with Christine (not looking too happy !) and Stephen late 1941/early 1942

B, S&C c1943             G, S & C c1943

Bessie & Geoff with children Christine & Stephen c1943/4



Before moving on from Bessie, mention must be made of her Brother Reg and sister-in-law Stella, with whom the following Surl generations maintained close contact. Some time after Reg's untimely death, Stella met in Exeter and married Lawrie Pomroy, a keen railway enthusiast and author of several books on Devon's railways.

The wedding reception for one of Geoff & Bessie's grandchildren was held dangerously close to the Bluebell Railway so, during a lull in the proceedings as well as to maintain a family tradition, the three of us decamped to Horsted Keynes Station for an hour to 'see what was going on'. Here Stella & Lawrie pose in front of immaculate Maunsell Q class 30541.






10.12 Arthur Lionel SURL 1902-1984 & Frances Evelyn DEAN ('Evelyn') 1913-1983


ALS posed            ALS with Roddy

Arthur was a keen amateur photographer. Left is one of a series of posed shots in the family back garden circa 1924, right is post marriage with 'Roddy' c1940


Wedding 27/04/1935           27/04/1935

Wedding on 27th April 1935 at Junction Road Congregational Church (twixt Tufnell Park & Archway tube stations) and, afterwards, at the rear of the Dean home, 19 Churchill Road. 

MGS's christening (1)

Malcolm Surl's Christening - 1948. L to R Stephen Surl (1st cousin), Michael Taylor (1st cousin on Dean side), Evelyn Surl nee Dean and Malcolm with Christine Surl (1st Cousin) keeping David Horton (son of MGS's Godmother) in check  The coffee table is still in use but it's doubtful that it would still take my weight. 

MGS's christening (2)

Deans, Surls, friends and neighbours all mixed up after the christening - pictured outside "Tewkesbury", the house they had built in 1938 near Aldenham (which was knocked down in the 1960's to make way for an access road to a Gypsy Camp when the M1 was extended south from Berry Grove). From left to right, star of the show is series 1 Morris 8 FPE 478 belonging to Geoff & Bessie Surl , then there's Hannah Dean, Stella (now Pomroy), and a neighbour (Jean). The couple behind Christine Surl are not known but her dad, Geoff is lurking behind them in the doorway and mother Bessie is peeping out from behind Arthur Surl. Immediately to the right of Evelyn holding Malcolm is Tom Taylor holding Michael whilst in front of them is believed to be Hilda Penwarden. The next two are unknown then it's Marjorie Horton holding son David with Stephen Surl in front of them.

ALS, FES & MGS at Birchington

FES 1970's            ALS mid 1970's

ALS+FES with Marc c1979

Evelyn & Arthur in Later Years - Top in 1970/1971, so about 2 years after they retired from the guest house & holiday apartments business and moved to Queen Bertha's Ave, Birchington. The sea is just visible behind Arthur ... and the trains thundered by just behind the fence. The next duo would have been mid 1970's whilst the above, with grandson Marc, was around 1979. Note the special Willow pattern cups & saucers reserved for visiting children and the trademark fairy cakes. 


Generation 11

11.1 Christine Brenda SURL b1936 &  David RAYNER b1932

For earlier childhood photos, see parents (10.11 above)

S&C c1945             Christine in London, 23/09/1972

Christine with brother Stephen c 1945 and in Sep 1972

Christine & David, Mum & Dad 1983

Christine & David visiting Evelyn & Arthur Surl in 1983 shortly before Evelyn's death


11.2  Stephen Edwin SURL (aka "Sam") 1941-1995 & Christine nee BISHOP b1942

For earlier childhood photos, see parents (10.11 above)

SES, MGS & AJH - 1952

Stephen with Malcolm (& Arthur Surl's Austin 10) near Worthing, 1952

S&C Wedding 1963           SES & David Rayner

Left & below - Stephen & Christine's wedding in 1963 and, 
right Stephen with brother-in-law David Rayner at the wedding in Sussex of David's daughter Gillian

SES Wedding


11.11  Malcolm Greville SURL b1947

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Generation 12

None currently available




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