The 'Newent Branch' 

Notes on Surl Family Tree 2  

1790 onwards - generations 6 to 13

Please note, the descendents of Edwin John Surl (gens 10+) are covered by Tree 2a & Notes 2a  

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Generation 6


John Surl - Please see the Introduction for the history of the discovery that John was in fact the head of both the Newent & Tewkesbury branches, albeit with different wives. The Introduction also contains an explanation for and maps of the different Gloucester parishes mentioned below.

ALS always said (and a tree drawn by Morley Chancellor also showed) that John originally came from Mitcheldean (or Mitchell-Dean or even Dean Magna as it seems to have been in the early 1800's) and that he married a lady by the name of Margaret. Well at least the latter has since been proven correct by the marriage record for John Surl marrying a Margaret POWEL (or Margarett POWELL) on 10th Aug 1788 at St Mary de Lode, Gloucester, a good fit considering the birth of son John in 1790/1. (Both the bride & groom have Holy Trinity recorded as their parish but its services were held in St Mary de Lode). Moreover, this church is not only the same as John's 2nd marriage in 1810 but also his son John's in 1817. Please see the introduction for more on the Parishes of Gloucester.

It is assumed that Margaret Powell was born 1760-1767 (after which she would have been too young  to marry by Banns in 1788). Unfortunately there are several baptisms in Gloucestershire during that period - one in Painswick, two in Cheltenham and one in Littledean (which is close to Mitcheldean). Margaret presumably died pre 1810 (when John re-married) but as yet no death record has been traced.   

When John re-married in 1810, his occupation was given as 'Brazier' and there is an entry in the 1820 Gloucester Trade Directory for a John Surl, Brazier, of Water Street though of course it is just possible that the directory was compiled some time before 1820 so this entry refers to son John who was also a Brazier. 


Above left is a map from around 1780 showing Water Street (aka Watering Street) - almost due north of the cathedral - curving round to the north west to meet the old River Severn at the eponymous watering place. (Map courtesy St Catherine's Archeology project). Some sources claim that Water Street became part of St Catherine's Street during the mid 19th century upheaval but the map comparison in the Introduction and the modern day Street View above right (courtesy of Google Inc) suggest to me that the curved part, which is almost certainly where John Surl traded from, is now St Mary's Street ..... and the houses that remain there look old enough to have been there then. The site of the former St Catherine's Church is approx on the opposite side of the road to the white van.   

John outlived both his wives, being buried on 16th March 1836 in St Catherine's Parish, Gloucester with reported age of 67 to give a birth year of 1769 but, unless he was untruthful about his age upon marriage, a year or two earlier is more likely. Nothing else is known about John's life and nothing has yet been found to link him directly to Mitcheldean but a family link with Mitcheldean has been found in that son John's brother-in-law, William Workman, settled there and those two families were fairly close, so possibly, a hundred years or more later, the generations were confused.. .


Generation 7

  Offspring of John Surl and Margaret Powell (6.1)

John Surl - b late 1790 or early 1791,  Bap 27th March 1791 at St Catherine's in Gloucester, d 25th June 1850 in Newent.

After completing his apprenticeship, he became a Freeman of the City of Gloucester on 9th October 1812. "John Serle (sic) of the City of Gloucester, tinplate worker and late apprentice to William Stephens of the same place, tinplate worker, and his Mary Ann his wife." On his death certificate he is described as "Tinman & Ironmonger"

On 1st May 1817, like his father a few years before, he married in the church of St Mary de Lode in Gloucester. His bride, Diana WORKMAN, was the eldest daughter of Daniel Workman and Mary nee Smith. 

Diana was born 1792/3 and baptised on 18th June 1793 in Stone, Glos, on the east bank of the River Severn near Berkeley. (Photo by Dawn Surl, Feb 2015). Her siblings William and Susannah were also baptised in this church at the turn of the 19th century while her parents were both buried there in the 1830s.

The surname Workman is reportedly primarily Irish in origin but from at least 1750 onwards there was certainly a high concentration of them in South Glos, especially in nearby Dursley and North Nibley parishes. A thought had been that perhaps some came over from Ireland to work on the building of the canals but that now seems unlikely as significant work did not start on the Sharpness to Gloucester canal until after 1800.

In the1851 census she is correctly shown as having been born in Stone but in one transcription of it she is shown as aged 37 (rather than 59) and in the index to another transcription as "Draca" rather than Diana! To add to the fun, in 1861 she is shown as born in Berkeley but this is technically correct as Stone didn't become a parish in its own right until 1797, 4 years after Diana was born.

Between 1819 and 1830 John & Diana had four children - see 8.7.1 below. The middle Christian name Dyer was used not only for two of their children but also two grandchildren so it was thought that, like many other families, it could point to Diana's mother's maiden name. However, this now has been found to have been Smith.

Eldest child Ann was at least baptised in Newent in 1819 if not also born there so John & Diana's move from Gloucester to Newent probably occurred shortly after their marriage in 1817. In Pigot's 1822 Directory of Gloucestershire, John is shown in Newent under the heading "Braziers and Tin-Plate Workers" whilst the 1830 edition lists him as a "Brazier & Ironmonger" in Newent.

The 1841 census shows John (Ironmonger age 50) & Diana (48) in Broad Street Newent with three children, Ann & Caroline (22 and 20, both "Straw Bonnet makers") and John (11). 

John died in June 1850 and was buried on June 29th in the same grave in Newent Churchyard as his infant daughter Mary Anne Dyer Surl who had been buried in 1826 [MI ref A49]. Diana considerably outlived John, dying in Newent on 29th Jan 1869 (source: gravestone in Newent  (see below) and confirmed by the probate.record), her death certificate quoting her as the "widow of John Surl, Ironmonger" living at Broad Street, Newent and the informant of her death as her son, John Dyer Surl (8.4), of the same address. Curiously perhaps, she is not buried in the same grave as her husband, nor even in the same graveyard.

Instead she is buried together with son John & daughter in law in Watery Lane cemetery in Newent (ref B87).

The Inscription reads : 

       Diana SURL, 29 Jan 1869, (age) 77  
       John Dyer SURL, 21 June 1901, 71 
       Mary Ann SURL, wife of John, 20 June 1907, 73

One explanation for this could be that whereas John was an Anglican, Diana was a non-conformist, evidence to support this being the baptism of their 4th child (John Dyer Surl) in a non-conformist Wesleyan Methodist chapel. Hence when Diana died it was presumably up to this son John Dyer to arrange the internment and so he arranged for this to be in the local cemetery rather than the church. Certainly John Dyer was the one to whom probate was granted in March 1869 with Diana's effects being valued at 'under £100'.

The photo by Dawn Surl was taken on a bitterly cold February day in 2015 and shows the flat gravestone of the 3. Just above my bald head, to the left of the path is the Penwarden gravestone (qv) but the memorial to two of John Dyer & Mary Ann's children is obscured  by those above my right shoulder

7.2 Martha Surl   Baptism recently found (2015) for 23rd Sep 1795 (but poss 1794) as the daughter of John & Mary Surl. Although in the registers for "St Catherine's" the service was probably conducted in St Mary de Lode  

This confirms that the previously found burial of a Martha Surl at St Mary de Lode in Gloucester on 10th June 1819 at the reported age of 24 is pretty definitely one of ours.


Generation 8 


8-7.1 Children of Diana Workman & John Surl (7.1)

Ann Surl bap 6th Jan 1819 in Newent, died 6th June 1887.

In Robson's directory of Newent for 1837, there is a listing for 'C & A Surl, Straw Hatmakers' (sic) so Ann with sister Caroline (8.2) seem to have started their business when they were teenagers. In the 1841 census they are shown (at home with their parents) as 'Straw Bonnet Makers' and they continued together up until their marriage (after which it was just Caroline until at least 1868). 

On Thursday 21st August 1845 there was a double wedding in Newent Parish Church when both Ann and sister Caroline married. In Ann's case it was to Edwin BAILEY, born 1818, the eldest son of Thomas Bailey and his wife Ann (later Mary Ann) who farmed at various locations in the Gloucester/Herefordshire border area over the years. The same witnesses were used for both weddings - Edwin’s sister Maria and Aaron Goold, a steward of the "Ledbury and Forest of Dean District" Methodist circuit.

ALS noted that Edwin was a farmer from Ledbury but he probably confused the latter element with the Fleetwoods (who were indeed from Ledbury) as the 1881 census records his birthplace as Newent and Roger Bailey confirms it as Yates Farm, Malswick, Newent. By the time of his marriage in 1845 he was indeed a farmer in his own right - at Hill Farm, Hope Mansel in Herefs (now generally 'Hope Mansell'), about 6 miles to the south east of Ross, so not far at all from Mitcheldean, Drybrook and East Dean. 

It seems that they spent the rest of their lives in that area as they were running the larger nearby Silverstone Farm in 1861 while in 1871 he is in Drybrook as a Farm Labourer and they have a lodger. A change of occupation then takes place for in the 1881 census Edwin was working as a Coal Haulier and the couple are shown living at 'Hawthorns, East Dean, Westbury on Severn, Gloucester'. Hawthorns is an area of Drybrook so it seems that the whole district came under Westbury - some 10 miles away - for administrative purposes at that time.. 

Ann's death is recorded in Westbury on Severn on 6th June 1887, aged 67 and Edwin on 9th February 1897. Both were buried at Holy Trinity Church, Drybrook. 

No issue from the marriage has been traced. It is highly probable that Edwin was the inspiration for the choice of this Christian name for his nephew born in 1857, a name that has been perpetuated in the Surl family ever since. 

NB : The 1881 census lists a Charles Bailey born c 1817 as a coal merchant in Newnham, Gloucester. It had been thought that this might be Edwin's brother but, thanks to info from Roger Bailey, this has been discounted. However, by coincidence, Edwin did have a (younger) brother Charles who did become a 'coal dealer' around 1880 but this was in the Birmingham area. 

8.2 Caroline Surl - bap 29th Oct 1820 in Newent, died 1891.

On 21st August 1845 (same day as Ann above) she married James SUMMERS (1818-1907) who was described as a "Wool Stapler" of Newent, son of John Summers, "Gentleman". They had two children, William and Agnes - see 9-8.2 below - both of whom died relatively young (William aged 27 and Agnes at 18) and neither is thought to have had any children. In fact James Summers seems to have outlived all his own siblings (incl a Mary Ann Summers) as well as all his local Surl in-laws so that after his death in 1907, all his household effects were auctioned rather than inherited, and the proceeds were divided equally between the four children of John Dyer Surl & Mary Ann nee Fleetwood (see 9-8.4), Caroline's nieces & nephews.

Auction Leaflet

The auction notice of May 1907. The paper quality was rather poor so the printing on the inside of the cover has bled through to make the result rather unclear.

As noted under Ann above, Caroline continued with the millinery business in Newent for some years after her marriage. In the 1851 census, she is listed in Broad Street as a 30 year old 'Straw Bonnets Maker' together with husband James and infant son William. Living with them is Charlotte WORKMAN an 18yr old servant born in 'Weston' Herefordshire. Suspected for some time as being a relative, she transpires to be Caroline's first cousin via her mother's brother, William Workman. Probably just a coincidence but William & family moved from Weston under Pinyard (where the eldest of his children were born) to Mitcheldean in the 1840s and remained there for the rest of his life, so could this be ALS & Morley's believed Mitcheldean connection?

By 1861, the enlarged family is listed in Leewall* St, Newent and Caroline is now shown as a Milliner but in 1868 they are listed in Broad Street again where she appears in Slater's directory under 'Milliners and Straw Hat Makers' although in the 1871 census lists her there without an occupation. Another house move followed, this time to Church Street, Newent, as James appears there in Morris's directory of 1876 & both of them there in the 1881 census, but again Caroline has no occupation so the millinery business seems to have ceased between 1868 and 1871.

In the 1881 census James, age 62, is still shown as a 'wool stapler' as per all previous censuses and directories but, rather than just plain "Bristol, Somerset" as previously, some transcriptions show him as born in 'Much Marcle, Bristol', somewhat of a contradiction in location! Close examination of the original census sheet reveals that Much Marcle had been repeated from an entry above but had then been poorly crossed out and 'Bristol, Som' added near the margin. Anyway, living with them is their 18 yr old niece from around the corner in Broad Street, Mary Ann Dyer Surl (aka 'Polly' - see 9.43 below), who is listed as a 'companion', both of their own two children having died not long previously.   

Caroline died in the 1st quarter of 1891 - so just missed the census - but James appears in both the 1891 and 1901 in Church Street, plus two servants in the former and just one of the two in the latter.

* Leewall Street also appears concurrently as Lee Wall Street in both the original manuscript of the 1861 census and the transcript of Slater's 1868 directory but this name then seems to disappear. Most of the businesses listed in 1868 as being in Leewall St are listed in 1876 as either being in High St or Broad St so it looks as if the name Leewall St  for this part of High St & Broad St (where the river crosses beneath the road) was generally dropped, but it still survives as the name of the car park at this point. Hence it could well be that the family didn't physically move house from Broad St until their c1870 move to Church St. ?  

8.3 Mary Anne Dyer Surl - b early 1826, Christened 5th Feb 1826 [IGI], died May 2nd 1826, age 2 months [Newent MI ref A49], buried 6th May 1826. All events in Newent.

Thanks to the discovery of the following memorial inscription in Newent Churchyard ....

"To the memory of Mary Ann[sic], daughter of John and Diana Surl died May 2nd 1826 aged 2 months." 

.... the mystery of what happened to Mary has at last been solved. However the age of 2 months is in some doubt because her Christening in Newent has been found in the IGI for 5th Feb 1826 (it was not uncommon for children to be christened very young if they were not expected to live long) where she is shown in full as Mary Anne Dyer Surl.   

It is interesting to note that that when her brother John Dyer Surl (below) had children, the second girl was also called Mary Anne Dyer (the first having been Caroline Ann, an amalgam of the names of his two eldest sisters). What is a mystery is where the Dyer came from as it hasn't yet been found in preceding generations of either family.


John Dyer Surl -  b 28th Feb 1830 Newent, died 21st June 1901 in Newent. (In one 1851 census extract, his age is incorrectly transcribed as 11 rather than 21, in 1881 he is shown as John O. Surl while in 1891 and 1901 the surname has been indexed as Lueb and Turl respectively!). An intriguing entry has been found in the IGI for his Christening on 2nd April 1830 for it was at the Paternoster Row Wesleyan Methodist Registry in London. However, before any wild thoughts of Awayday excursions by train to London come to mind, 1830 was some 20 years before railways arrived in the county and Paternoster Row was simply the central Registry that was maintained for this type of Non-Conformism.  

On 31st Jan 1856 in Ledbury Parish Church he married by licence Mary Ann FLEETWOOD, born June 10th 1834, died 21st June1907. Mary Ann was the eldest of the five children of  John & Mary Fleetwood, butchers, of New Street in Ledbury. Her father had died in 1850 so mother Mary is shown in the 1851 census as a Widow carrying on the butchery business, but she died a few months later - was this the reason for marriage by licence rather than banns? Mary Ann's one brother, Thomas Fleetwood (bc 1836), later moved to the Bath area and in 1881 was a 'Scripture Reader' while the eldest of her three sisters, Sarah Elizabeth (bc 1838) and her offspring maintained close contact with their Surl first & second cousins until the last known died in 1967. See 8A below for more info on Sarah Fleetwood's family. The other two sisters were Hannah Fleetwood (bc 1841) and Martha Fleetwood (bc1847). 

It seems that John Surl lived at the same house in Broad Street, Newent at least from the age of 11 if not throughout his whole life. He is also consistently referred to as being a Tin Plate Worker and/or Ironmonger during his working life eg an Ironmonger at the time of his marriage in 1856, again at the death of his mother in 1869 and yet again in the 1881 census but Tin Plate Worker in the 1891 census. In Morris's Directory of 1876 he is described as "Ironmonger, and iron and tinplate-worker, Broad Street, Newent". In the 1901 census - just before he died - he is shown aged 71 without occupation (though son John Fleetwood Surl is shown as an 'Assistant Ironmonger' ... to whom ? Presumably someone else had taken over the business.).

John & Mary Ann had four children  - see 9-8.4 below. 

In July 1907, some six years after John had died, probate was granted to eldest son Edwin John (commercial traveller) with the estate valued at £170. It had been thought that both John & wife Mary Ann had died on the same day of the year - the Summer Solstice - he in 1901, she in 1907 but the Memorial Inscription on their joint tomb in Watery Lane Cemetery in Newent (ref B87) apparently says that she died 20th June. JD's mother Diana nee Workman is also buried with them - see the tail end of 7.1 above 


Fleetwood Digression - Cousin "Betty" Church & The Malvern Link : 
The Family of Mary Ann Fleetwood's sister Sarah 

8-A1 Sarah FLEETWOOD was born in Ledbury circa 1838, some 4 years after Mary Ann, and equally she died some five years after her on 26th June 1912. 

She married Joseph MATTHEWS (1835-1896) probably around 1865. In 1881, the family is living at Aldwyn Tower, Great Malvern, and Joseph (born in Colwall, Herefs) is shown as a "Boarding & Lodging House Keeper". In 1891 - when nephew Edwin John Surl 'Ironmonger's Assistant' was staying with them and niece Caroline Anne had taken over the Aldwyn Tower i- the couple are at Malvern House, Abbey Road but it is Sarah who is shown as the 'Boarding House Keeper'

They had one child .... with whom Sarah managed the boarding house business after her husband died.

9-A1 Harriet Louisa MATTHEWS b 26th June 1868, died 7th April 1955 (aged 87). In the 1881 census she is listed simply as "Nellie" (so possibly this is a twin sister and Harriet is the Harriet C listed as a boarder at Fonthill College, Abbey Rd, Malvern). 

Married Frank Bailey PERKINS in Sep qtr1888 in Upton on Severn. They had two children .....

10-A1 Frank Perkins - no more details known (no birth, marriage or death records yet found)
10-A2 Marion Emily Perkins ("Betty") b Dec qtr 1890 in Upton on Severn, died 18th July 1967 in Malvern

Married Reginald CHURCH (b 16th July 1886, died 9th July 1961). They had no children.

Reg worked throughout his life for Lloyds Bank in Malvern and the couple lived in an attractive flat near the town centre. On a visit to Malvern after Reg's death (c 1962), Betty - a slim, slight and elegant person - proudly showed us her beautifully executed needlework and tie-dying. It being a Saturday afternoon, the television was switched on after tea for her ritual of watching the wrestling on ITV. To say that she was then a person transformed is putting it mildly ! 


 Generation 9

9-8.2 Children of Caroline Surl & James Summers (8.2)
9.11 William Stephens Summers - Born Newent Jun qtr 1847, died in Newent age 27 Jun qtr 1875. Most records quote middle name as Stephens but on death it is Stephen. 

Shown in 1861 census with parents & Agnes and one servant living in Leewall Street, Newent, then, in 1871, in Broad Street, again with parents and Agnes but this time as a 23 yr old Grocer & Draper (with G H Davey, aged 22,  born Calcutta as Grocer's Assistant and Charlotte Baldwin, 16, from Newent as General Servant). 

"No issue" was marked on an old family tree and none had been traced . . . but it has now been found that he did marry, albeit wrongly registered/transcribed as William Sumner, hence previous failures to find it. Location was Newent, date was in Q1 1874 and the bride one Lydia SMITH. She was born in 1849 in Taynton (abt 6 miles south of Newent), the daughter of James Smith (b Taynton 1810) and Mary (b Rewe, Devon, 1811, d Newent 1905). Where William & Lydia lived during their short marriage is not known but by 1881 Lydia was back with her parents and was still living with her mother, by then a widow, in 1901. Later that year she married retired publican James Reed in Gloucester and the 1911 census record confirms that she never bore any children during her life. Lydia died in Gloucester in 1922 and James in 1927.

9.12 Agnes Emily Summers - Born Newent, Dec qtr 1854, died age 18 in Newent Jun qtr 1873. 

Shown as 'scholar' in both 1861 and 1871 censuses. "No issue" marked on old family tree and none traced.


Children of Mary Ann Fleetwood & John Dyer Surl  (8.4)


Edwin John Surl ("Ted") - b 7th August 1857, died 5th Nov 1950, age 93.

ALS said that he was a "Tinsmith" until around 1890 but this does not now appear to have been exclusively in Gloucestershire as the 1881 census shows him at age 23 lodging in Kingston-on-Thames, Surrey, as an Ironmonger's Assistant.

Apart from being a singer (see newspaper cutting under sister Polly below) he was a talented enough rugby player to have been selected for a county trial in 1884. Could this explain cousin Stephen Surl's mid to late 20th century penchant for this shape of ball. Sadly any musical talent was not passed on down beyond son Arthur Lionel.

Interestingly, in the 1891 census he is shown staying with his Aunt Sarah and family at their Malvern House Hotel but he is still listed as an Ironmonger's Assistant  

He later moved to London and became a commercial traveller for and director of C Chancellor & Co, paint manufacturers, the company owned by his sister Polly's in laws.

He married in North London on 11th Feb 1899, Edith Lucy BECKWITH (born 7th Oct 1871, died 30th July 1948), 14 years his junior (see Beckwith Tree 2 notes). 

They had two children, Geoff and Arthur - see 10-9.41 

The 1901 census shows Ted, Edie & one year old son Geoff living at 85 Digby Road, Stoke Newington with Ted's occupation listed as 'Commercial Traveller in Painters Sorts (?)'. The family later moved to 25 Ferme Park Road, Hornsey, and finally, circa 1920, to 33 Dartmouth Park Avenue NW5 (near Tufnell Park & Archway) where they are shown in 1939, Ted by then a 'Retired Commercial Traveller' and Edie as 'Domestic duties'. 


Caroline Ann Surl ("Carrie") - b Feb 19th 1860, died 16th October 1907. 

Shown living with her parents and younger brother in Broad St, Newent, in 1881 aged 21, without occupation and unmarried, the latter status remaining for the rest of her life. As for employment, I recall my father telling me that an early memory of his (she died when he was 5½) was of  meeting her in Malvern where she ran a small hotel. This is plausible because she has been traced in the 1891 census to Aldwyn Tower, St Ann's Road, Malvern where she is shown as head of the household and "superintendent of a lodging house" - the very same property that her Aunt Sarah (8a1 above) had been managing in 1881 before moving on to the Malvern Hotel by 1891.

In 1901 at the age of 41 she was in Islington, London, with sister Polly and brother-in-law Harry Chancellor (see  below) presumably helping out with their young family. Although it is most likely that she returned to Malvern and the hotel business, no proof has been found as she died before the next census 


She was buried in Newent graveyard (with her younger brother John) and probate was granted to brother Edwin Surl (above) on 8th November 1907 in the sum of £146 7s. Photos by Dawn Surl Feb 2015 - the memorial to Peter Penwarden is just visible in the top right of the left hand picture.

9.43 Mary Ann Dyer Surl ("Polly") - b 31st December 1862 in Newent, died Sep qtr1942 in Edmonton, N London. 

In the 1881 census she is shown as living in Church St, Newent (just around the corner from the family home in Broad St) as 'niece' and 'companion' to her Aunt Caroline and Uncle James Summers (8.2). 

The newspaper cutting (left) from the Gloucester Journal of 14th Jan 1882 shows that Polly and two of her three siblings were sufficiently accomplished singers to take part in this and other musical evenings in the Newent area. 

It is interesting to note that Polly is "Miss P Surl", Edwin is Mr E Surl but Caroline is just Miss Surl.

In 4th quarter of 1885 in Newent, she married Henry George CHANCELLOR ("HG"/ "Harry") - b 3rd June 1863, died 14th March 1945. He was the 5th of the 7 children of John & Louisa Chancellor, grocers, of South Street, Walton in Somerset (near Street). HG's father John (1826-77) died in Portland, Victoria, Australia but even if his wife Louisa nee Porter (1831-97) had accompanied him there, she was back in harness at the grocers in Walton by 1881 with her daughter Jane (HG's sister) as an assistant. It is interesting that John's will was proven in Taunton in 1878 so it suggests that it was a visit to family in Australia rather than emigration. 

Walton was in the registration district of Wells, hence that city on HG's birth record, but both the 1881 and 1911 censuses mis-spell his birthplace as 'Bridgewater' (that's the one near Manchester). Walton is just west of Street on the main road from Taunton & Bridgwater. By 1901 the name over the shop door had changed to Fleetwood but a member of the Chancellor family was still at the helm as Jane had married local boy Frank Fleetwood in 1885. Fleetwood is not a very common name in southern England but no connection has yet been made between these Fleetwoods (who originated in Bruton, Som) and the Fleetwoods from Ledbury (one of whom became HG's mother-in-law - 8.4 & 8.A1 above).

'Harry' Chancellor was educated at Elmfield (Primative Methodist) College in York and is shown in 1881 as a 17 year old Chemist's Apprentice living with the Roper family in Church Street, Newent but then, if the cutting below is correct, he moved to London in 1883 and specifically (upon marriage?) to 'North Islington' in 1885. Certainly, their first child, Hilda, was born in Islington in 1886 (but in a curious twist, she later married the son of a near neighbour to the Surls, Ropers & Summers from Broad St in Newent !)

In 1891 he is listed as "manager to blacklead merchant" whilst living at 55 Dresden Road, North Islington, with Mary Ann, their two eldest children (Hilda & Nora) plus his 19 yr old brother Harold Charles Chancellor, clerk to the said blacklead merchant. It is likely that these are early references to the later family firm of C Chancellor & Co, paint manufacturers, in which Harry became a partner. Harold soon left London though to become a draper back in Somerset. It has been stated that the initial 'C' in the name referred to HG's sister or sister-in-law but this is unlikely unless it was a nickname because his 3 sisters were Lucy Ann, Jane and Sarah Porter while the wife of Harold - the only brother to have married - was called Lillian. Anyway, in a patent application in 1919 by a third party, Messrs C Chancellor & Co of Higham Hill Works, St Andrew Road, Walthamstow, are quoted as the suppliers of an aluminium powder the applicant used in the manufacture of reflective cinema screens. In the 1930 phone book, the company is at Warton Road, London E15 (tel MARyland 4567) but by the mid 30's a paint company in Glasgow was advertising that they incorporated C Chancellor & Co.

By 1901 HG's job description had changed to 'colour paint merchant' and he was noted to be an 'employer' rather than a 'worker'. At this time Harry, Polly and the five surviving children were living at No 2, Hornsey Rise in the Tollington Ward of Islington together with Polly's 41 year old sister Caroline Ann.

H G Chancellor also took a keen interest in politics, initially standing in the 1906 parliamentary election in Islington as a "Progressive" but, according to the minutes of the Fabian Society's AGM in 1907, he was defeated by only 60 votes. Success came though in Jan 1910 when he overturned a 'safe' Unionist majority to became the 'Radical'/Liberal MP for Shoreditch (Haggerston), a position he seems to have held until the constituency was abolished in 1918. 

Guinness was obviously not good enough for the people of Hoxton !
Newspaper cutting of the results of Jan 1910 Election (from the scrapbook of A L Surl, age 8) 

In public life he was always known as H G Chancellor and he seems to have held strong views on a wide variety of interests. In 1914 he published an article entitled "Why Vivisection" in Nash's Magazine and in September 1916 "The War and National Temperence" in the Athanaeum whilst his radically critical stance on the Government's war effort caused a split in the London District of Unitarians with whom he had been associated for some years. After his time as an MP, he served on the board of the National Anti Vaccination League (1929 to at least 1936) while in 1941 he is shown as Hon Sec (with occupation as 'Merchant') of the International Arbitration League (offices at 63 Victoria St, SW1; Lady Nancy Astor is listed as one of the parliamentary Vice Presidents) for whom he also wrote leader articles for their 'organ', the "International Arbitrator".  

Over the 13 years following their marriage, they had six children - for details see 10-9.43 

H G Chancellor & Family - Xmas Card 1904

H G Chancellor, Polly and their five surviving children as depicted on a Christmas card for 1904.
Order is thought to be - Nora, Morley, H G, Hilda & Polly with Desmond & Dorothy in front. 


9.44 John Fleetwood Surl ("Jack") - b July 5th 1869 in Newent, Baptised at a chapel in Ledbury Methodist circuit, 1869. 

Shown in 1881 aged 11 with his parents in Broad St, Newent; ditto aged 21 in 1891 (indexed under 'John Lueb') with no occupation or mark to signify employed or otherwise; ditto aged 31 in 1901 (indexed as 'John Turl') but now that his father had retired, shown with occupation of "Assistant Ironmonger"

However, in the newspaper cutting from c1895 (which annoyingly does not say which shape of ball he was playing with at the time) he is shown as a 'baker', but this is probably a typical newspaper error. 

Although he was apparently a popular chap, he never married. Known to have lost an eye in a fireworks incident in Newent and to have been a keen supporter of the Newent football team, it was these memories of "Cousin Jack" by Alfred Surl of the Tewkesbury Family which led my father, Arthur Surl, to believe that there was a fairly close link between the two families which their respective sons have now proven. 

He died on 30th Sep 1908 in Newent just two weeks before his sister Carrie and the two are buried in the same grave though, interestingly, he seems to have been an afterthought on the gravestone as he is right at the bottom, hidden by grass until it was cleared away for the photo by Dawn Surl (in Feb 2015).

Probate was granted to his brother Edwin J Surl ("commercial traveller") on 22nd October 1908 with the estate valued at just £79, thereby completing a hat-trick of close family probates that he dealt with within just over a year.


 Generation 10

10-9.41 Children of Edith Beckwith & Edwin John Surl &  (9.41)
10.11 Geoffrey Edwin Dyer Surl - please see Tree 2a Notes 
10.12 Arthur Lionel Surl - please see Tree 2a Notes 


Children of Mary Ann Dyer (Polly) Surl & Henry Chancellor (9.43)

10.31 Hilda Mary Chancellor - b in Islington 29th Aug 1886 (but birth recorded during Dec qtr 1886), died in Barnet 1962

Married Mar qtr 1910 in Islington, Stanley Peter PENWARDEN (1880-1944). Though the name Penwarden would indicate Cornish origin, Stanley was born in Newent and appears there in both the 1881 and 1891 censuses .... as one of the 7 children of the grocer in Broad Street, just a few doors down from the Surls. Coincidence or another Newent family member later drawn to London by a Chancellor? Yes, it seems to be the latter, and another to be embraced by the family paint business because in 1916 he gave evidence as a director of C Chancellor & Co (together with his father-on-law H G Chancellor) to a commission enquiring into alternatives for lead in paint.   

Incidentally, in 1881, Stanley's parents are shown as Peter Penwarden, b 1851 in 'Pancraswick', Devon and Elizabeth, b 1854 in 'Stoke Damoral' (sic), Devon but in 1891, his birth place has been corrected to Pancrasweek (not too far from the Cornish border !) while hers is recorded as 'Devonport'. Peter's parents (Stanley's grandparents) were buried in Newent churchyard in plot B86 (see photo by Dawn Surl below).. The MI reads "Peter Penwarden, late of Newent, formerly of Youlden, Pancras-Wyke, Devon, 14th April 1902 aged 79 and Christiana, wife, 9th March 1900, age 72"  

                             Hilda Penwarden c1956

Above right - Hilda Penwarden (left) with Malcolm & Evelyn Surl outside Patrixbourne Church, Kent c1956

Hilda Penwarden outlived Stanley by some years so in the 1950's she shared a house in North London (15 Summers Lane, North Finchley - just off the 609 trolleybus route) with her brother Morley (10.33). 

Hilda and Stanley Penwarden had no children.


Nora Geraldine Chancellor - b 16th July 1889, died 13th Feb 1975.

In Sep qtr 1913 in Islington she married Arnold BROADBENT (1886-Mar 1969). Arnold was born in Oldham, Lancs, to James Broadbent (b1848, a cotton spinner from Saddleworth) and Elizabeth (b1855 in Huddersfield) but he soon quit Lancashire to find fame and fortune in the metropolis. In 1911 he appears as a boarder at 16 Harberton Road, Upper Holloway (close to the Archway) with his occupation shown as "Third Class Clerk, Supplementary Secretary's Office, General Post Office" - perhaps not quite fame & fortune but an impressive title nonetheless. 

Nora & Arnold had three children, all born in Barnet, Herts - see 11-10.32 for details - but their later life together was spent in Shrewsbury, Salop, until just after Arnold died in 1969 when Nora moved back south to the High Wycombe area of Bucks to be closer to her offspring.

10.33 Morley Charles Chancellor - b in Islington on 17th Aug, 1891 (but recorded as being in Dec qtr), died Sep qtr 1957. 

He seems to have worked for the family Paint firm of C Chancellor & Co as the 1930 phone book lists him as "Paint Mfr" when he was at 52A Blackstock Road, London N4 (Tel NORth 2711).  He never married and latterly shared a house in N Finchley with his sister Hilda Penwarden (10.31 above).

10.34 Caroline Chancellor - b Islington in Jun qtr 1894, died June qtr 1894 "age 0". 

She is not shown on the tree drawn by Morley Charles Chancellor (10.33) or A L Surl but she is on that by Nora Broadbent's daughter Mary, thanks to which both her birth & death records have been traced. The 1911 census published more recently confirms "total 6 children, 5 still living & 1 died" so there were no others who died young.   

10.35 Desmond Noel Chancellor - b Islington 22nd Dec 1895 (recorded in Mar 1/4 1896) , d 1913 in Edmonton, age 17. 
10.36 Dorothy Irene Chancellor- b in Islington 25th August 1898 (again recorded in Dec qtr), died Sep qtr1949 in Islington. 

Dorothy never married and despite some considerable research, no more details are known about her other than that she was shown at home with her parents in both 1901 and 1911 censuses, and that her probate went to her brother & sister, Morley & Hilda.


 Generation 11

11-10.32 Children of Nora Geraldine Chancellor & Arnold Broadbent (10.32)
11.11 Eleanor Mary Broadbent ("Mary") Born 23rd July 1914 in Barnet, Herts, died June 2002 in Cardigan, Dyfed, Wales.

In June 1939 she married Kenneth MAYHEW, b 4th August 1911, died Nov 1989 in Cardigan

Mary and Ken had one child - see 12-11.11..

11.12 David Travis Broadbent - b Mar 1918 in Barnet, died 1981 (killed in a car crash in France)

The 1939 Electoral Register has him living in Crouch End but in Sep qtr 1954 it was in Woolwich that he married Constance M L STIMPSON ("Connie") who was born in Woolwich in 1919.

No known offspring. Connie latterly lived in the Chatham area of Kent but seems to have spent her last days in Whitstable..

11.13 John Desmond Broadbent ("John") b 9th Dec 1920 in Barnet, died Q3 1994 in High Wycombe area of Bucks.

In High Wycombe in Dec 1944 he married Joyce Phyllis M WARD (b10th July 1919 in High Wycombe, died May 1998 in Aylesbury Vale, Wycombe).. 

They had two children - see 12-11.13

 Generation 12

12-11.11 Children of Mary Broadbent & Kenneth Mayhew (11.11)
12.11 Diana Margaret Mayhew - born Q3 1941 in Shrewsbury.

During September 1965 in Shrewsbury she married John R LEVER (b1940 Shrewsbury) and they had three children - see 13-12.11 for details 

12-11.13 Children of Joyce & John Broadbent (11.13)
12.31 Caroline I Broadbent - b Q3 1948 in Amersham, died 24/5/2010 in Ayelsbury.

In Amersham during 1972 she married Michael W GOODMAN and they had two boys, one  born 1976 and the other 1978. 

In 1985 she married Richard J J MOTT in Aylesbury (which explains the mention of Richard rather than Michael as her husband in a letter from Joyce in 1986)

12.32 Andrew J Broadbent - b1954 in Amersham 

Married Marilyn E Evans in Brecon in Q2 1983 and, according to Joyce in 1986, they were living in Wales but more recent records suggest a move has been made to the real home of game of rugby.

No offspring mentioned by Joyce and none traced.


 Generation 13

13-12.11 Children of Diana Mayhew and John Lever (12.11)
13.11 Male Lever - b 1969
13.12 Female Lever- b 1969
13.13 Female Lever - b 1970

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