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After ST died in 1903, his business was purchased from his estate by his former assistant .....


Alfred Joseph Cornelius


This is NOT a full list of his work as this fell outside the former STS's sphere of interest. This page covers only where buildings have been documented officially or otherwise claimed as being by ST when they were subsequently proven to have been by Cornelius. 

The following buildings in Newquay have at various times been claimed to have been designed by Silvanus Trevail. The date on the plans is of course the main clue but a complication was that the plans for them were documented & filed with ST's work in the County Record Office ! 

Where What When Notes / Now

Newquay, Edgcumbe Ave

Two bungalows

Mar & Oct 1907*

no change

Newquay, Edgcumbe Gardens

House for Capt Fenwick

Mar 1907*


Newquay, Mount Wise

House for G H Clemens

Nov 1905*

Penberthy Residential Home

Newquay, Porth Way

Semi-detached houses for Mr Stephens



* Date that planning permission was obtained

Alfred Cornelius designed other buildings in Newquay, including what is now the Gluvain Park Hotel and the chapel at Trencreek (bt 1906, demolished 1960's).. 

A similar situation obtained in Truro where the West End Stores (aka Charlie's Bar) has been attributed to Trevail for a good many years but all surviving plans are the work of Cornelius in 1904/5 - a year or more after the death of ST.


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