Notes on Sage Family Tree 2 - Generations 9+  

Offspring of George Sage (1842-1929) 
and Mary Ann nee Gurney (1844-1884) 

of Leverstock Green & St Albans, Hertfordshire

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As with most of the other family trees in this series, the start point was brief one drawn for my benefit in the early 1980's by my father, A L Surl (ALS), on the back of a piece of wallpaper. In this case though, he was not only dealing with his mother-in-law's family but also by this time my mother and most of her immediate family had died. Given these circumstances, it has proved to be remarkably accurate but the odd glitch did result in some considerable wild goose chasing. Following his own death soon afterwards, the tree was re-drawn and circulated. I am indebted to Wyn Taylor - the last surviving granddaughter of George & Mary Sage via Hannah -  for her valuable contributions before she died. As always, with the benefit of hindsight, it is a pity that the draft tree wasn't circulated to the more distant relatives too while they were still alive. 

My father - doubtless based on what my mother & aunt Annie Dean had told him - listed Hannah's father George as having had 13 children, but the census & birth index data more recently found account for only 9 ... and five of those 13 have since been proven instead to be his grandchildren (via his eldest son, also a George and who also married a Mary Ann!). These five are Albert (Alfred), Leonard William, Horace, Daisy and May. The remaining 8 do reconcile well and the one found who was not on his list was eldest son George. 

This omission is probably because of the confusion through having the same name (and spouse's Christian names) as his father plus their almost parallel production of offspring. George Sage junior (b1866), the oldest child, was 18 years old at the time of his mother's death in 1884 while the youngest, my grandmother Hannah, would have been barely four years old. George jnr married a Mary Ann later in that same year and started producing the first of his sixteen children the year after. It was clearly a very close family throughout the 19th century and following the death of Mary Ann snr, George snr seems to have 'outstabled' his younger children with relatives on a regular basis, probably including with his son George. Hence, to son George's youngest siblings like Hannah, he would have been more of a father figure and at least the first few of his children would have been more like brothers and sisters than nieces & nephews. Hopefully now it's easy to appreciate just how such a generation skip was possible.

I am also indebted to Richard Smith of Watford (RS) for considerable background information as well as for sharing with me the results of his research.


Generation 9 


9.1 George Sage - b 5th April 1866 in Leverstock Green, Hemel. Died June 1/4 1916 in hospital in Watford of Double Pneumonia after a horse kicked him in the head on the farm at Leavesden, Watford (RS). 

Shown in 1881 aged 16  living & working as a farm labourer for Daniel How of Wood Lane End Farm in Leverstock Green. In 1901 George is still shown as working as a farm labourer (aged 35) but working in Leavesden, Watford. In 1911 he is at Woodside in Leavesden as a "ploughman on farm" with his wife and 11 of their children.

In Dec qtr 1884 in St Albans he married  Mary Ann(e) HUTCHINS (b Mar qtr 1866 in Watford) and they had two children, Albert & Leonard William (see 10-9.1a). Mary Ann(e) died aged just 23 in St Albans in Dec qtr 1889 so in the1891 census George is a widower living on his own (listed in indexes as 'Saje') in a 3 roomed dwelling near the 'Leather Bottle' in Leverstock Green, while son Albert was a 'boarder' with George & Charlotte Dollemore (a farming family in the Abbots Langley part of Leverstock Green) & Leonard was a 'visitor' with Jonas Gurney (83) and his daughter Jane Smith (58) at Plough Inn Cottage, St Albans Road - the Hemel part of Leverstock Green. "Jonas" was really Thomas, his great grandfather. 

In Sep qtr 1892 George married Emma BRINKLOW. She was born 09/06/1871 in Hemel (the daughter of Wm & Susan Brinklow also of Hemel) and she had already produced one child (Millicent Rebecca Brinklow in1889 see 10-9.1c) and by whom George had no less than a further 14 children. RS gives Emma's death as 1944 and this is confirmed by the BMD entry for her in Watford..

It is interesting that in the 1911 census, parents were asked to give the total number of children born to them, the number still living & those that had died. Given the still relatively high infant mortality rates in that era, their responses of 12, 12 & zero respectively are quite remarkable. Two more children came then along by 1913 -  for details of all 14 children, please see 10-9.1b  


Elizabeth Sage - b Jun 1/4 1867. Shown as a 13 year old 'straw plaiter' in 1881.

Married William John WALDOCK at Watford in Dec 1891. RS quotes his birth as 1862 but the only local William Waldock was born in Abbots Langley in 1870/1. This is confirmed by the 1911 census (when the family was living at 28 Bardwell Road, St Albans) as William John is shown as a "Journeyman Butcher" age 41, b Abbots Langley. 

The death of a William J Waldock is recorded in St Albans in Mar qtr 1924, age 53 (so correct for born c 1871) whilst one for an Elizabeth J Waldock appears in Royston in 1931, age 64 (again correct for b1867) 

Three children - William, Ernest, & Phyllis - see 10-9.2 


Emily Sage - b Dec 1/4 1868 - shown in 1881 in Leverstock Green as 12 year old granddaughter of George & Hannah Gurney .... the clue that finally traced the surname of her mother, Mary Ann.

ALS notes her as having 'died young' but also notes '2 children' (no names given). This seems to be pretty accurate as a marriage has been found for an Emily Sage in Waford on 8th Feb 1890 to Herbert WATERTON (b1867 in Berkhamstead, Herts) thence a death in Watford of Emily Waterton in Sep 1/4 1895 when she would have been 26 yrs old. There were three Waterton births in Watford between 1890 and 1895 - Leonard Frank in Mar 1/4 1891, Ethel in Mar 1/4 1893 and Arthur George in Sep 1/4 1893. Clearly the same mother could not have had both Ethel and Arthur George so, in view of the middle name of George, the latter is the more likely - making the stated two in total .


Alice Sage - b Dec 1/4 1870. 

In the 1891 census she is working as a Housemaid for Ernest Sanders, a 'Clerk in Holy Orders' and family at All Saints Vicarage, Tytherton Road, Islington, London

Married 1st Dec 1893 in St Albans to one Joseph COXAN who worked on the railwaysIn 1901, the family (except Joseph, who was presumably away on a "lodging turn") is listed as COXON and living at 48 Borthwick Road, Hendon Middx. By 1911 the family had moved to 8 Trinity Road, Bedford with Joseph (COXAN) as a 45yr old "Railway Passenger Guard" born 1866 in Tattershall, Lincs. Alice is shown as 'married 17 years' and age also 17! Joseph died in Mar qtr 1919 in Bedford, age 52. Considering that they both worked for the Midland Railway, it is interesting to speculate if Joseph ever acted as guard to his brother-in-law, Arthur Dean (Hannah's husband) who became a driver, or if Joseph was the influence which made Arthur choose the Midland rather than one of the companies serving his native East Anglia.

Alice Coxan died in Bedford, Beds in Mar qtr 1947, aged 76. 

Five children - Nell, Kath, Henry, May & Charles - see 10-9.4


Ellen Sage ("Nell") - b Dec 1/4 1872. 

In Mar qtr of 1893 in St Pancras district of London she married Joseph Charles TITMUS, b1873 in St Albans. In 1891 as an 18yr old he was still at the parental home in the St Michaels district of  St Albans working as a 'straw hat blocker' but in 1901, 8 years after marriage he is listed as a 'Pianoforte Porter' when the family was living at 109, Prince of Wales Road, Kentish Town. This is a mere stone's throw from where Ellen's sisters (below) were in service in Hampstead so, as she cannot yet definitely be traced in the 1891 census, she may well also have been in service in the London area but with some of her details incorrectly reported (an Ellen Sage of the correct age has been found as a servant to the Soane family in Hammersmith but the birthplace is also given as Hammersmith). Anyway, by 1911 they had moved out to Branch Road in St Albans where he is back working as a 'straw hat blocker'. 

Joseph C Titmus died in St Albans in Dec qtr 1955 aged 82 but there are two possible deaths recorded for an Ellen Titmus, one in 1950 at age 80 in Winchester and (the more likely), in 1960 in Windsor age 87.  They had two children - please see 10-9.5


Charlotte Sage ("Chatty") - b Sep 1/4 1874. I recall visiting her in a hospital ward around Cambridge way in the 1950's but actual date of death not known for certain. 

In 1891 she is working as a domestic servant for Samuel Daines (a 'Gripe Dresser') and his family at 206-208 Commercial Road, London E1 but in 1901 she is shown as a 26yr old 'Domestic Cook' in the household of  Henry Cashell (a wholesale stationer) and his wife Sarah at 13 Wedderburn Road, Hampstead, London. Younger sister Annie (below) is also in service there. No trace of her can yet be found in 1911 - perhaps she was a suffragette ?

Charlotte is shown on ALS's original tree as having married a William SMITH, lived at Stow cum Quy, Cambs and had no children - is this pure coincidence or mix-up with the Dean's who lived there ??  Well there are three occurrences of Charlotte Sage's marrying William Smith's in the marriage indexes; two in 1900 (one in Newport, Mon and one in Birmingham) - both implausible due to her having been still single in the 1901 census - plus one to a William T Smith in 1919 in St Pancras, London (where her sister Nell lived at that time too) by which date she was 45 yrs old. There are also deaths recorded in the Cambridge registration district of a William T Smith in 1937 and Charlotte R Smith in 1958 .... so ALS seems to have been spot on.


Annie Sage - b June 1/4 1876 (as Anne). The marriage record proves that Anne/Annie was the formal/registered name for the daughter popularly known as Nancy (as on ALS's list).

At age 15 in 1891 Annie is listed as "Father Housekeeper" to her widower father George at St Albans Road, Leverstock Green (next door to the pub) together with 'scholar' sisters Mary, 12 and Hannah, 9, but at 25 in1901 she is shown working as a 'domestic parlour maid' in the same household as her sister Charlotte above. In Mar 1/4 of 1903 in Hampstead, London, she married Edward William Weaver who was born Sep qtr1870 in St Marylebone, London. They had two children, Edward J ('Ted') and Dorothy ('Dolly') - for more details see 10-9.7

In the 1911 census, the remaining family is in the Estate Office Flats in Radlett with Edward shown as occupation "Nil - Cripple" and Annie as "Caretaker, Estate Office". A plausible death for Edward was in Watford district in 1932 at age 62 but no definite death has been found as yet for Annie. 

Photo marked "Aunt Nance & Mum"

believed to be Nancy nee Sage seated next to Hannah nee Sage. 1930's ?



Mary Ann Sage - b Dec 1/4 1878.   Shown in 1901 as a 22yr old "Domestic Housemaid" (born in St Albans) in the household of Richard Harris (68), 'Kings Counsel' and his wife Margaret (64) at 42 Fitzjohns Ave, Hampstead. She is still in same house in 1911 but by this time Margaret is a Widow 'on private means' while Mary is shown as born in Hemel !

Original tree was marked as "married a William YATES" and "no issue". No direct marriage of a Sage to a Yates has been found between 1911 and 1950 but it is plausible that it was a 2nd marriage. It is total conjecture but a Mary A Sage married a Henry TURNER in 1919 in St Pancras (double wedding with sister Charlotte above ??)  thence a Mary A Turner married a William F J YATES in Sep qtr 1933 in St Albans.

The death of a Mary A Yates is recorded in St Albans in Dec 1962 and of a Wm F J Yates in Bournemouth the following year. My memory of Mary living near West Drayton station, Middx, in the mid 1950's would therefore appear to be wrong. 


Hannah Sage - b March 1/4 1881, died 1956. Married Sep 1/4 1904 in St Pancras, London, Arthur George DEAN.

She is shown in the 1901 census as working as a domestic servant in Leicester (at which time her future husband was also in Leicester, working for the Midland Railway)

For her post marriage story, please see Dean Tree Notes 2 & photos see Gallery 1


 Generation 10


10-9.1a Offspring of George Sage and Mary Ann Hutchins (9.1)
10.11 Albert George Sage / Alfred George Sage - The birth of an Alfred Sage is recorded in Dec qtr 1885 in Leverstock Green, St Albans but after that, he appears in all following official records as Albert Sage so it looks very much as if this is another case in the family where the person entrusted with being the informant of the birth gets the name wrong (having possibly imbibed a little en route perhaps ?).

In the 1901 census Albert appears as a 15yr old Stable Boy in Watford then during the Sep qtr of 1910 he married Nora Louisa Carpenter in her home district of Woodstock, Oxon.  The 1911 census also shows him as a Gardener living in the delightful sounding Asylum Road, Abbots Langley with wife Nora who was born 6th Nov 1888 in Ledwell, Oxon. 

ALS's belief that Albert was killed during WW1 is confirmed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. He is buried in grave ref viii A 192 in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery having died aged 32 on 9th March 1917. He was a Private in the 6th Battalion of the Northamptonshire Regiment, serial number 23980, and was listed as 'husband of Nora Sage of Asylum Road, Abbots Langley'. Almost 10 years after Albert's death, Nora married Henry COLE in Watford in Sep 1926 and as Nora Louisa Cole, she died in Watford in Jan 1976 aged 88.   

ALS showed no offspring while RS shows a daughter, Joan Sage, born in 1910. Their daughter Nora J Sage was actually born in Watford in Sep 1914 ( with mother's maiden name as Carpenter to prove it's the right one) so it is probable that the J was for Joan and she was popularly known as this to avoid confusion with her mother. In Watford during the 2nd qtr of 1942, 'Nora J' married Richard Langer CAREY (11/01/1915 to Mar 1993 in Watford) but no trace of her death has been found


Leonard William Sage - b June 1/4 1887 in Leverstock Green. dc 1970 in Abbots Langley

Alan Gurney writes " Thomas Gurney (born c1808 in Markyate), newly a widower, appears in the 1891 census with his widowed daughter Jane Smith still with him but I was surprised to find a different Sage child now living with them.  This was Leonard Sage, aged 3, who was Thomas's great grandson. At this time George Sage, Leonard's father, was also a widower" 

Shown in 1901 as a Gardener in Watford and in 1911 as a 23yr old "waggoner on a farm" in the Watford area. In Dec qtr1907 he married Emily Elizabeth FRENCH and they had three children - Leslie Leonard, George A and Winifred G. According to the 1911 census, Emily (age 27) was born in "New Brompton, Kent" (the old name for Gillingham) and with the family was a step-daughter Gladys Winifed Audley. She was born in Dover, Kent in Mar qtr1904 and died in Watford aged 8 in 1912. 

For details of Leonard & Emily's children, see 11-10.12

10-9.1b Offspring of George Sage and Emma Brinklow (9.1)
10.13 Arthur Sage b1893 in Bedmond, Herts d 22/03/1917 as a WW1 casualty in France

Shown in 1911 as 'horse man on farm' at the parental farm in Leavesden. To quote RS "In 1916 George Sage was kicked in the head by a horse or a bull, most likely a shire horse and was then taken by cart to the Watford Infirmary. He died several days later of Double Pneumonia. Arthur his Eldest son to Emma was present and his name is on the death certificate. Arthur went to war and my nan who was born in 1911 remembers him calling by on his horse outside her school to say goodbye. He never returned and there is a plaque on the big house commemorating his death."

Commonwealth War Graves Commission lists him as Arthur William Sage, son of Mr & Mrs G Sage of 1, High Elms Cottages, Leavesden, Watford. He was a Private (number 737) in the 'B' Squadron of 1st King Edwards Horse and his death is recorded on pier face 1a of the Thiepval Memorial in France - the Edwin Lutyens designed memorial to the 'Missing of the Somme' which records over 73000 names of those who perished in the battles of the Somme and have no known grave. RS has said that in addition to the plaque on the family home in Leavesden, he is listed on the war memorial in Bushey.

It is possibly a mercy that George Sage died in 1916 otherwise he would have suffered the loss of both his first & third sons within the space of less than a fortnight in March 1917.

10.14 Emma Sage b Jun qtr1895 in Bedmond, Herts. In 1901 census she appears as Daisy Sage. (MGS) d 1985 (RS)

In 1911 Emma is working as a General Domestic Servant at Fortune Farm, Garston Manor (Herts), the home of Cecil Edmund Jones (a farm bailiff from Dymock in Glos) & family.

10.15 Ethel Sage b Dec qtr 1896 in Watford. (MGS)  d1931 (RS)

Shown in 1911 as domestic servant in the parental home.

10.16 Horace Frederick Sage b Mar qtr1898 in Watford. (MGS)  d1963 (RS)
10.17 Percy Ernest Sage b Mar qtr 1900 in Watford.(MGS)  d1975 (RS)
10.18 Edith May Sage b Jun qtr 1901 in Watford, shown as just May Sage in 1911
10.19 Bertie Ernest Sage b Dec qtr1902 in Watford
10.20 Cisey Elizabeth Sage b Dec qtr 1903 in Watford but birth indexed as Ciscy Sage while the manuscript 1911 census it's clearly Cessie Sage (!)
10.21 Doris Hilda Sage b Sep qtr1905 in Watford
10.22 Charlotte Beatrice Sage b Dec qtr 1906 in Watford, shown in 1911 as Beatrice Sage
10.23 Ada Lilly Sage b Mar qtr1908 in Watford
10.24 Irene Queenie Sage b Mar qtr 1910 in Watford
10.25 Margaret E b Dec qtr 1911 in Watford
10.26 George Sage b Sep qtr 1913 in Watford



10-9.1c Previous offspring of Emma Brinklow (9.1)


Millicent Rebecca Brinklow ('Millie' / 'Milly') - b 1889 in Hemel. 

In 1891 Millicent is shown as the not implausible one year old daughter of William & Susan BRINKLOW (Emma's own parents) when they were living at Cross St in Hemel (same street as George Sage's uncle William !) but ten years later she is shown as their Granddaughter ('Millie R') when they were living at 19 Piccotts End Lane in Hemel. 

In 1911 at age 21 she was working as a Parlour Maid at the vicarage in King's Langley then in Mar qtr 1914 she married Arthur H Clarke in Hemel. RS shows the husband's name as Alfred and two children, Jean & Marjory both b1920. BMD records indicate Margery A was born in Jun qtr 1916 and Joan S in Mar 1918, both in Hemel. 

No death has yet been found for Arthur or Millie but there is a marriage in Sep qtr 1937 of a Millicent R Clarke to Frederick T Sadd in Barnet. 




Offspring of Elizabeth Sage and William John WALDOCK (9.2)


William James Waldock - shown on original tree as 2nd son but only feasible birth in St Albans found in Sep 1/4 1893. 1911 census confirms William Waldock as the eldest at age 17 and an 'Errand Boy' born in St Albans.

No more details known. Marked on ALS's tree as 'died in WW1' but a death has been found for a William J Waldock in St Albans age 28 in 1921 (=b1893). The only really plausible local-ish marriage is in 1924 to an Ethel M Chambers. 


Ernest Frederick George Waldock - b Dec 1/4 1895 in St Albans. 1911 census confirms him as the younger son, age 15 and a 'Straw Hat Roller' born in St Albans.- no more details known. Believed to have died in WW1 but no death yet traced.


Phyllis Frances Elizabeth Waldock - Born 17th Feb 1906 in St Albans. 

Married (1) George JUDSON in St Albans in Dec 1942 then (2) in Jun qtr 1969 Albert E BROWN, again in St Albans. ALS's tree says 'No issue'.  Childhood memory suggests that Phyllis may at one time have lived opposite a dairy in Luton / Bedford area in the early 1950's but according to my parents' 1970's address book, Phyllis was by then living with Albert in Mentmore Road St Albans.

Phyllis died in St Albans in Feb 1988 at the (correctly) stated age of 82 whilst the most suitable death of an Albert E Brown is of Albert Edward Brown (b 14 Aug 1902) in St Albans in Feb !990.. 


Offspring of Alice Sage and Joseph COXAN (9.4)


Nell ('Sis') Coxan - born 1895 in Cricklewood. 


Henry J Coxan ('Harry'), b 1897 in Cricklewood. "Bookstall Boy" in 1911.


Charles Coxan , b 1899 in Cricklewood. Scholar in 1911


Kath Coxan  b 1902 in Hendon. Middx . Shown by Wyn as still living in 1984.


May Coxan, shown in Free BMD for Jun qtr 1911 as Grace M Coxan. Also shown by Wyn as still living in 1984.


Offspring of Ellen ('Nell') Sage and Joseph TITMUS (9.5)


Joseph Charles Titmus - born in Kentish Town but registered in Marylebone, Sep qtr 1893.

Shown in 1911 as a (single) 17yr old 'Wood Sawyer in Joinery Works' living at home. A plausible marriage is for a Joseph Titmus in St Albans in Jun qtr 1921, to an Ivy Dopson. If this is correct, the couple had three children Rita H M Titmus (b Hendon Mar 1923), John R E Titmus (Jun 1928) and Gillian (Sep 1935), both back in St Albans.


Arthur Edward Titmus - also born in Kentish Town but registered in Pancras, Dec qtr 1896. 

Shown in 1911 as a 14yr old 'Tailor Apprentice' living at home. A plausible marriage is for an Arthur E Titmus in Hendon, Middx in Sep 1919, to a Mabel Page.

10-9.7 Offspring of Annie ("Nancy") Sage and Edward William WEAVER - (9.7)

Edward John Weaver ("Ted") - Born 26th Dec 1903 in St Pancras. Shown in 1911 living with his parents in the Estate Office Flats in Radlett (borough of Aldenham, Watford). 

In April 1937 in Lewisham he married Vera E BARNARD (poss b1913 in Edmonton). Latterly the couple lived in Poole Dorset where he died in March 1995 and Vera in Autumn 2006. No issue

.Wyn, Ted, Vera & Joyce King - Aug 1991 

This scene on 4th August 1991 is at the home of Ted & Vera Weaver in Houlton Road, Poole with L to R Wyn Taylor, Ted Weaver, Vera Weaver and Joyce King from Bedford (relative ?). 

10.72 Dorothy Annie Weaver ('Dolly') - born St Pancras in Sep 1905 and died in the same registration district "age 0" in Mar qtr 1906.


Offspring of Hannah SAGE and Arthur George DEAN (9.9) - please see Dean Tree 3


 Generation 11


11-10.12 Offspring of Leonard William SAGE & Emily Elizabeth FRENCH
11-20 Leslie Leonard Sage - b Jun qtr1908 in Bedmond, Herts, dc1986. Bedmond is a small village just north of Abbots Langley, just north-east of the M1/M25 junction.

Married Violet WHETTON (b1908). Either this or the family below lived in Bricket Wood for some years (on the Watford-St Albans branchline).

11.21 George A Sage - b Sep qtr 1911 in Watford, d after 1935. 

Married Gladys Kirby on 1st Aug 1935

11.22 Winifred G Sage -  b Mar1914 Watford

Married Leslie W Baldwin Sep qtr 1939 in Watford.

11-9.9 For Mike Taylor & Malcolm Surl - see Dean Tree 3


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