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Generations 4 - 9 : Births 1740 to late 1800's



Generation 4

4.1 William Sage - born 1740. Married 20th June 1763, in Abbey district of St Albans, Elisabeth GOODWIN, also b1740 

Only probable offspring currently is William (b1764) - see 5.1 - but a Christening for a George in the same area of St Albans has been found for 24th Nov 1784. Although feasible from mother's age viewpoint - and he doesn't adequately fit elsewhere - the mother's name is spelt with a z (Elizabeth) rather than the s shown in the entries both for son William (b1764) and upon her marriage.

 4.2 ?  John Sage - born c 1745. No positive link found as yet with William (4.1 above) other than that they both married in the same part of St Albans within 3 yrs of one another. 

Married 17th October 1766, in Abbey district of St Albans, Judith POTTEN 

They had (at least) 3 children - James (bap 24/06/1770), George (bap 05/08/1772) & Sarah (bap 26/01/1785), all in Abbey district of St Albans (IGI)


Generation 5

  Offspring of Willaim Sage and Elisabeth Goodwin (4.1)
5.1 William Sage - born 1763/4. Christened Aug 22nd 1764 in Abbey district of St Albans (IGI)

Married c1780 Sarah ?, born 1760

Three children are listed in the IGI for the Abbey District of St Albans as having parents William Sage & Sarah but, unless the date has been mis-transcribed for one (Sarah 1776), only two are probable - John & Daniel - see 6.1

5.2? George Sage - Christened 24th November 1784 in Abbey district of St Albans (IGI). See note in 4.1 above

Generation 6

 6.1  Offspring of William Sage and Sarah (5.1)
6.01 John Sage - born 1780. Married on 3rd Oct 1803 Mary EVANS in Abbey district of St Albans (IGI)

RS listed only 3 children (George, Ann & Thomas) but it is looking possible that they had four or possibly six - For details - see 7.1  


Generation 7 

 7.1 Offspring of John Sage and Mary Evans (6.1)
7.01 George Sage - born 1803. Christened 25th December 1803 in Abbey district of St Albans (IGI)
7.02 Ann Sage - born 1806, Christened 8th June 1806 in Redbourn, Herts (IGI)
7.03 Thomas Sage - born 1812 (RS) but IGI has Christening in Abbey district of St Albans on 7th Feb 1808. 

On 12th Oct 1833 in Kensworth, Herts (nr Whipsnade, became Beds. in 1897), he married Elizabeth CRAWLEY, born 1812. She was the daughter of Felix Crawley (b1781) and Sarah SHARP (b1790) who had married on 29th Sep 1806. Felix was the son of Thomas CRAWLEY (b1753) and Martha DEAN (b1753). No comment (!)

Thomas and Elizabeth had four known children - Ann, Charlotte, George & William (see 8-7.03) but other Sage births have been found in Hemel during the same period. These have been listed as Strays at the end of Generation 8 until any positive link is traced. There is also a marriage listed for a Thomas in 1856 which might indicate the prior death of Elizabeth & his re-marriage. 

7.04 Sarah Sage - Christened 14th March 1813 in Abbey district of St Albans (IGI)
7.05 James Sage - Christened 31st December 1815 in Abbey district of St Albans (IGI)
7.06 John Sage - Christened in Redbourn, 12th Oct 1817 (IGI)


 Generation 8

 8-7.03 Offspring of Thomas Sage and Elizabeth Crawley (7.03)
8.1 Ann Sage - born 1834, Christened in Redbourn, 11th May 1834 (IGI)
8.2 Charlotte Sage - b June 1/4 1839 in St Albans. Married John SLOUGH (b1839) in St Albans in 1860. (IGI says 20th Oct 1860 in Leverstock Green) 


George Sage - b June 1/4 1842 shown as at Redbourn(e) in Herts in 1881 census but shown as St Albans in births index. 

The 1881 census shows George married to a Mary A. She has now been proved to be Mary Ann GURNEY, daughter of Thomas & Hannah Gurney of Leverstock Green (so her maiden name of VINAL shown on trees produced in the 1980's was an error). The initial pointer to this was the 1881 census record for daughter Emily living with Gurneys as grandparents (see below) and was subsequently proven by both marriage record in 1865 (17th Sep in Leverstock Green) and birth certificate for eldest son George in 1866 .....

Birth Cert for son George 1866 showing Mary Ann nee Gurney 

Mary Ann was the youngest of the 8 children of Thomas GURNEY (1811-1891) and Hannah BURR (1811->1881) who had married on 13th Feb 1831. For their antecedents, see Richard Smith's family trees.

Mary Ann is shown as aged 30 in the 1881 census (= b c1851) but this would have made her barely 15 when son George was born. Moreover, the only plausible death record for her so far found is for June 1/4 1884 in Hemel which, only just over 3 years later, quotes her age as 40. Unfortunately, the birth record indexes do not help pinpoint her age as there were no less than six Mary Ann Gurneys born in the Hemel area between 1843 and 1848 ! One possibility is that her age in the census was actually 36 but the '6' was mis-transcribed as a '0' when the records were computerised. This would then tally with the age of 40 quoted on death in 1884 and point to a birth in mid to late 1844; two birth records match this theory, both for Oct-Dec 1844, one in Hemel and one in St Albans.  

George & Mary Ann married on 17th Sep 1865. In 1881, they are shown living in St Albans St Michael with seven of the nine children they had produced by that time, Emily being listed instead with her grandparents (Thomas & Hannah Gurney in Leverstock Green, by then both in their 70's) while oldest son George having left home to work on a local farm in Leverstock Green. All 9 children, including the 3 month old Hannah, are shown as born in Leverstock Green but in the births index those up to Hannah are registered in Hemel Hempstead whereas Hannah is St Albans, as are the later additions. As explained in the General Notes, this could either be due to a move early in 1881 to the St Albans part of Leverstock Green or be due to a boundary change.

George is shown as an 'Ag Lab' while both his wife Mary A and eldest daughter Elizabeth are shown "Straw Plaiter". This occupation - also followed at that time by Mary's mother Hannah Gurney and 44 year old unmarried sister Jane - is related to the local straw hat making industry. More on this fascinating subject - and the considerable social implications of this employment - can be found by searching under 'S' at

No death record has yet been traced for George but Richard Smith believes that he died aged 84 in 1926. After his wife's death in 1884 he is shown in the  1891 census living in Hemel Hempstead as an "Ag lab" with his 3 youngest daughters whilst in 1901 he appears as "Houseman on a farm" (with birth year wrongly quoted as 1846). Despite efforts, he has yet to be traced in 1911.

Exactly how many children they had has proved to be quite a puzzle but this is now believed to be solved  - this is discussed further in Tree Notes 2 

8.4  William Sage - b June 1/4 1845 at Redbourn(e) in Herts. 

In 1870 he married (at Hemel Hempstead) Elizabeth SMITH, b1849 in Leighton Buzzard, Beds. In 1881 he is shown as being a farm labourer living in Cross Street, Hemel Hempstead, with his wife Elizabeth as a straw plaiter and 4 children - Annie, George, William & Frederick.  A fifth child, Rosa, was born after the census - see 9-8.4.

Note - "Cross Street was in fact the old name for the road we now know as Cherry Bounce, therefore in the Old Town". (Thanks for this to Roy Wood of Hemel Hempstead Local History Society & Tom Price of 'Hemel Today') 

8.10 Thomas Sage - b June 1/4 1848 in Hemel Hempstead. There is also a death index record for the same place and quarter so this could well be an infant death. Could equally be a child or grandchild of George Sage b1803
8.11 Mary Sage - b June 1/4 1852  in Hemel Hempstead. Could equally be a child or grandchild of George Sage b1803
8.12 Thomas Sage - married a Helen GURNEY in the 3rd quarter of 1856 in Hemel Hempstead. The bride's surname is intriguing but Richard Smith does not list a Helen Gurney in his tree of the Leverstock Green Gurney family. If this was a first marriage, his birth was likely to have been around 1835 - unfortunately before compulsory birth recording started in 1837 - so he could also have been a child of George Sage (b1803) or more distant cousin. Another possibility is that this was a second marriage for Thomas b1812 if Elizabeth nee Crawley had died.  

 Generation 9

9-8.3 Offspring of George Sage and Mary Ann Gurney (8.3) - please see Sage Tree2

9-8.4 Offspring of William Sage & Elizabeth Smith (8.4

All shown in births index & 1881 census as being born in Hemel Hempstead. Residence in 1881 was Cross Street in Hemel.

9.41 Annie Sage - b Sep 1/4 1868. There is a marriage index record for an Annie married in Hemel in June 1/4 1898 to Henry John COX.
9.42 George Sage - b Sep 1/4 1872, Christened 2nd Aug 1872 (in Hemel) (IGI). On 3rd October 1907 in Watford, he married Ellen HEMLEY. The residence of both is quoted as 10, Smith Street, Watford. He is shown as a 37yr old bachelor (actually only 35) working as a "General labourer", she as a Widow aged 38, daughter of John Johnson deceased (so JOHNSON was her maiden name and HEMLEY her previous married name). RS shows Ellen as b1882 but from the age at marriage it was around 1869 and this is backed up by the 1881 census which shows her as a 13yr old "paper mill hand", residing in Popes Lane, Hemel with parents John & Ellen JOHNSON. 

Offspring unknown. RS quotes George as dying in 1921

Note - Popes Lane in Hemel ran from the Nags Head Public House (which was located around the area by Dacorum College opposite the old police station) to as far as what we now know as Cotterells Hill, and may even have taken in part of Cotterells itself. However, the road was lost when the Leighton Buzzard Road was built through that area. (Thanks for this to Roy Wood of Hemel Hempstead Local History Society & Tom Price of 'Hemel Today') 

9.43 William Frederick Sage - b Jun 1/4 1877, died 1932 

He married Elizabeth Fanny HAWES (poss in Hemel in Sep 1/4 1903) who was born in 1877/8. In 1881 she is shown as just Elizabeth (aged 4) living with her parents, Thomas and Ann HAWES, in Popes Lane, Hemel (again !), mother Ann also working in the paper mills as a "rag sorter". 

William & Elizabeth had one daughter, Dorothy, b1914.

9.44 Frederick William Sage - b Sep 1/4 1880 (shown as age 8 months in 1881 census), died 1942 (source RS). At age 24, on 24th September 1904 he married an Ellen Margaret LOVETT, a 22yr old spinster (so bc 1882) and "Millhand" of 16, Bury Road, Hemel, daughter of Thomas LOVETT, labourer. Frederick is shown on the marriage certificate as being a labourer residing at 61 Chapel St, Hemel.

Offspring unknown. 

"Hemel Today" quotes "Chapel Street: In 1731, the Baptists built a chapel on a site, which included a burial ground, at the rear of the Rose and Crown. In 1857, the Baptists left and built a new church, the Carey Baptist Church in Marlowes. The alleys and yards at the back of the High Street developed in the 17th/18th and 19th centuries. In the 1850s there was concern over the sewers in the area. There was a knackers yard in Chapel Street where animals were slaughtered for the London market. An official report described it as in a very disgusting state. The small sewer in Chapel Street was liable to overflow when it rained. In the early 1930s 42 council houses were built in Chapel Street and Sun Meadow (Now Sunmead Road) after Sun Meadow was compulsory purchased". Thanks to Tom Price of 'Hemel Today' for permission to quote this.

9.45 Rosa Elizabeth Sage - b Mar 1/4 1888. Died (unmarried) in Hemel at age 23 in Dec 1/4 1911.

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