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We support Amstrad PCWs & 
provide professional & confidential disc + file copy & conversion services for a variety of stand-alone word processors as well as old PCs


                                Stand-Alone Word Processors                    Computers

                            Amstrad PCW             Misc WP                Canon              Old PCs               Misc

Disc & File               LocoScript               Brother wpt          Starwriter        LocoScript PC         BBC'B'

Conversions              Protext                    Olivetti iwp             Starjet             Protext PC           Atari ST

to MS Word,            Supercalc 2            Sharp Fontwriter                              Masterfile PC

Works, Excel,       Masterfile 8000           Triumph-Adler                                   WordStar

Lotus etc                  PCW16                   Smith Corona pwp                         5" + 3" copies


Consumables,          CF2 Discs                                                                     

& Spare Parts            Spares                                                      


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The wrong way to do disc conversions !

PC's tend not to like Amstrad 3" disks in their drives!



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