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LuxSoft of Luxulyan 

Disc & File Conversions from old PCs
to suit Windows PCs & Macs

We can convert document files produced by WordStar, 
Ami-Pro, Word Perfect, Protext PC & many more 
to suit 
Word for Windows, Mac Word, Excel etc 

Established originally in 1986, LuxSoft has been undertaking fully confidential and professional disc conversion services for over 25 years. We can convert files from a variety of older PC word processing programs including ...... 

  • Ami-Pro

  • Display Write

  • Nota Bene

  • PC Protext

  • PFS First Choice (WP docs & databases only)

  • PFS Professional Write (WP Docs only)

  • Word Perfect

  • Wordstar 3.0, 4.0 etc

  • Wordstar1512 as supplied with Amstrad 1512 & 1640 PC's

.... whether supplied on 3" or 5" discs, CDs or as e-mailed Zips to suit modern PC & Mac software such as Microsoft Word, Works, Excel and Access.

Contents ....


Media Types Accepted

We can accept the following media & formats:

  • 3.5" 720k 'double density' and 1.44mb 'high density' discs from all flavours of DOS compatible PC

  • DOS compatible 5.25" 360k 'double density' and 1.2mb 'high density' discs.

  • Hard disc drives from defunct Amstrad PC's or IDE IBM compatibles

  • Files saved on a CD, DVD or Pen Drive (USB Flash drive)

  • Compressed archives (eg WinZip, Dos 6.2's MSBackup) on floppy, CD or by e-mail.

  • Files produced by the old Backup program bundled with DOS 3, 4 & 5. 

We can also accept 3" and 5" discs from some early CP/M computers and stand-alone Word Processors - please ask.


Formats of the transferred files

We normally supply results in the 3 most popular Word Processor formats - MS Word 'Doc', 'Docx' & Rich Text 'Rtf' - so that they can be read not only by MS Word but also Open Office, MS Works, Lotus Word Pro and most Apple Macs. However, we can also convert files on request to be suitable for Word Perfect, Windows Write, MicroSoft Works 3 and Wordpad.

Where it is possible also to convert them, databases & spreadsheets are supplied in either CSV or Excel formats. 

Costs and Turnround

- Most of the WP conversions mentioned above

Floppy discs - the following charges are for ALL the files on each disc irrespective of how many files there are but assume that the discs are error-free (fully readable) -
  -  1 disc is 15.00
  -  2  -  3 is 10.00 each
  -  4  -  5 is 9.00 each
  -  6  - 10 is 8.00 each 
  - 11 - 15 it's 7.00 each
  - 16 - 20 it's 6.00 each and 
  - 21 - 30 it's 5.00 each.  

For files supplied on CD, old hard drives or via e-mailed Zipped archives, price is 10 per megabyte (or part thereof) of uncompressed files but again there are quantity discounts as above.

- Masterfile PC Databases & Protext PC WP files

In view of the very considerable extra work involved, these discs are charged on a sliding scale according to the number of files to be converted: 

  • The minimum charge is 15 per disc which covers the first two files on the disc, irrespective of their size. 

  • Files 3-5 on a disc are 1.50 each

  • Files 6-10 on a disc are 1.25 each 

  • Files 11-15 on a disc are 1.00 each

For over this number, please call or e-mail for a quote.

Please Note

We do NOT ask for payment in advance - you will be invoiced upon completion.

Due to ever rising costs, we have had to introduce a minimum disc conversion order value of 15 (excluding any P&P or data recovery charges)

  • All prices quoted include e-mailing the results worldwide. 

  • For results on CD, there is no extra charge if the total conversion cost exceeds 35, otherwise the extra is 2.50 to addresses in UK & Europe (incl Republic of Ireland) or 3.00 to outside Europe. 

  • For results on a USB pen drive, these are free when conversion costs are over 70 otherwise it's an extra 4.50

For overseas customers, 1 currently translates to approx $1.30 US or 1.20 Euros. Please note that we can ONLY accept payments in Euros or Dollars as cash or via PayPal - bank transfers must be in Sterling ('GBP').

The conversion service is totally confidential and we aim to send back the results within 3-5 working days. Our main aim though is quality rather than speed so for large batches of discs or at busy periods, it may be a little longer. Also our 'heritage' hardware and its operator are not getting any younger !

What to send and to Where ....

(1) By e-mail attachment ...

  • The quickest, cheapest and most secure way of sending us your files is by e-mail but if there's more than 6 discs' worth (3 - 4mb), please contact us first at giving an approx total size of files. 

  • If you are familiar with creating Zips, then please send the files in this form. Otherwise, to avoid problems with files of the same name on different discs or in different folders, please attach the files from each folder in turn to separate e-mails which have the disc number in the Subject line. 

  • When you e-mail the files, please also attach a completed Conversion Request Form or supply the requested information about you and your current computer.

(2) Data on Floppy Discs, CDs, Old Hard Drives etc 

  • Click here to print out the Conversion Request Form to give us your details as well as how you would like the discs converted.

  • If possible, please make a copy of each of the discs you wish to be converted and send us the copies, not the originals.

  • Please clearly number the discs

  • The Conversion Request Form also gives advice on how to pack the discs and the postal address to which they should be sent (as a mailing label). Please put your address (or address label) on the back of the envelope.

  • Please do NOT send any money at this stage. You will be invoiced on completion. Unlike other companies, we do NOT ask for up-front payment but we do ask for prompt settlement of the invoice. By sending us your discs, you are deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions of our service.

  • Post the package to us. Please note that .... 

    • Use of Recorded or Special Delivery is encouraged for valuable material or when disc copies cannot be made. To avoid missed deliveries causing delay & inconvenience, please OK this with us by phone or e-mail BEFORE using these signed-for services.  

    • Our postcode is not in the database used by Royal Mail (this is Cornwall remember!) so manual entry by a Post Office clerk may be necessary.

    • Packets posted within the UK are charged by size and thickness as well as weight so even just a single floppy must be sent as a "Large Letter". If in doubt, post at a Post Office (if you can find one that's still open).

What we then do .....

  • If we encounter any reading problems with the discs because they have become corrupted, we will spend a total 40 mins trying to recover as much data as possible for you (as per our Terms & Conditions). If the time needed exceeds this, we will contact you by telephone or e-mail to discuss options and the likely additional charges. 

  • In accord with your preferences and the volume of data involved, the results are either e-mailed to you or sent by post on CD or Pen Drive accompanied by an invoice and, where relevant, a comprehensive set of instructions about how to access the files in your PC's word processor plus advice on editing & re-formatting the documents. 

  • If after receiving the results you still want your original discs returned to you, this is done as soon as possible after your payment has been received. 

  • Unlike other companies, we do NOT ask for payment in advance but we do ask for prompt settlement of the invoice. 


Contact Details


Tel (01726) 81 22 57 


Established 1986 - This page last amended 24th May 2020

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