Circular Walks in
Luxulyan Parish

using designated Public Footpaths


Walks in the Northern part
of the Parish

Walks in the Southern part
of the Parish

Map of the Northern part

Map of the Southern part

Part 1 - Walks in the Northern Half of the Parish :



5 miles over reasonably level ground using Footpaths 1,2,3 and 4.

From the direction of St Austell on the A391 take the first exit on the new Innis Roundabout. The map is not entirely accurate at this point, but walk along this road where Beam Villas can be seen on the far side of the new A30. These slate hung cottages were erected in 1926 to house the workers at the Wireless Station, which has been closed and the masts removed. This was also built in 1926 by the Marconi Co. for the General Post Office for communicating with Canada and South Africa. There were originally ten masts, each 277 ft high. The station was until recently the centre for all ship to shore communications in the South-West.

After Innis Cottage the path joins and becomes Footpath 2. Continue along this road then through the gate to Innis Chapel where the path forks to form Footpaths 3 & 4. Take the right fork onto Footpath 3 and proceed across reclaimed moorland to a bridge over two streams which was installed by Luxulyan Parish volunteers.

Continue over the stile through fields to a road. Turn left and follow the road past Savath Farm to the main A391 road. Turn left and follow the A391 for a short distance then turn left into the lane opposite the Post Box. A short way up the lane, cross a stile on the left hand side and onto Footpath 4. Cross some fields to a stile, and then through woodland area, where you will notice some old stepping stones in the marshland. Cross another field to Innis Chapel. Rejoin Footpath 2 and shortly after passing through the gate, turn right over a stile at the junction with Footpath 1. Continue along Footpath 2 to Castle Hill Farm. Turn left along the lane and return to the new road.



3.5 miles over reasonably level ground using Footpaths 5 & 7, or 5 miles by including Footpath 6 to return via Higher Menadew.

The description starts at Lockengate, but the walk can be commenced at any convenient point. From the A391 at Lockengate crossroads, walk 50 yards north (towards Bodmin), turn right down the lane (Footpath 5) then, after passing the old Board School and the Mission Chapel, turn left. Lockengate Moor is on the left and Barguse Farm on the right. Turn left still following the lane downhill and across a stream, then turn right to leave the lane and proceed alongside a hedge and over a stile on the left. Pass through field and over a stile, turning right onto a busy road. Continue past Creusa Kennels, turn left at the road junction, down the road past Trevellyn then turn right down the lane to the granite steps and stile onto Footpath 7.

Proceed diagonally across the fields and stiles to the road. Cross the road, go over a stile and continue diagonally across fields and stiles to a road near Ebenezer. Turn right down this road to the crossroads by Roach's factory. For the shorter walk, turn right at the crossroads and walk back to Lockengate along the road.

To include Footpath 6, go straight across the crossroads, passing the old Ebenezer Chapel on your right, continuing down the road to Higher Menadew. Turn right on a bend down a tarmac farm lane, keeping to the right of all farm buildings, through a gate onto Footpath 6. At the end of the wooded lane, bear right & downhill through fields to a stile by the gate and into Minorca Lane. Cross straight over into another wooded lane to Bodwen and so join the road back to Lockengate.



A short, partly riverside walk incorporating paths 6 and 8.

From Higher Menadew, follow path 6 as decribed above until Minorca Lane. Turn left down the lane then, just before the bridge, turn left through the gate on to path 8. At the end of the attractive riverside section, fork left and so return to Higher Menadew.



A 3.5 mile walk can be made using Footpaths 6 and 9 from Chytan through to Bodwen but the return involves nearly two miles of the Luxulyan to Lockengate road.


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