Circular Walks in Luxulyan Parish

using designated Public Footpaths

Part 2 - Walks in the Southern Half of the Parish




A 3.5 mile walk along Footpaths 11 & 12 plus two road sections and involves two moderately steep climbs.

Starting at Penrose, 1 mile south of Luxulyan on the road to St. Austell, proceed down farm road past Penrose Cottage on the right, over the river at the bottom and through a gate. 30 yards after the gate, turn right into field (between telephone & electric poles) and follow overhead wires to gate at end of first field. Continue along bottom of field to gap in hedge by a large oak tree. Cross next field diagonally uphill to its top then turn right through gate into grassy lane to Treskilling.

Turn right and follow the road all the way to its junction with main road at the Kings Arms. Turn right up the hill, round the left bend at the top then turn right down concrete farm lane. Where this turns right, continue straight ahead past farm equipment to the stile in the corner near a gate. Cross the field and over the stile, cross the road and another stile then cross the two fields to emerge on the main road once more (at Croft). Turn right and follow the road back to Penrose Cottage.



A 4 mile walk along Footpath 13 and some roads involving some moderate slopes with option to extend to Gunwen.

Starting from Luxulyan Village Hall, turn left then right onto the Quarry road. 200 yards down, take Footpath 13 signposted to the left. Cross the stile and field to the next stile which leads into an attractive wooded area with board walks in places. On leaving the wooded section, follow the waymarker signs across the fields and stiles and, finally, at the top of a field, turn left onto a farm lane. When this reaches the road, there is a choice. To return directly to Luxulyan, turn left then left again on to the main road for the 1 mile or so walk back.

Alternatively, turn right to continue along the Saints' Way to Gunwen and Breney Common. Turn left at each of the next two road junctions to reach the entrance to Breney Reserve (on right), further on, Gunwen Chapel. To return, retrace steps along the road but this time continue straight until the third turning to the right (Rosenay) is reached. Follow this road through Rosenay and past the Quarry all the way back to the Village Hall.



Just over a mile walk using Footpaths 14 & 15, it includes some short but quite steep slopes.

Turn right from the Village Hall along St Cyriac. Take the right fork then turn left on to Footpath 14. Cross the field via a stile and descend to the roadway near the old mill. Turn left to reach the main road and left again up part of the hill to reach Footpath 15 on the right. Follow this path until it merges with the pavement at the side of the school. Continue ahead to the main road and turn right past the Institute then turn left in front of the church. Follow this road downhill through Atwell and at the junction turn left. Turn left again at each of the next two junctions to reach the Village Hall.



A 4 mile walk along Footpaths 16 & 17 with some steep slopes and possibly muddy patches.

From Luxulyan School, turn towards the church and continue downhill past St. Cyors Well. At the very bottom, turn right and follow this road under the Treffry Viaduct, past Rock Mill and up past Rock Cottage. Continue through Prideaux and down the hill to a stile onto Footpath 17 in woodland on the right. Walk up the through the woods, over a stile and along the fenced path. Cross a stile at the end and turn right. Leave this field by another stile and turn right into a farm lane. Follow this to the roadway at the end and cross it to another stile.

The pathway leads through the field and downhill to another stile. Walk through Trevanney Woods and another green lane, emerging through a gate next to a barn. Skirt this barn using the board walk, pass through a gate and turn right along a lane. Leave this lane for another on the right hand side and cross the stile at the far end. To return direct to Luxulyan, cross the fields then downhill to the river where Footpath 16 joins from the right but a more attractive route is to turn right on to Footpath 16 for the "Loop" which runs close to the Treffry Viaduct. Follow the waymarks through fields, over the stile, down the lane and over the raised walkway to rejoin Footpath 17 by the river.

After crossing the river bridge and reaching the end of the lane, turn left up steps through the field, cross the muddy lane (the old Treffry tramway) and up across two more fields to a gate. Cross the bridge over the railway cutting and climb the stile beside the old Board School to reach the Church thence left to return to the School.

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