Dean Family History

Photo Gallery 2 - Generations 11 & 12

Arthur George & Hannah Dean's grandchildren



11.1 - Michael Graham Taylor (1946 -  ) & Janet Pearl (nee FLEAY)


                    Photos taken at Portsmouth en route to the Isle of Wight, June 2006


11.2 - Malcolm Greville Surl (1947 -  )

Childhood photos appear under Evelyn Dean (10.3) in Gallery 1





Left - Poser with high performance car - a 1936 Morris 8 capable of 47 mph max - downhill. Summer 1968 shot outside flat in Hither Green, London SE. 

Right - Thanks to modern digital techniques, this has been retrieved from a hitherto discarded slide (because the flash didn't work). Paper tape to control the points and signals on the Victoria Line (Stage 1 opening service) is being manually edited at LT's HQ at 55 Broadway. Note cigarette in hand - no Health & Safety Exec in those days, or anti-smoking lobbies !  


On 23rd Sep 1972 Malcolm married Helene Marie Osstyn at Caxton Hall in Westminster. As both worked for London Transport at the time, transport for the couple & guests was not unnaturally a London Routemaster (RM2032 of Gillingham St Garage). Almost unheard of at the time, hiring an RM for weddings has now become commonplace while the short London sightseeing tour between Registry Office & reception was was a hint of his future vocation as a tour guide. Although Helen and Malcolm separated in 1992, Helen still lived at Kings Acre in Luxulyan off & on until finally moving to France in 2004 - photo upper right is c 2001.   


July 2000 saw a get-together of school friends from Thanet at the home of Malcolm Simmons (centre) to celebrate his wife Sue's 50th Birthday. Chris Bradley (right) shared the Hither Green flat (aka Lee Green Hilton) in 1970/1 whilst Malcolm Simmons stayed with Malcolm & Helen in Pimlico for a while in 1973. Above right was taken in Summer 2001 on board a coach by a passenger on an Omega tour to Newquay.  



Dawn Surl as Dawn Mackonochie in 1974 & as Dawn Vivian in 1998, c2002 and 2006


12.1 Living Surl (1970 - ) 

"You have not a shred of evidence that I ate that chocolate mousse." (1973) 



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