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Photo Gallery 1 for Generations 9 & 10

Arthur George & Hannah Dean and their four daughters


9.2 - Arthur George Dean & Hannah Dean nee Sage

Arthur George Dean at the seaside circa 1930       

Above left shows Arthur Dean (always known as George Dean) at an unknown seaside location probably circa 1930 - a Midland Railway staff outing perhaps?? Similarly of unknown date, above right shows him with Prince in his garden at 19 Churchill Road, Kentish Town 


George climbing aboard one of his favourite locos - LMS Stanier "Jubilee" class 5XP No 5725 "Repulse" - at St Pancras Station, London on 4th June 1938 (so age 58). The fireman is believed to be his regular 'mate'. Note the incongruous narrow second-hand Fowler tender fitted to 5725 which was then barely two years old.

Arthur & Hannah Dean - 27/04/1935       AGD+HD at Clacton

Left was taken at the rear of 19 Churchill Rd, London N, on 27th April 1935 on the occasion of daughter Evelyn's marriage. Both George & Hannah would then have been around 55 years of age. Right is a newly discovered photo of the pair on holiday in the late 1930's (?). Whilst the palm tree behind Hannah might suggest a more exotic location, the war memorial confirms that it is none other than Clacton.

Wedding group 27th April 1935 in garden of Churchill Road, Kentish Town.

Front Row L to R: 
?, George Dean & Hannah Dean (nee Sage), Edie (nee Beckwith) & Ted Surl
Middle :
 ?,?, Bessie Surl (partly visible), Lillian Dean (Sis), ?, Edna Dean, ?
Rear : 
Geoff Surl, ? (poss Marjorie Granville nee Beckwith), Francis Granville, ?, ? 


       Hannah Dean at 4 Gables - 1956/7

Above left - back of photo is marked "Mum & Aunt Nance" - no other details known but possibly the Nance is Hannah's sister - Nancy Weaver nee Sage. Late 1920's/early 30's ?. Above right - Taken either at Easter 1956 or 1957 when Hannah stayed at Evelyn & Arthur's house "Four Gables" in Cliftonville, Margate. Due to her mobility problems at this time, she was given the ground floor front room - the 'Study' or No 11 -  which also boasted it's own sheltered patio. 


10 - The four daughters of Arthur George & Hannah Dean 

4 sisters 27/04/1935 

27th April 1935 again - Arthur Surl flanked by (L to R) Edna, Sis, Evelyn & Wyn


Just over 21 years later - and probably the first time since Wyn's wedding 1936 - the four daughters are caught on camera together in Cliftonville probably in mid 1956 with their Mum, husbands (except Edna as she was between husbands at the time) and offspring .... except Michael Taylor, who at the age of 10 was trusted to take the photo. L to R Evelyn Surl, (kneeling) Wyn Taylor, Tom Taylor, Edna Innes, Hannah Dean, Jack Peddar, Sis Peddar, (kneeling) Malcolm Surl, Arthur Surl.

10.1 Winnfred Sarah (Wyn) = Thomas Taylor 

Wyn & Tom's Wedding           

Wyn, Tom & hosts at Cliftonville

Top is Wyn & Tom's wedding in north London in 1936. Bottom is in the late 60's at "Four Gables" in Cliftonville with L to R Tom & Wyn thence hosts Evelyn & Arthur Surl with Malcolm Surl lurking in the background. The doorway behind Tom is the same as that in the photo of Hannah Dean under 9.2

Win & Tom c1976

Somewhere between 1975 and 1977 (before Tom became ill in 1978), this is a 'just back home from work' shot taken in the front garden of their last home together in Parkstone, Poole, by son Michael. Wyn was at that time working in Dingles and Tom in a butchers in Westbourne. 

Wyn with Ted & Vera - 1980's

After Tom's death, Wyn stayed on during the 1980's in the family home in Parkstone until her health forced a move into a nursing home. This scene on 4th August 1991 is at the nearby home of cousins Ted & Vera Weaver in Houlton Road, Poole, with L to R Wyn, Ted Weaver, Vera Weaver and Joyce King from Bedford. 


10.2 Lillian Mary 'Sis' = Jack Peddar

Apart from this, taken at her wedding, and the two photos above of Sis in groups, no others seem to have survived.


10.3 Frances Evelyn ('Evelyn') = Arthur Lionel Surl 

Evelyn Dean c1931      Evelyn Dean c1932 

 Evelyn with future mother-in-law

Evelyn & Arthur Surl c 1933

This quartet show Evelyn between 1931 - when she met Arthur at age 18 - and their marriage in 1935. Top left is a huge enlargement of a portion of an almost unprintable neg but it is probably the oldest surviving photo of her. Top right is ALS showing off his artistic flair with a camera - probably around Arkley (nr Barnet), one of his favorite photographic locations.   Middle above is not in Japan but Kew Gardens with mother-in-law to be (ALS's mother, Edith Surl nee Beckwith) and her hat obscuring the pagoda (built in 1759 with 10 floors each one foot smaller .......). ALS was most proud of the shot immediately above as it was taken by him using a self-timer. Location is either Devon or Somerset during a cycling tour and date is poss 1933.   

27/04/1935      27/04/1935

27th April 1935 yet again, Junction Road Congregational Church (twixt Tufnell Park & Archway tube stations) and the rear of 19 Churchill Road respectively.

MGS's christening (1)

Malcolm Surl's Christening - 1948. L to R Stephen Surl (1st cousin), Michael Taylor (1st cousin on the Dean side), Evelyn Surl nee Dean and Malcolm with Christine Surl (1st Cousin) keeping David Horton (son of MGS's Godmother) in check  The coffee table is still in use but it's doubtful that it would still take my weight. 

MGS's christening (2)

Deans, Surls, friends and neighbours all mixed up after the christening - pictured outside "Tewkesbury", the house they had built in 1938 near Aldenham (which was knocked down in the 1960's to make way for an access road to a Gypsy Camp when the M1 was extended south from Berry Grove). From left to right, star of the show is series 1 Morris 8 FPE 478 belonging to Geoff & Bessie Surl (ALS's brother & sister-in-law) then there's Hannah Dean, Stella (now Pomroy), and a neighbour (Jean). The couple behind Christine Surl are not known but her dad, Geoff is lurking behind them in the doorway and mother Bessie is peeping out from behind Arthur Surl. Immediately to the right of Evelyn holding Malcolm is Tom Taylor holding Michael whilst in front of them is believed to be Hilda Penwarden, a very dear rel on the Surl side. The next two are unknown then it's Marjorie Horton holding son David with Stephen Surl in front of them.

ALS, FES & MGS at Birchington

FES 1970's      ALS mid 1970's

ALS+FES with Marc c1979

Evelyn & Arthur in Later Years - Top around 1971, so about 2 years after they retired from the guest house & holiday apartments business to Queen Bertha's Ave, Birchington. The sea is just visible behind Arthur ... and the trains thundered by just behind the fence. The next duo would have been mid 1970's whilst the above, with grandson Marc, was around 1979. Note the special Willow pattern cups & saucers reserved for visiting children and the trademark fairy cakes. 

10.4 Edna Joyce = (1) Donald Innes =(2) Jack Hartley

Evelyn, Edna & MGS       ALS, MGS & Edna c 1956/7

No photos seem to have survived of Edna's first husband Don. These two shots date from after their divorce and were probably taken during her stay in Cliftonville for the 1956/7 Dean sisters re-union. Left, Edna is flanked by Evelyn & Malcolm on Margate pier before a rather choppy trip on the "Golden Spray". Top right she is with Arthur & Malcolm, location unknown but possibly Aylesford. Her height can be judged from Arthur who was 5ft 11.   

     Edna & visitors (1)      Edna & visitors (2)

Edna & Jack's first 'real' house together was in Flitwick, Bedfordshire but as Jack took these photos during a family visit c1975, he's not in either of them. With Evelyn & Edna (both seated) are Helen & Marc Surl plus, in the right hand one, Arthur & Malcolm Surl. 

             Edna, Jack, Wyn & Tom       Edna, Jack & Wyn

Later in the 1970's Edna & Jack moved to Ventnor on the Isle of Wight and this c1978 shot shows them during a visit by Wyn & Tom who were by then living in Parkstone.    



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