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1 - 1881 Census Strays

Alice Dean u 16 Domestic Servant, b Fen Ditton 1865 is listed in the employ of Wm. Kent Collett, farmer, in Quy. A Thomas Dean, 52 so b1829, has been found as a farm labourer in High Street, Fen Ditton, so is likely to be her father but any Quy connection is unclear as he is listed as b Fen Ditton also.

Mary A Dean u 32 (so b1849) is listed as a domestic servant - cook, born in Quy, in the service of Henry Gotobed (57) at 13 Hills Road, St Andrew the Less, Cambridge. This could be yet another daughter of George (para 7.3) as both George’s wife and another daughter were also in domestic service and birth in 1849 is seven years after her parent’s marriage.

Ann Dean, widow aged 66 b Gt Wilbraham - ‘Beer House Keeper’ at the Hammer & Anvil in Stapleford. A Quy Dean by marriage who also ran a pub ??


2 - 1901 Census Strays

2.1 Ruth DEAN aged 21

A single "Dressmaker own a/c", is shown as a ‘niece’ living at 7 High Street in Quy but no birthplace shown and no details currently available of who was the head of the household to whom she was a niece (and so whether she was a direct Dean or by marriage). If her age of 21 is correct and she is a direct Dean, she should appear as approx 1 year of age in the 1881 census but the only Ruth Dean’s found are in London & Lincoln with no apparent Cambs connections and, similarly, the family of 2yr old Ruth Daines in Kirtling, Cambs has no apparent connection.

However, Camdex has an entry for a Ruth E Dean born in 1880 and the national births index for the 1st quarter 1880 lists the registration in Chesterton, Cambs, of a Ruth Eliza Dean .... but where was she in 1881/91 ? 

Annie Dean did quote an Eliza (who stayed single) as being a daughter of John Dean and Emily Muggleton (para 8.4 in Notes to Tree No.1) but this is not supported by the 1881 Census and RW's Mother is positive that there was no such daughter. 

 For the moment at least, a mystery girl !

2.2 Harry Dean aged 31 

 Bc 1870 & shown as b Quy but in Clapham, London as a bricklayer. According to the 1881 census, no male Deans were born in Quy two years either side of 1870, let alone a Harry. Only poss candidates in the area (so mis-reported in 1901 as Quy) are George b 1869 @ High St Fen Ditton, William Dean b 1870 in Gt Wilbraham but living then at Chrry Hinton, and Harry Dean, aged 9 so b 1872 @ Derisley’s Wood, Wood Ditton.

2.3 Elizabeth Dean aged 29 

Bc 1872 shown as b Quy but in Cambridge as a domestic cook.



3 - Ruth Selman’s Website

3.1 Ruth is also descended from a second branch of the Dean family of Balsham:

- John Dean (c1705? - ?). He married Sarah Shott in Brinkley, Cambs on 5 Oct 1731 (she was christened 8 Sep 1706 at Brinkley but was buried 5 Oct 1751 at Balsham). One of their offspring was:

- John Dean; christened 26 July 1732 at Balsham, buried 18 March 1818 at Balsham. He married 30 Dec 1755 at Horseheath, Cambs a Mary Willings who was christened 7 Feb 1730/31 at Horseheath. One of their offspring was:

- William Dean; christened 5 July 1760 at Balsham, buried 18 Oct 1835 also at Balsham. Married 14 Oct 1781 at Balsham an Elizabeth Allen (buried 8 June 1831 at Balsham). One of their offspring was:

- Susannah Dean; christened 8 March 1789 at Balsham. Her first marriage on 24 Jan 1811 at Balsham, was to John Parker by whom she had a son:

- Joseph Parker; christened 30 Aug 1820 at Balsham, Labourer, died before 1891.Married 1850 at Linton Registration District, Cambridgeshire .... et seq

If John Dean senior was not actually born & brought up in Balsham, he was probably living there on or just after marriage as son John was baptised there in 1732. Now Balsham is not exactly a huge city and as it features extensively in our generations 2 to 5 so a link is likely, but how? There at least 3 possibilities for John (snr):

- he could have been the son or even grandson of an unknown brother of Richard (2.1) who equally moved to Balsham (say around the 1660’s).

- he could have been one of the eight sons of Richard (3.1) who was known later - when he married - by another name ie John. There are only two possible fits, though, Samuel (b1712) and James (b1714) but particularly the latter would have been quite young to marry in 1731.

- he could be one and the same as John (1697-1757) in 3.3.1. This was initially discounted as the details of the latter’s two marriages are already listed. However, closer inspection of these reveals that there’s a gap of almost 30 years between the death of the first wife and the next marriage into which Sarah would neatly fit viz John married Ann Richmond in 1722 but she died in 1726. The marriage to Sarah Shott took place in 1731 (in the bride’s home village) and she died in 1751 (in Balsham). The final marriage to Ann Bowyer was in 1755 in Balsham. Fine ... but there’s a drawback: John & Sarah Shott produced a boy called John in 1732 and he was still extant in 1756 when John & Ann Bowyer produced a son also called John. Unless the name John recorded for one of the sons was his popular and/or second Christian name, it is unlikely that someone would have two concurrent sons both called John.

4. Thomas Dean

Thomas Dean in 1841/1851 censuses - he is discussed in para 6.4 of Tree 1 Notes.





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