Notes on Dean Family Tree 3

Generations 10 to 12

Offspring of Arthur George Dean and Hannah Sage


Winifred Sarah b09/08/1910 d 1995 - ‘Wyn’. Married Aug 22nd 1936 Thomas TAYLOR b29th Nov 1912 in Darlington, d 1981. She was known as ‘Dixie’ by friends (after the well-known footballer of the day, Dixie Dean), and took a Pittmans shorthand/typists course followed by work for Courtoulds, moving with them when they relocated to Sheffield during WWII. Married Thomas Taylor, from a big family of butchers in Darlington but by then a butcher based in Harrow, North London, the two having first met at a local dance. Any chance the pair had of seeing each other again – according to Tom – hung in the balance as he would only see her home if she lived in the same direction as his lodgings. She did. 

With the war over Wyn gave birth to their only child (Michael Graham - see 11.1) in 1946 and a few years later – accompanied by her mother Hannah - the family moved to Darlington where Tom joined his eldest brother Robert in running a butchers shop. Sadly, the northern weather proved too extreme for Hannah and the family moved south to Brentwood, Essex, in 1954 where they rented a shop with accommodation. Encouraged by a long-time friend the family, they moved again in 1959 to Hayes, Kent. Due to poor trade in the early days Wyn had to resurrect her secretarial skills to supplement income. Luckily, the economy improved and trade increased enabling Tom to sell the business in 1973, Wyn and Tom retiring to Poole. Sadly, their plans were dashed yet again as the sale of the business had resulted in a tax burden which meant Tom had to continue working and Wyn took a job in a department store in Bournemouth. After Tom’s death in 1981 Wyn stayed on in the bungalow until dementia made it impossible for her to continue living alone and she was moved to a nursing home. Finally, she was relocated to a home in East Sussex where she died in 1995.


Lillian Mary b May 12th 1912 dc1975. Always known in the family as ‘Sis’ and much the largest of the four sisters, she spent all her working life in the hotel trade, eventually rising through house-keeper to become a hotel manageress for Trust House Hotels, later Trust House Forte. Realising that upward progress within the company from house-keeper was hampered by being single and female, she married an old friend, Jack William PEDDAR (1915-1971) who also worked for Trust House and whose wife had died. As managers they moved several times around England & Wales, memorable addresses being the Red Lion in Machyllyneth, Rushden Hotel in Rushden & the Station Hotel in Stafford. MGS will never forget staying with them in Stafford over Easter 1964 and being given ‘a nice quiet room away from the sound of the trains’. After due protestation, he (plus portable tape recorder) were moved to a room overlooking the station the following day. Due to the opening of the M6, this hotel lost most of its essential commercial trade so was closed and they moved in retirement to Heavitree, Exeter. Jack had a son, David, from his first marriage (1939-2018) who, at the time of Sis’s death, was in the army, stationed in Berlin.


Frances Evelyn b28/12/1913 d19/09/1983. Always known as Evelyn from the outset (except to Sis for whom she was always 'Babs'), it was family lore that it was her father who registered the name the wrong way around. Born and brought up in Kentish Town, north London, she, like her sisters was educated at Burleigh Road School after which she found work as a comptometer operator. It was while out carol singing locally in 1931 for Junction Road Congregational Church that she met Arthur Lionel SURL (b27/01/1902, d08/1984) and they married there on 27/04/1935. 

For post marriage details, please see Surl Tree 2a Notes


Edna Joyce b(14 or)15/12/1918 d1979. The tallest of the quartet, and also the thinnest - painfully so at times. In 1939 she's at home with her parents at 39 Derwent Ave, Hatch End. In 1945 she married Donald Innes - family lore had it that this was on sudden impulse and the mistake was realised very soon, divorce allegedly having been discussed on their honeymoon. They did, however, stay together for a few years in a semi near Watford where their main mode of transport was Don’s precious motorbike and sidecar. Some time after their divorce, she met John Hartley (‘Jack’), a Liverpudlian lorry driver (and a bit of a comedian too), whom she married on March 26th 1960. After a succession of caravans, they eventually moved into a house in Flitwick (Beds), and Edna worked in the accounts dept. at Eastern Electricity. Their final move together was to near Ventnor on the Isle of Wight by which time severe arthritis had severely impaired Edna’s mobility. After her death and a period of considerable instability, Jack reverted to being known as John and he married a widow, Jean, from Shropshire - they spent the rest of their years together moving back and forth between Shropshire and the Isle of Wight.
Generation 11


Michael Graham TAYLOR b09/12/1946 in Edgware. Brought up in Darlington, Brentwood and Hayes (Kent) he joined the Post Office Telecommunications Department in 1964. Then followed a career spanning over 39 years which included 12 years based permanently in Cabinet Office/10 Downing Street and rising to become BT Account Director (Sales) for BAA. Michael is also a freelance motoring journalist/author/consultant writing many articles and five books and acting as consultant to 2 car firms over a period of 26 years. Married to Janet Pearl FLEAY on 06/08/1970 a local ‘Girl of Kent’ the two moved into a small flat in Bromley before buying their first house in Tunbridge Wells in 1971. During this time both Janet and Michael were commuting each day to London. Then followed a second move to a larger house close-by. In 1985 they moved again to their current home in Crowborough. A second home was brought in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight in 2002. After taking retirement from BT in 2004 he and Janet are currently redecorating their Crowborough home.


Malcolm Greville SURL - b 22nd Dec 1947 in Watford

On 23rd September 1972, married Helene Marie OSSTYN, b 6th August 1946, dissolved 2013.

On 9th March 2013 married Dawn Estelle Vivian nee Mackonochie, b 9th Dec 1957

For more details see Surl Tree 2a Notes

For living Surl - see 12.1

Generation 12


Living (b04/08/1970). Single

For more details see Surl Tree 2a Notes


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