Notes on Dean Family Tree 1  

Generations 0 - 8 : Births 1590 - 1850


Generation 0 

0.1 Richard (1590-1660) married an Alice (allegedly also 1590-1660). 

Source - Ancestry tree


Generation 1 

1.1   Alice (bap 10/03/1603 at Burrough Green). Source IGI
1.2 Richard (08/09/1611-c1680), whose surname is shown as DEANE, married Mary PATCH, daughter of Richard Patch (1571-1640) and Elizabeth Barker (also 1571-1640), on 26 Apr 1635 in Westley Waterless, Cambs. Mary Patch was baptised on 4 Sep 1608 in Westley Waterless and was buried in Dec 1684 in Burrough Green, Cambridgeshire. Sources - IGI, Westley Waterless, Cambs - Transcript of Parish Register & Burrough Green, Cambs - Transcript of Parish Register, burial on - Dec 1684 of Mary Deane, wife of Richd aged 74

Generation 2 

2.1 Richard (1637- ?). Baptised 7th April 1637 in Burrough Green (shown also as Deane in IGI), he married Alice NORTON, daughter of Thomas Norton and Levine Loftes, on 9 Oct 1665 in Balsham. Alice Norton was baptised on 10 Jan 1639/40 in Balsham and was buried on 1 Oct 1707 in Balsham. Sources - A.L. White, Dean Family Descendant Chart (compiled May 1995). Balsham, Cambridgeshire - Transcript of Parish Register (1558-1851).

Generation 3 

Offspring of Richard Dean & Alice Norton

Richard (1670-1720) first married Margaret RULE on 25 Dec 1698 in Balsham. Margaret Rule was buried on 13 Apr 1700 in Balsham (poss after childbirth?) and their child was John (1700-1706). Richard next married Elizabeth PURKISS on 29 Apr 1701 in Withersfield, Suffolk, and their children were: Richard (1) (1702-1702), Richard (2) (1703-1709), Lazarus (1706-1772), Thomas (1707-?), William, Samuel, James, Robert, Abraham & Charles. Again those traced lived in Balsham. Lazarus married Elizabeth HEYLOCK and they had a son, Richard (1726 - ?) who had a relationship" with 2nd cousin Sarah Dean (b1723 - see 3.3.1 below)

3.2 Thomas (1671/2-1726): Baptised 10 Mar 1671/72, Balsham. Marriage: Elizabeth, surname unknown. He was buried 30 Mar 1726 in Balsham. Children: see para 4.


John (12/07/1674-04/11/1729) married Elizabeth NORDEN in Balsham on 31/10/1696 and they had 9 children:


John (1697-1757) John firstly married Ann RICHMOND (? - 1726) on 24 Dec 1722 in Horseheath by whom he had a daughter Sarah (1723-1755). John at the age of 58 then married Ann BOWYER on 21 Jul 1755 in Balsham and they produced two children in the little more than 18 months before his death: John (bap 14/01/1756) and Thomas (bap 06/02/1757 - just 12 days before his father John died). see also Strays para 2.1 as there could have been another marriage between these two: to Sarah Shott in 1731, she dying in 1751.

Daughter Sarah (b1723) first had "a relationship" with 2nd cousin Richard Dean (b1726), son of Lazarus Dean and Elizabeth HEYLOCK (see 3.1) and they produced a daughter, also called Sarah (Dean) baptised on 21/08/1750 in Balsham. Sarah (snr) then married a William HANCOCK (presumably 1751-3 time) by whom she had a son, also called William (HANCOCK) who was baptised on 13/08/1754 in Linton, Cambs, and buried a fortnight later on 29/08/1754 back in Balsham. Sarah herself died the following year, aged 32, and was buried 04/12/1755 in Balsham.


Elizabeth (1699- ?)


Alice (1700-1770)


Mary (1) (1702 - <1715)


Samuel (1705-1774)


Ellen (1707-1707)


Richard (1708-1711)


Mercy (1713 - ?)


Mary (2) (1715-1715) - buried 3 days after baptism

All birth & death events shown were in Balsham.
3.4 Alice Dean - bap 8th Sep 1677 in Balsham (IGI)

Generation 4 


Offspring of Thomas Dean (1671/2-1726) & Elizabeth


Thomas - bap. 24 Mar 1709/10, Balsham, buried: 21 Mar 1783, Balsham. Marriage: Mary WOOLLAND on 22 Aug 1728 in Balsham.

Children were: Mary, Elizabeth, Margaret, Martha, Thomas, Isaac, William & Priscilla. Further details not researched. Source A.L. White, Dean Family Descendant Chart (May 1995).

4.2 Elizabeth - bap. 26 May 1712, Balsham. Married William CORBY. Their offspring is curiously shown as William Dean (rather than William Corby), bap 28/04/1734 in Balsham.

William - bap. 23 May 1714, Balsham, buried 21/12/1714 in Balsham

4.4 Henry - bap. 3 Feb 1715/16, Balsham. Henry married Anne PETCHY (sic) on 5 Oct 1749 in West Wratting, Cambs. Anne Petchy was born on 25 May 1729 and was baptised in 1729 in Swaffham Prior, Cambs. Family seems to have settled in W Wratting around the time of marriage as all children born there (Jan 1750 on). For children, see para 5.
4.5 Alice - bap 14/2/1717 or 1718
4.6 Ann - bap 13/08/1723, buried 29/10/1752, Balsham

Richard - b. Abt 1725. Married a Mary RAWLING

Source - Dean Family Descendant Chart, A.L. White, (compiled May 1995)


Generation 5



Offspring of Henry Dean (1715 - ) & Anne Petchy (1729 -)

5.1 Henry - Baptised: 1 Jan 1750*, West Wratting. Marriage: Mary COCKERTON on 6 Oct 1772 in West Wratting. Died: 29 Mar 1812, West Wratting at age 62. They appear to have only had one child, Richard who survived for only a short time in 1773 (bap 27/02/1773, bur 16/06/1773 in W Wratting)
5.2 Thomas - Baptised: 24 Mar 1751*, West Wratting. Buried: 19 Jun 1827, Weston Colville. Marriage: Mary HANCOCK (daughter of Benjamin Hancock (rel of Wm Hancock mentioned under 3.3.1 ??)) and Mary Willows on 9 May 1779 in Weston Colville. (source Weston Colville - Transcript of Parish Register, bachelor and spinster of the parish-. & A.L. White, Dean Family Descendant Chart -May 1995).

Children were William (bap 14/3/1781), Thomas (bap 04/05/1783, bur 12/10/1798), Henry (bap 27/05/1787, bur 12/07/1866) & Mary (bap 08/09/1793, bur 25/07/1868) - all listed events were in Weston Colville.

5.2.3 3rd child Henry married Rebecca OVERHILL (buried on 26 Mar 1846 in Weston Colville) on 6 Jan 1807 in West Wickham. They produced 9 children : Martha, Henry, Mary, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, William, James & Rebecca.. Henry (snr) worked as an agricultural labourer and appeared on the census in 1851 in West Wratting and the household included a grandson, Henry Dean, aged 9 born in Mile End, Middx, and his daughter and son-in-law, Mary and Barnabas Whitaker
5.2.4 Mary married Martin NEWMAN (1789-1842) on 7 Apr 1821 in Weston Colville and they had 5 children: Martha, Thomas, Charles, Sharlotte & Louisa. Mary Newman is shown in the 1851 census as a 58 year old pauper. The appearance of the NEWMAN surname is interesting but the families of Thomas & Charles have been followed with no trace of a Douglas (1923-1984), husband of Mollie Wright (1910-2010).
5.3 Richard - Baptised: 24 Jun 1753, West Wratting. Marriage: Anna GREEN on 5 Dec 1779 in Balsham. Buried: 19 Nov 1814, West Wratting. Anna outlived Richard by 20 years being buried on 3 Dec 1834 in Weston Colville. Children were Thomas (1781-1781), Richard (1783-?), Mary (1785-?), Sarah (1 - 1788-1789) and Sarah (2 - 1791-?), all events in West Wratting .... as was the birth in 1811 and death in 1836 of Mary’s son William (shown also as Dean & no marriage details for mother)

George Petchey (sic) Dean was baptised: 19 Jun 1755, West Wratting, Cambs, buried Jan 28,1821 aged 65 in Quy. As George DANE, he married Susannah BELL on 14 Nov (Oct#) 1789 in Quy - neither could sign their names (Susannah Bell was buried on 29 Jan 1826 in Quy but had been living in Gt Wilbraham just before death.). Sources - A L White confirmed by Quy Registers from Peggy Day except # above.

The mention of Quy in 1789 seems to be the earliest of a connection with the village. It is possible that George moved there on or after the time of his marriage.

For children, see para 6.

5.5 Elizabeth - b abt 1761 - no more info
5.6 Ann - b abt 1764 - no more info

Generation 6 



Offspring of George Petchey Dean (1755-1821) & Susannah Bell (?-1826)

6.1 Anne - Baptised: 1 Aug 1790, Stow cum Quy but shown as Anne DANE in Bishop’s transcripts. A.L. White in his Dean Family Descendant Chart (compiled May 1995) quotes "Died: 1890 at age 100" but no trace of her can be found in Quy 1841-1901 censuses or indeed anywhere in UK in 1881 census.
6.2 Mary - Baptised: 27 Jan 1793, Stow cum Quy. Married 1st Apr 1823 to John TAYLOR of Little Wilbraham (neither could sign)
6.3 Elizabeth - Baptised: 1 Feb 1795, Stow cum Quy. Presumed to have died before 1798 in view of the 2nd Elizabeth (6.5)

James Bell Dean - Baptised: 7 May 1797, Stow cum Quy, buried on 02/03/1881 in Stow cum Quy, widower aged 84. He married Mary NOBLE on 10 Sep 1819 in West Wratting. Mary Noble was baptised 08/04/1798 in West Wratting and died aged 30 (poss in childbirth - see 7.5) being buried on 20/11/1828 in Stow cum Quy. The Allpress-Fulton tree traces the Noble family lineage back to the mid 1600's - for an extract, see Tree 4.

James then married Mary CHAPMAN on 26/07/1829 in Quy (he could sign his name but she couldn’t). She was buried at Quy on June 28 1877 aged 80 as Mary Ann Dean so was b1797 and this is substantiated by her age being shown as the same as James’s in 1841/51/61 censuses. 

For all children, see para 7 (offspring of James with Mary Chapman not shown on tree for simplicity).

The 1841 census for Quy shows the family complete with all the children who survived infancy of both mothers except eldest son John who had married by then and lived elsewhere in Quy. Two transcripts of the census have been found: in one (ref 61) from Peggy Day, the head of the house is recorded as ‘Francis’ (labourer) rather than James but CFHS ref HO107/72/3-8B does record him as James. More importantly though, both also show a mystery boy called Thomas (Dean) aged 19. Although there is just about room for a birth between 2nd son John in late 1821 and 3rd son George in May 1823 to give a 19yr old, a ‘proper’ first name of Thomas is unlikely as this was used in 1828 for the 5th son who died shortly after birth. Moreover, whilst all the other siblings were baptised in Quy, there is no baptism record for such a child.

However, the 1841 census unfortunately does not record place of birth or relationships so this Thomas could just as easily have been a nephew staying with the family rather than a son. One possibility is that he is one and the same as the Thomas born in nearby Fulbourn who appears in 1851 as a servant at Quy Hall aged 27 and again in 1861 aged 36 as a horse broker and publican of the Prince Albert pub on Newmarket Road (with 22yr old wife, Sarah Eliza); apparently he ran this pub from 1857-1869 - Source PD. There were several Dean families in Fulbourn in 1840 but their exact relationship with ‘our’ branch has not been traced.

6.5 Elizabeth - Baptised: 4 Oct 1798, Stow cum Quy

Generation 7 


Offspring of James Bell Dean + Mary Noble (7.1-7.5) & Mary Chapman (7.6-7.10)

7.1  John (1) - Baptised: 5 Mar 1820, Stow cum Quy, Buried: 7 Oct 1821, Stow cum Quy

John (2) Baptised: 11 Nov 1821, Stow cum Quy. Died: 29 Nov 1904 about age 83

Marriage: (1): Sophia PARKER on 10 Sep 1840 in Stow cum Quy. Sophia, b 1817 and bap Quy 7/5/1817 was buried on 27 Mar 1844 in Stow cum Quy, aged 27. Interestingly, in 1881 an Edmund Parker, aged 50 (so b1831) is listed as a labourer & lodger in John’s son George’s pub in Quy - George’s step-mother’s younger brother?

Marriage: (2): Hannah BIDWELL on 5 Dec 1844 in Stow cum Quy. Hannah was born c1820 in Stow cum Quy, died on 14 May 1895 aged 75 and buried on 17 May. (source PD). Although not shown as living at home in 1841, she would appear to be the daughter of John & Elizabeth BIDWELL of Quy and her younger brother Charles was Quy parish clerk in 1881. (Source- MGS deduction from 1841/81 censuses)

For details of all children, see para 8.

John initially worked as an agricultural labourer in Stow cum Quy and appeared on the 1851 census at:

Cambridgeshire and the Isle of Ely.(2002), HO 107/1759 f.511B. Back Lane, Stow-cum-Quy

John Dean, H, M, 29, Ag Lab, CAM Quy
Hannah Dean, W, M, 30, At Home, CAM Quy
Mary Ann Dean, D, 9, Scholar, CAM Quy
Eliza Dean, D, 5, Scholar, CAM Quy
James Dean, S, 4, Scholar, CAM Quy
John Dean, S, 2, CAM Quy
George Dean, S, 4mo, CAM Quy

In 1871 he is shown as a ‘farm bailiff’, plain ‘labourer’ in 1881, ‘estate bailiff’ in 1891 and (at the age of 79) back to ‘Estate labourer’ in 1901. Peggy Day writes "John, the estate bailiff, worked at Quy Hall. One of the plantations is named Dean Plantation after him". RW adds "Granddad had a couple of interesting stories about him, one involving regularly encountering the ghost of a 'Lady Gaynes' at Quy Hall: 'I've passed my stick through her many a night, boy' !"


George - Bap: 25 May 1823, Quy, died 10 Nov 1881, Quy at age 58. buried: 13 Nov 1881, Quy. Married Elizabeth NORTHFIELD on 8 Nov 1842 in Quy. She was baptised on 23 Nov 1823 in Quy, died on 13 Feb 1902 aged 78 and was buried on 17 Feb 1902 in Quy. Elizabeth must have been a matter of months younger than George as both are shown as same age - 27 in 1851 and 47 in 1871 - but as 37 and 38 in 1861, George being shown in all three as an ‘Ag lab’. Although the 1881 census shows only George (as ‘Gorge’, 58, and as ‘sick’) plus two children, she has been found listed as a 57yr old servant "Nurse (SMS)" at Blands Farm, Cambridge Rd, Trumpington (Cambs) in the household of George & Tabitha Stevens plus very young family. She was back in Quy in 1891 at 4 Stow Road as a ‘swans down worker’ and is listed in 1901 as ‘living on own means’. Peggy Day comments "I have not been able to find out exactly what a ‘swans down’ worker was. It appears to be work done at home by the elderly, most of whom seemed to have a connection with Quy Chapel.

Their children over a 22 year span were:


Jane - b 1843/4 bap 21/01/1844. Not in 1861 census in Quy but she married Joseph ISON there on 11/11/1864. He is shown as a shepherd in Quy in 1881 with Jane and 5 children. In 1911 the couple are recorded as having had 9 children, 8 of whom were still alive. Ancestry tree has details of the 5 successfully traced to either end-of-line or present day.

It is interesting that in 1891, sons John b1874 and Arthur 1885 were both 'outstabled' nearby in Quy with their grandmother, Mary Hart (nee Frost => Ison) who was also listed as a Swansdown Worker.


William - b 1846, bap 24/05/1846. Labourer in 1861. Married Jemima EVERETT in Quy on 28/03/1867. Not in Anglia in 1881 census but they are both back in 1901 - both aged 55 in Teversham, he a gardener.

7.3.3 Mary Ann - bap 12/08/1849. Married David HOLMES in Quy when she was 53 on 17/12/1902. He was a 60 year old ‘dealer’ and they lived in St Andrews, Cambridge.
7.3.4 James Thomas - bap 25/04/1852. Not in 1881 anywhere in Anglia but back home with mother at 4 Stow Rd in ‘4 rooms (row next Swan)’ in 1891 as a ‘general labourer’. Buried in Quy, 12/02/1900 aged 47.
7.3.5 Charles - bap 19/08/1855. Labourer, shown as age 24 (so b1857), living with father in 1881 but not in 1891 or 1901 in Quy.
7.3.6 Harriet Northfield - bap 09/05/1858. In 1881 she is shown aged 22 working for Mary Leedes Ambrose in Quy

John - bap 26/02/1861 In 1871 but not 1881 census (but a 20yr old John Deene from Cambridgeshire appears as an apprentice bricklayer lodging in Northampton).

7.3.8 Alice - bap 13/08/1865. At home in 1881 but in 1901 she was in Sunderland as a domestic cook.

James - Baptised: 4 Sep 1825, Stow cum Quy. d 1904 Woolongong, NSW

He firstly married Ann WRIGHT on 26/11/1847 in Quy (neither could sign). In 1841, Ann appears, aged 12, in Quy with parents & siblings so was born 1828/9. They had two girls - Emily (bap Jan 7 1849) and Mary Anne (buried as infant, June 9 1851). The 1851 census for No 68 shows James (ag lab aged 25), Anna (sic) (at home, aged 22) and Emily (age 2). Assuming the 1851 census to have been in the Spring, Mary Anne must have died very young. Camdex lists the death of an Ann Dean in 1851 so it is possible that she died in or soon after childbirth. cf 7.5 below

James then married Philadelphia Ann HART in Newmarket in June qtr 1853. Their marriage record has now been traced (it was indexed as "James Deane & Ann Hart") and indeed, she seems to have been officially recorded as Ann (or Anne down under) from this time on. She was born on March 16th 1828 and was the daughter of John Hart ( b. March 7, 1773 in Swaffham Bulbeck though the family had origins in Bottisham as well as Quy) and Sarah Butler (b1789). Anne died in 1897 in Woolongong, NSW.

John & Anne nee Hart had eight children, the first of whom, Hephzabah was born in Chesterton, Cambs in Mar qtr 1855 (confirmed by Camdex & BM&D), the second, Josiah, was born at sea aboard ss Herald in 1856 as the family emigrated to Australia, and the final six (John, James, William, George, Sarah Ann and Mary Elizabeth) between 1859 and 1870 when the family had settled in Wollongong, NSW. It is from these children that both the Australian and Canadian Deans are descended - for more details, see Tree 5. When the family arrived in NSW aboard the Herald on 22nd Aug 1856, both James and Anne were described as in good health and while both could read, still neither could write. James (31) is described as a Farm Labourer born in Quy while Anne (28) is a Darymaid born Bottisham and the whole family is shown as being Baptists.

Emily Dean accompanied her father and step-mother to Australia as she is shown with them (aged 8) in the immigration and she married Henry J Harrison in 1874 in Paddington, NSW. 

Philadelphia Anne Hart had a slightly younger brother, Josiah, who emigrated to Geelong, Victoria, Australia four years before she & James went to NSW (source, Hart family web query) so the naming of the child born en route to Australia also as Josiah is interesting. 


Thomas - Baptised: 30 Nov 1828, Buried: 5 Dec 1828, both in Stow cum Quy. Noted that his mother, Mary nee Noble died on 20th Nov 1828 so it is guessed that she died in childbirth and Thomas was baptised as soon as it was realised that he may not survive either.

7.6 Henry (eldest by Mary Chapman) - bap 27/06/1830, died ?. Married 8/11/1850 Mary BEAUMONT ‘aged 25’ in Quy (she signed but he didn’t) - daughter of William & Ann BEAUMONT of Quy. In 1851 Henry is shown as Ag Lab aged 20 and Mary a dressmaker aged 24 (but in the 1841 census, he was shown as aged 11 and she 15 so age in 1851 census is more suspect than that quoted at marriage). They had a son Charles William bap 25/04/1852 in Quy but they had left Quy by 1861 and no trace of any of them can be found anywhere in England in 1881.
7.7 Susannah Mary - bap 13/10/1833. Married 15/05/1855 in Quy to John BRADY of Little Wilbraham (also b abt 1833). Family appears in 1881 at Partridge Hall Farm, Swaffham Prior as BRADDY with three children (all born Little Wilbraham)
7.8 Mary Elizabeth - bap 07/08/1835. Shown as "Sunday Scholar, aged 15" in 1851. 

In Dec qtr 1860 in Newmarket she married Charles Ison, birth registered in Newmarket Sep qtr1837 (correction - it was not to Edward Ison as previously thought). All attempts to locate Mary Elizabeth & Charles in the 181 to 1881 census have failed , so perhaps they emigrated very soon after they married.


Anne - bap 29/10/1837. Shown as Ann in 1841 (aged 3), Anna in 1851 (Sunday Scholar, aged 13), Ann in 1861 (only child left at parental home, age 23) and Ann again in 1871 (as ‘servant’ & ‘housekeeper’ aged 32). (It does appear that the census enumerator for 1851 had a thing about calling Ann’s ‘Anna’ - see 7.4)

She married William WRIGHT in Quy on 09/10/1874 (source, Quy registers via Peggy Day) when she was 37 and he approx 34 (so he born c1840). The first of their two children, Charlotte, was born 1876 when Anne was 39 and Alice followed a year later (both baptised at Quy). William Wright is shown in 1881 as a 39yr old ‘ag lab’, Ann as 42yr old wife and a 10 year old niece, Mary Ann BRAND is listed as living with them and their two young daughters in Quy.

(Note: the surname Wright also appears in 7.4 above - was William Ann’s nephew, poss via her older brother Robert? Wright also appears two generations and 35 years later - see Rosa - 9.7)).

7.10  William - baptised 28/04/1839. Buried 27/06/1839 ‘infant’.
NB. In 1841 census, a Thomas age 19 is also shown as living with the family - so b 1821/22. He is not believed to be a direct relative &  he is discussed more fully in 6.4 above 

Generation 8 

  Please note that the "Chesterton" Registration District covers not only the Chesterton & Cherry Hinton parts of Cambridge but also the villages to the North & East including Fen Ditton, Fulbourn, Wilbraham ...and Stow-cum-Quy 


 Offspring of John (1821-1904) and Sarah Parker (8.1) then Hannah Bidwell (8.2 -8.5) :

8.1 Mary Ann - born Sep qtr 1842 in "Chesterton" (FreeBMD)- the only child of John with Sarah Parker. She is shown as aged 9 on the 1851 census, living with father & step-mother. 

Died May 1860 aged 18 and buried in Quy on 22/05/1860.


Eliza (aka Elizer) - Born: end 1845 (no Birth record found), bap 08/02/1846 Stow cum Quy and buried 30/04/1904 aged 58 again in Quy. 

She appears in the 1851 census in Back Lane, Stow cum Quy whilst in 1861 she is now the oldest survivor and is shown, aged 15, with the family in High St, Quy. 

At around the age of 32, she married James F GOLDING in Quy on Nov 12 (or 21) 1877. (Golding is another surname found frequently in Quy - see generation 9). Some 7 years younger than Eliza, he was born circa 1846 and, according to some censuses this was in Quy and others in Horingsea, Cambs. Unfortunately, no birth record has yet been found so it is currently impossible to say which is the correct version. 

The couple are both listed in 1881 as labourers in Quy (he 28 and she 35) and similarly he is an "Agricultural Labourer"  in 1891 when the address is 17 High Street, Quy. A change of direction then occurs as in 1901 they are at the Bush Inn in Quy with George listed as "Labourer on Land & Publican". It is very interesting to note that this move is in the opposite direction to George Dean who was moving away at exactly the same time from being a publican in favour of working on the land. Lo & behold in 1911, after Eliza had died, James has changed allegencies to the Swan Inn where he is living (as a Widower, 58 & Farm Labourer) with George, Sarah & Family. A James Golding died in Chesterton area in 1932 aged 79 but this may not be him as the age suits Eliza's birth year, not James's.

If the couple did have any children, they did not survive to reach double figures.

8.3 James - born Jun qtr 1847 in Quy, bap 07/01/1849, aged 4 in 1851 census. Buried 30/01/1852 aged 4

John - born Dec qtr 1848 in Quy and bap 07/01/1849. Buried in Quy Sep 19, 1888. 

Shown in the 1851 census in the parental home age 2 and 12 in 1861.

He married Emily MUGGLETON on 28/10/1875. Emily was born in Quy in 1853/4 (no positive BMD record yet found but there is an Emma Muggleton b Chesterton Jun qtr 1853) so she was some 5-6 years his junior. In 1861, Emily is shown age 7 at Stow End, Quy with parents James Muggleton (43, b Quy, Ag Lab) and Mary (34, b Fen Ditton, Ag Lab) together with siblings Josiah (11), Mary Ann (4) and Esther (8mo). NB Annie wrote down Emily's surname as ISON - another big Quy family - but it is definitely Muggleton. It had been thought that ISON might have been the maiden name of Emily's mother but she has now been traced as Mary PETERS (Free BMD for Jun 1848, Chesterton).

John Dean is shown in 1881 as Blacksmith in Quy and he was buried there in 1888. Rosemary Wighton (RW) says "he died, my mother thinks of pneumonia, when my granddad, the youngest child, was 18 months old." Peggy Day adds "John the blacksmith had his forge behind the row of cottages next to the Swan". 

RW continues "After John Dean died, Emily took in laundry to support the family. I believe times were very hard, but Mum recalls her as a strong, good-natured woman, full of humour." This is confirmed by the 1891 census where the family is shown ("in 4 rooms at 18 Stow End") with Emily now as head of the household as "a laundress". (Aside - the Pledger family are living next door at No 17, Stow End, headed by Thomas, a miller from Wickambrook in Suffolk. Thomas's sister Sarah married John Dean's brother George - see 8.5 below). 

Emily and remaining family moved to Cambridge around 1900 when Alfred, the youngest boy, was 13. RW adds "The story goes that, because of his small size, the local squire wanted him to train as one of his jockeys, but Great-Grandma wasn’t having it. Whether this had anything to do with the move to Cambridge, I don’t know". 

Whatever, Emily and all the children except Jessie are at 3, St Phillip's Road, Cambridge in 1901. By 1911 she had moved to 81 Sedgwick St, Romsey Town, Cambridge with Josiah, Ellen Mary and Alfred Edwin (Jack having married and left home by then), but she now has two lodgers, both railway employees, Leonard William CHAPMAN and Harold Densfield PRECIOUS. 

A death record has been found for an Emily Dean in Cambridge in Jun qtr 1936, age 83 (correct for her birth in 1853).

Thanks to Rosemary Wighton (RW) and her mother, the original queries about their children have been resolved so Annie's inclusion of an Eliza as another sibling now looks almost certainly to be a mistake. The 5 confirmed children are :


John James ('Jack') - aged 4 in 1881 so b1876/7. No spouse details but Annie said that he had 2 sons & lived in Cambridge. Peggy Day confirms that he lived in Cambridge but says he was buried back in Quy on 15/04/1918 aged 41. Shown in 1891 (age 14) as a bricklayer’s apprentice and in 1901 as a bricklayer and head of the family at 3, St Phillips Road, Cambridge.

RW adds "Both Jack and my granddad, were keen cricketers. My brother has a photo of Jack as part of Cambridge 1st Eleven (Town, not University) on the same team as a youngish Jack Hobbs. Apparently Jack's wife developed TB during the First World War, which he then took from her and they both died. Gran Dean (Emily) then brought up both of their sons, Ken and Hubert, in Cambridge:

-  Ken Dean lived in Cambridge until he died in 2005.  His son Peter emigrated to Canada, where he died, leaving three daughters. Further details unknown.

- Hubert, served in North Africa during the war, where he contracted polio and died, leaving no children."

8.4.2 Josiah ('Joe') - aged 2 in 1881 and 12 in 1891 so b1879. He too went to live in Cambridge and in 1901 is also shown as a bricklayer but was buried back in Quy 27/11/1914 aged 36 (source Peggy Day, confirmed by Camdex). RW adds "Joe never married and died apparently of septicaemia following an accident at work for a building firm. From all reports, he was a quietly-spoken, gentle, kind man. Very sad, though I guess if it hadn’t been that, it might have been the Somme or Ypres."

Jessie - 1882-1965.  The 1901 census reveals an 18yr old Jessie Dean born Quy (so b1882/3) working as a clerk in a factory in Oxford and Camdex has a birth entry for a Jessie M Dean in 1882. Why she was not listed in the 1891 census with her other young siblings is explained by RW: "Jessie Dean is the skeleton in the family closet and it’s a very moving story. I didn’t even hear of her until she died in 1965. Apparently, after her father died, a brother of Emily’s, Josiah Muggleton, and his wife offered to bring her up as their own. They were living in Duxford, where I gather he was a factory manager, comfortably off and childless. Jessie went to them, presumably from the age of 6 or 7 (= c1890), which must have felt pretty much like a rejection by the family, and explains why she is not shown on the 1891 census with them. She remained single, became an office worker, was known to be smart and capable, possibly, so the story goes, with a liking for the men. Unfortunately, she also developed a liking for drink and ended her days in the alcoholic unit at Fulbourn Hospital near Cambridge."

The 1881 census confirms a Joseph and Catherine Muggleton in Duxford (both born 1850, he in Ditton, she in Teversham) and at that time he was an "engineer in a manure factory". The same vocation could be ascribed to certain current Whitehall political 'advisers'.

8.4.4  Ellen M ("Nellie") - b1885 (in Quy); shown aged 6 in 1891 and 16 in 1901 in Cambridge.

She married Len CHAPMAN in 1919. RW adds "Aunt Nellie always seemed little and frail and I believe she was not a strong person. Her husband Len Chapman, in contrast, was a clever and interesting man. In spite of little formal education, he was extremely well read and very politically minded. An engine driver, he was a lifelong and committed socialist."

They had one daughter, Mollie Chapman (b 1928 Camdex) who lived in Cambridge. She married Ronald BARNES  in 1949 (Camdex). RW adds "Ron, who died recently, worked all his life, though not happily, in Barclays Bank in Cambridge. A lovely man who sacrificed the career he’d always wanted, in forestry, due to family pressures. Their son Philip BARNES works as an architect and has two sons, but we’ve lost touch since we were children."

No more info could be found as Camdex only goes to 2002 - 22/12/06


Alfred Edwin - b 1887 he appears as Alfred E or just Alfred so this suggested that he might be the "Edward" that Annie mentioned. However, he has now been found in the 1911 census with his mother & siblings in Cambridge as "Alfred Edwin".

It had been thought that, certainly as Edward, he died young but as yet there is no evidence to support this because, in 1912 he married Rose MORLEY


Eliza - Birth long after father John died in 1888 would be most unlikely and examination of the original images of both the 1881 and 1891 census pages reveals no other offspring so this is likely to have been one of Annie's 'generation jumps' and referred to another Eliza who remained single. 


George - Born Dec qtr 1850 in "Chesterton" (FreeBMD) but no entry found for him in Quy baptismal register. Died 28/12/1916 at age 66, buried Jan 1, 1917.  

George is listed at age 10 as the youngest in the family living in High Street, Quy. He appears as a labourer in the 1871 census, a publican in 1881, publican & farmer in 1891 as ‘Farmer and Publican own a/c’ in 1901.

He married Sarah PLEDGER in Chesterton on Xmas Day, 1877 when he was 27 and she was almost 19. Sarah was born in Wickambrook, Suffolk in the Mar qtr of 1859 and in 1861 she is listed aged 2 with her parents Robert (ag Lab, 46, B Cavendish, Suffolk) and Jemima (40, b Wickambrook) at Shop Hill in Wickambrook. Amongst her siblings are Thomas, an 18 yr old Miller (see Emily Dean nee Muggleton above). 

Peggy Day writes "George Dean kept the Swan (now often called the White Swan) from 1875 to 1904 when his widow took over until 1921. Mum always used to refer to her as "Sally Dean from Wickambrook" so probably she had a different accent to our Fen accent. They farmed using farm buildings at 30 Station Road, now always referred to as Swan Farm (though I never remember the name being used when I was young). Walter & May used the house at Swan Farm before moving to 58 Station Road after Sally went to live at Fen Ditton where she died in 1929."

(White) Swan in Quy

George did not die until late 1916 so the (official ?) transfer of the pub to Sarah as early as 1904 probably reflects a gradual shift towards farming as his main source of income and this view is reinforced by Peggy who observes that in the baptismal records for his children "George was a publican .. until 1890 then a farmer". 

The WW1 Roll of Honour in Quy Village Hall for son Sidney quotes Sarah as being of 5, Ditton Lane, Cambridge (a few doors down from where Aunt Annie spent at least her later life) but it is not known when the original memorial was inscribed & erected. A death record has been found for a 68yr old Sarah Dean in Chesteron district in Mar qtr 1927 (which includes Fen Ditton).

For details of their children, please see Dean Tree Notes-2.

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