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Generation 9 onwards : Offspring of 

James Beckwith (1828-1872) & Anne Carew Rodman (1826-1902)


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Offspring of Annie Rodman & James Beckwith  -
Generation 9 

Florence Ann Beckwith - b 22nd April 1849 (recorded as Florence Annie) and christened on May 20th 1849 in St Pancras, London (parents then living at Queen Street, father's occupation listed as 'Engineer').  Died in Adelaide age 7 months in Dec 1849 soon after family's arrival in Australia and she was buried in West Terrace Cemetery as was her mother many years later.


Sarah Anne Beckwith - b12/1/1852, Adelaide, died 11/5/1910, Belair 

Married on 19th Feb 1888 in St Peters, Benjamin John FURNELL (b 3/6/1853 in N Adelaide -5/1/1930 in Adelaide). 

For their two known children, please see 10.9.2 below 


Annie Mary Beckwith  - b 24th Nov 1854 in Adelaide

Married in Feb 1878 in St Peter's College Chapel, S Australia, John William SANDERSON (1853-1888)

In their 10 year marriage they had 4 known children:
- Francis James Sanderson (1879-?)
- Claude Frederick Sanderson (1880-1881)
- John William Sanderson (1884-1942)
- Evelyn Louise Sanderson (1886-1886)

AH's tree shows Annie Mary as having married a Mr Blackwell so it is plausible that she could have re-married after Sanderson's early death but a transposition of the names of the respective husbands of Annie & Emma is far more likely as Emma is now known to have married Thomas Blackwell (see 9.5 below) and the death of an Annie Mary Sanderson has been found in 1944, albeit all the way over in Katoombah, New South Wales but the father's name of James and mother's of Annie Carew are just a little bit of a giveaway.

Heather Jane's Ancestry tree gives more details of John William Sanderson jnr (b1884), his spouse & their offspring.


Rosina Carew Beckwith - b 30th July 1857 in Adelaide, died 30th Jan 1930 in Mile End, S Aus.

Married on 31 Dec 1885 in St Peters Richard John WHITFIELD (c1854-1923). Ralph James Beckwith (9.6 below) described Richard as "a very stuffy conceited Victorian"  

Two known children : Charles John Whitfield (1887 -1966 ) and Richard James Whitfield (1888-1888)


Emma Haines Beckwith - b 24th March 1860 in Adelaide, d 24th October 1929 in Medinde. That her uncle Joseph named a daughter Emily Haines Beckwith in 1864 has caused considerable confusion over the years, including to yours truly !

On 3rd Oct 1881 in Adelaide she married Thomas George BLACKWELL (c1855-12/5/1937 (King George VI's Coronation Day)), son of a John Blackwell, and their 4 known offspring were -
- Myra Louise Blackwell b1882, m 1911 John Samuel CROCKER in Walkerville
- Henrietta Rodman Blackwell b1884, d u/m 1922 in Medindie
- Clarice Emma Blackwell b1886, d u/m 1955 in Prospect
- Phyllis Rosina Margaret Blackwell 1898-1984, m 1923 Malcolm Lindsay MCGILP (1891-1981) in Prospect 

Myra had twin girls in 1914 but one, Betty, died aged 14 in Dec 1928; Phyllis had a son Malcolm in 1934 who died on day of birth to leave just one known grandchild of Emma & Thomas - Myra Crocker


9.6 Ralph James Beckwith - b in Adelaide

Edward Charles Beckwith - b 23rd July 1865 in Adelaide, d 22/08/1923 in Prospect.

On 25th Nov 1885 in Adelaide, he married Grace Matilda DARKE (b10/07/1865 in Nailsworth, d 12/09/1948 in Prospect) and they had 7 known offspring (all born Prospect, Adelaide, SA). For full details see 10.9.7


Generation 10 
10-9.2 Offspring of Sarah Anne Beckwith & Benjamin John Furnell (9.2)
10.21 Laurel Annie Furnell (12/1/1882 in N Adelaide - 19/3/1954 in Stepney, South Australia). In some sources her Christian name appears as Lawrell

On 10/12/1914 in Adelaide she married Bertram CHANDLER (son of Henry Chandler). No suitable birth has been found in Australia yet for Bertram - the only Bertram, son of Henry so far found was in Marylebone, London, in 1885. Bertram ("Bertie") died on 17th June 1963 in Adelaide.

It is believed that they had 6 children in South Australia:
Aileen Lillian Chandler b1915 Prospect
Leslie Benjamin Chandler b1917 Enfield
Audrey Olive Chandler b1918 Kent Town
Melba Joy Chandler b1921 Kent Town
Donald Bertram Chandler b1923 Kent Town, d1943 in Papua New Guinea
Verna Laurel Maxine Chandler, b1925 Kent Town

All info courtesy of Ian Redpath & Maxine Pitt's website

10.22 Clarence Benjamin Furnell (b 10/05/1885 N Adelaide, d1961)

In the Lutheran Parsonage in Adelaide on 30th March 1912 he married Olive Agnes May SHUTZ (27/7/1889 in Adelaide-20/8/1972 in Woodville) and they are believed to have had 5 children, all in South Australia:
Reginald Maurice Furnell b1912 in Unley
Sidney Russell Furnell b1914 in Unley 
Constance May Furnell  b1918 in Adelaide
Douglas William Furnell  b1925 in Alberton, d1925 aged 2 months in Sandwell
Kenneth John Furnell b1926 Sandwell

Above info mostly courtesy of Ian Redpath & Maxine Pitt's website. For more info on this family, seek permission to see  Gaynor's Private Ancestry tree -

10-9.6 Offspring of Ralph James Beckwith &  (9.6)



Offspring of Edward Charles Beckwith & Grace Matilda Darke (9.7)

10.71 Challis James Beckwith b 21/12/1886 Prospect, d 22/10/1949 in N Adelaide.

On 15th June 1915 he married Mary Alice BARNETT (1876-1967) and they had two children, one of whom (Joan Mary) died aged 4 months in Sefton Park in Oct 1922, 

10.72 Hilda Grace Beckwith b14/1/1889 Prospect. No marriage or death yet traced.
10.73 Oula Rosena Beckwith b14/7/1891 in Prospect, died 15/4/1922 and is buried in North Road Cemetery in Nailsworth, a suburb of Adelaide. Shown in later years as 'Rosina'

On Nov 1st 1913 she married  Thomas John CARRISON (1889-1970) in Prospect and they had one known child (poss Norma Rosina)

10.74 Rodmond Edward Beckwith  b22/6/1893 in Prospect, d 3/8/1970 in Beulah Park

On 1st March 1926 in Adelaide he married Lucy May BARNES (b1898 in Westthebarton, d 8/2/1970 in Glenunga). No known offspring. 

10.75 Rita Florence Beckwith b25/10/1895 in Prospect. No marriage or death yet traced.
10.76 Glenetta May Beckwith b16/2/1898, d 10/11/1898, both in Prospect

Keith Alva Beckwith b10/9/1900 in Propect, died 1975 & buried at St Jude's, Brighton SA with Lorna Donaldson Beckwith, his wife, who had died on 3rd March 1968. The only plausible marriage record found is of a Lorna Donaldson Margitich in S. Australia between 1928 & 1932 but the date is not specific and, worse, it doesn't give the husband's name.. 

No offspring have been found 


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