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Notes on Beckwith Family Tree 7  

Generation 9 onwards: 
Offspring of Robert William Beckwith (II) & Heloise Capelle
( 8.11 in Tree Notes 1 )



Those with Beckwith surname at birth are shown in Bold type

Surnames underlined are those which apply following marriage & carry through to following generation(s)


Generation 9


9.1 Heloise Henriette Beckwith - b Sep qtr 1852, Newington, died Feb/Mar 1854 and buried on 2nd March 1854 in Newington, parental address quoted as Beresford St. Newington is better known these days as "Elephant & Castle", partly to avoid confusion with other Newingtons in London & South East England..

Robert William Beckwith (III) - b 10th July 1854 in Walworth, bap 30th July 1854 at St Mary Newington.. Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony on 7th March 1877 at which time he is is described as a 'Solicitor's Clerk' living at 170 Loughborough Road in Brixton, London SW. 

Married Caroline Martha CABLE in Lambeth in Sep qtr 1880. She was born in Wandsworth in Sep qtr 1853 but she is shown in several censuses as b Lambeth. In 1861 she is shown at Ivy House, Barnes Cottages, Clapham (part of Wandsworth borough at that time) with her parents Joseph Cable (age 42, House painter) & Caroline (41), four brothers (all older) and two sisters (both younger).

Robert is shown in 1881 census as age 26 and still a 'solicitors general clerk' with with wife Caroline Martha living at 28 Tasman Road, Lambeth. As mentioned under 10-9.2 below, they have now been traced  to Wandsworth in  the 1891 census and just plain London in the 1901 (surnames respectively Beckworth  & Brewith or Becwith) but they are correctly recorded as Beckwith in 1911 when they are back in Lambeth at 366 Brixton Road and he is now described as a 'solicitor'. 

Indeed, Margaret Louise Robins mentions that her great-grandfather John Beckwith's will of 1906 was proven by a Robert William Beckwith, solicitor, of 11 King St EC1. Robert William was John's 2nd cousin and John had lived for years just a stone's throw from Robert William's father in Newington. Moreover, from the various censuses, this Robert William Beckwith is the only one of that name recorded as having pursued a career in law.  

Robert William Beckwith then of 56 Gleneagle Road, Streatham, Surrey died 26 December 1916 at Balham, also Surrey (aka "Gateway to the South"). Buried in Norwood Cemetery on New Year's Day 1917, Probate "London 24th October (1917) to Caroline Martha Beckwith, widow; effects pounds sterling 38 6s 6d". The death record in Wandsworth registration district confirms his age as 62, while Caroline died aged 76 on Feb 15th 1929 in Edmonton district. Why there, North of the River ? Clue lies in her Probate which was to son Harold Cable Beckwith, both of whom were living at 55 Lightfoot Road, Hornsey. 

For details of their offspring see 10-9.2


Joseph Beckwith - Born Sep qtr 1856 in Lambeth.  He became a musician and is shown with this occupation in 1881 (aged 24 living with his father and younger siblings in Newington). Obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony on 2nd June 1886 at which time he is noted as a 'Professor of Music' living at 22 Dingwall Road, Croydon, Surrey. A note on a family tree says "he was a protégé of Coleridge Taylor, the composer".

In Sep qtr 1886 in Croydon he married Mary Harriet CORDEN (b1865 in Croydon) so 9 yrs his junior. In 1891 the couple are living at 22 Dingwall Rd, Croyden, with the first 3 of their children and Margaret Corden, aged 10, "sister in law".  By 1901 and now with five children, they had moved to 21 Pemdevon Road, Croydon where the enumerator suffered from a plague of dittos in describing not only Joseph as a 'Professor of Music' but also wife Mary and 13yr old Arthur !

In 1911 Joseph is boarding (on his own) at 10 Wolsey Street, Ipswich where he describes himself as age 54, born Camberwell, 5 children all still living, occupation "Professor of Music", connected industry "Musical Director and Teacher of Violin" with a side note "Lyceum Theatre Ipswich". Mary plus the four younger children are listed at 113 Revelstoke Road, Wimbledon Park, London SW (very convenient for the Wimbledon Tennis Courts). 

A plausible death record has been found for Joseph in Wandsworth in Mar qtr 1928 but nothing yet for Mary.

For details of their 5 children, see 10-9.3


Henry Beckwith - b Mar qtr 1860 in Newington, died 1st Jan 1920. 

Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony on 1st March 1883 at which time living at 100 De Beauvoir Road in Reading, Berks. He is shown in 1881 as a 21yr old clockmaker, in 1883 as 'clock & watch maker' and in 1901 as a 'watchmaker' but one source says that he later became a jeweller. However, in 1918 he applied to the Goldsmiths Company for financial assistance because of the rise in the cost of living and eye trouble through having been a watchmaker. Address at that time was 3 Richmond Terrace, Selsey Road, Southsea. He was awarded £10.

Married Sarah Anne FRY, b 24th Dec 1863, died 20th March 1957. The 1901 census lists the family home then as 36 Edgehill St, Reading, and she is shown as 'Sara' aged 35, born in Reading and working 'on own a/c' as a 'grocery shopkeeper'. In 1911, Henry, Sarah, son Cyril and Henry's sister Anne (shown as 'Annie') are shown as living just off Rye Lane in Peckham (with Cyril as a shorthand typist). .

For details of offspring see 10-9.4


Anne Heloise Beckwith - b Sep qtr 1865 in Newington. 

Shown as just Ann Beckwith in 1881 age 18 (should be 15/16) without occupation living with her father and two brothers in Newington. In 1891 she is the only one living with her father (at 22 Albridge St, Newington) and is shown, aged 25, as "Housekeeper Dom". Following her father's death in 1899 she went to live with her brother Henry & family (9.4 above) in Reading so in 1901 is shown there (age 35) as working 'on own a/c' as a 'grocery shopkeeper'. In 1911 (as Annie) she is still with her brother's family ... but by now in Peckham.

No more details known except that she died unmarried on 27th Dec 1940 when living at 28 Clifton Road, Winchester, Hampshire with Probate going Madeline Heloise Beckwith (spinster), her niece via her brother Joseph.


Generation 10 



Offspring of Caroline Martha Cable & Robert William Beckwith (III) (9.2)


Harold Cable Beckwith - born 17th July 1881 (per Freedom cert and BMD but later records say 1880) in Lambeth. Wasn't found in 1891 or 1901 censuses (and nor his parents either) until Moira Durham of Auckland, New Zealand found that they had been mis-recorded or mis-transcribed as Beckworth in 1891 and Brewith or Becwith in 1901 (being in Wandsworth had the census enumerator imbibed a bit too much Young's beer ?) .

Harold Beckwith is shown in 1911 as an unmarried "Law Clerk" living with his parents at 366 Brixton Rd but 3 years later when he obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony on 4th Feb 1914, his address is 382 Brixton Road with occupation given as a "Collector to the Guardians, Islington", ie the Workhouses in Islington, the main one of which was at St John's Road, Upper Holloway. NB Several typed trees quote that Harold obtained the Freedom in 1894 but this is an obvious  transcription error as it is 1914 on the original list supplied by Goldsmiths and he would have been far too young to have qualified in 1894.

During WW1 he served as a gunner with the Royal Garrison Artillery in Egypt foe which he was awarded a medal then was discharged 28/3/1919 for which service he received a small pension.

He is listed in the telephone directory in the 1920's & 30's at 55 Lightfoot Road, Hornsey - tel MOUntview 8226 for those old enough to remember those exchange names - but otherwise little more definite information is known, particularly how he came to move north of the Thames to the Beckwith enclave of Hornsey. 

The 1939 Register confirms that he did not marry and by this time was retired (shown as Superannuated LCC Officer) living apparently as a lodger in Vicarage Lane, Frinton & Walton, Essex. A flitting death record for Harold C Beckwith bc1880 is in nearby Colchester in Dec 1942, aet 62. 

10.2 Mabel Frances Beckwith - b 5th Jan 1883 in Holland Road SE5 (boro of Lambeth), died March 14th 1924 in Kensington (presumably in hospital there). 

At the age of 28 she married Ernest Whitehead WOODS at Stockwell Green, Lambeth on 3rd Sep 1910 but by census time in April 1911 they had moved to 57 Crescent  Lane, Clapham Common, London SW4 (yes, 57 Crescent Lane crops up again - see tree 12.). Ernest, born 26th July 1883, is listed as an optician's clerk progressing to Optician Manager by 1939, and when he died on 16th April 1961 in Croydon, he was still at the same home address. Probate went to son Cedric Morrison Woods, a Banqueting Manager.

Two years after Mabel's death in 1924 he married Isobel K Forward (b 14th Oct 1881) in Wandsworth district and is with him in 1939 but no children of this marriage have been found.

Mabel & Ernest had 5 known children (all b Wandsworth district which included Clapham)  -:

  • Leonard J Woods - 8th July 1911, in 1939 an unemployed builder's cost clerk living at home - thereafter too many of this name to trace positively

  •  Estelle Woods - b 1/2/1913, = Herbert Thompson 1939, d Brentwood Q2 1993

  • Leslie N Woods - b1916. 23/2/1939 went to Durban aboard the "Windsor Castle" (to prove it was him, address quoted = 57 Crescent Lane, Clapham). May have married later in 39.

  • Cedric Morrison Woods - b24/3/1919, = Audrey MILLER in Surrey SW in 1949, died Jan 2006 in Boston Lincs aet 87 (Audrey with him to at least 2005).

  • Lionel Colin Woods - b 16th Feb 1922, an apprentice enginer in 1939,  = Irene JONES in Bromley, 1950, died Chichester Q3 1994

When a relative gave me the names of the 5 offspring a few years ago, there was a Bob but no Leonard. Was this a nickname for Leonard ?

10.3 Leonard Cable Beckwith - born Lambeth 6th May 1885. 

Shown at home with siblings in 1901 & 1911 censuses, shown as a Law Clerk in the latter. He did not follow his brother in taking up the Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony (to which he was entitled).

During 1915 he was 'embodied' in the Territorial Army as a rifleman but according to his service record, 5 foot 6 inch tall Leonard was discharged just 71 days later because of breathlessness when exercising and a heart murmur was suspected . In a statement a full 100 years before blame culture dominated all walks of everyday life, the authorities were at great pains to aver that none of his health problems could be attributed to his war service training.

He died in Dec qtr 1918 in Wandsworth aged 32. Cause of death is not known but the deadly Spanish flu epidemic which swept the country that year couldn't have helped anyone with a heart or chest weakness. No marriage record has been found.

10.4 Sidney Cable Beckwith - born Lambeth 27/2/1888, bap 1/4/1888

Mis-transcribed as "Lidney" in 1891. Died Q1 1901 in Lambeth just before the census.

Strays - 

Robert William Beckwith, b Mar 1908 in Lambeth. There were other Beckwith families in the area so this Christian name pairing may just be a coincidence. Absolutely no trace found in 1911 census, nor a marriage or death. 

Edith  - born Mar qtr 1879 in Lambeth (reg at St Saviours). Unmarried at age 32 in Lambeth in 1911 and John Albert - born Dec qtr 1879 in Lambeth. Ditto. These were the youngest children of Samuel Beckwith (bc1841) and Elizabeth. In 1881 census for Camberwell, Samuel has no birthplace shown..   


Offspring of Mary Corden & Joseph Beckwith (P1886) (9.3)


Arthur Robert C Beckwith - born June qtr 1887 in Croydon. Thanks to the thoroughness of the US Immigration service we know that he was (in 1923) in good health, had no deformities, was 5'11" tall, had a fair complexion, brown hair, grey eyes and a scar on his left hand.

In June qtr 1907 in Wandsworth he married Lillian JOSLING, born 1884 in Margate, Kent (and was 5'6" tall). In 1891 "Lilly L" is the 5th of the 7 children of Henry Josling (b 1848 at Minster in Thanet, a journeyman carpenter) and wife Annie (b 1855 in Rochford, Essex, a 'Lodge House Keeper') living at 4, Sea View Terrace in Margate (just west of the Nayland Rock Hotel).  

Arthur Beckwith was "An accomplished musician, he was a violinist and (I think) at one time leader of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra in America" (source - PAB) "Famous violinist (in his day)" - (Jeff Boorer). In the 1911 census he has the occupation of 'Professor of Music - just like his father (KdH) - at which time the family was living at 56 The Crescent, Wimbledon Park, London SW (Kingston Registration District) and included servant Mabel Knight from Lily's home town of Margate

Arthur is shown passing through Immigration control at Ellis Island, New York twice during 1923, the first time in January on his own (from Liverpool) to visit Warwick Evans in New York, the second in July with wife and three children (on the ss Orduna from Southampton) going to 210 Carlton Building, Cleveland, Ohio. Programmes for the Cleveland Orchestra for the 1920's confirm him as (lead) violinist in 1923, 24 and 26.

In a recent review of Montague Phillips Orchestral Music Volume 1, the author John France states that Phantasy for Violin and Orchestra Op.16 "was first performed at a Queen’s Hall Promenade Concert on 16 October 1917. The soloist was Arthur Beckwith, with the composer conducting the New Queen’s Orchestra."

The three children were listed by US Immigration in 1923 as ... :

Irene Beckwith b 1908 -  5'6" tall, age 15

Mary Beckwith b 1909 -  5'4" tall, 13

Raymond Beckwith b1914 -  4'5" tall,  9. 

For more details of these children, see 11-10.11

No Death info found as yet for Lillian but an "Arthur R C Beckwith" died in Wandsworth aged only 41 in Dec 1928.


Madeline Heloise Beckwith - born Mar qtr 1889 in Croydon. 

Shown age 22 without occupation at the parental home in 1911. No more details known. Was still a spinster in 1940 when she inherited following the death of her aunt Ann Heloise B..


Stanley Joseph Beckwith - born Dec qtr 1890 in Croydon.

Stanley Beckwith was shown at the parental home in 1911 as a 20 yr old "Orchestral Musician" and later became "An accomplished musician, he was a professional timpanist " (source PAB) 

He probably married Catherine B WATKINS or WATKISS in Bridgend in Mar qtr 1916 as there is a death recorded in Kensignton in Mar qtr 1941 of a 43yr old Catherine B Beckwith while there is a fitting death record for Stanley J Beckwith age 45 in Lambeth district in Dec qtr 1935. No children found.

10.14 Leslie Beckwith - born June qtr 1892 in Croydon. Living at home with siblings at age 18 in 1911, he is also described as an "Orchestral Musician".

A death record has been found for a Leslie Beckwith in Wandsworth age 34 in Mar 1927. No marriage traced.


Kathleen May Beckwith - (listed in one source as Catherine) born Dec qtr 1898 in CroydonListed in 1911 census aged 12 at home with parents & siblings in Kingston, Surrey.

In Lambeth in June 1932 she married Harry F BOORER (born Jun qtr 1901 in Dorking, Surrey). 

No more details known - no deaths yet found for either. For their offspring - see 11-10.14


Offspring of Sarah Anne Fry & Henry Beckwith (9.4)


Cyril Robert Beckwith - b 4th May 1893 in Reading, died 15th Jan 1978. 

In 1901 shown as the only child (aged 7, still in Reading) and again in Camberwell age 17 in 1911. Obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony in 1922 at which time he was living in Winchester. In 1918 he was known to have been working in the Army pay Office.

Married Edith Ada COATES, b 12th Oct 1891, died 2nd Aug 1967.

For details of offspring, see 11-10.21


Generation 11

11-10.11 Offspring of Arthur Robert Beckwith and Lillian Josling (10.11)
11.01 Irene Beckwith b Mar qtr 1908 in Wandsworth. No marriage or death found to date
11.02 Mary Beckwith b Dec qtr 1909 in Wandsworth (1911 census says "Clapham Common". Hopefully this is not literally true). 

No definite marriage or death found to date but a possible marriage is to Kenneth G. JONAS in Eton during Jun qtr 1929 

11.03 Raymond A Beckwith b June qtr1914 in Wandsworth.  He died in June 1987 in Bognor, aged 73 (source Jeff Boorer)



Offspring of Kathleen May Beckwith and Harry Francis Boorer (10.14)

11.11 Leslie H Boorer - born Jun qtr 1933 in Wandsworth

Had one son - see 12-11.11


Jeffrey Boorer - born Mar qtr 1937 in the Middle East district .....of Surrey (=Epsom / Cheam). Tree info gave his middle initial as F (poss Francis like his father) but birth record transcript quotes 'S' 

Had two children, both still living. No other details known. LKA Eggbuckland, Plymouth 1987


Offspring of Edith Ada Coates & Cyril Robert Beckwith  (10.21)


Anthony Henry Beckwith - b 31st Jan 1923. Obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony in 1964 at which time he was living in Winchester.

Married Stella Agnes COLLINS, b 2nd Dec 1921.


Gilbert Robert Coates Beckwith - b 26th Oct 1928. (NB some records wrongly give middle Christian name as Roland). Obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony in 1964 at which time he was also living in Winchester, and has remained there ever since, although now (Dec 2007) in a care home.

Married Eva Valerie CLARK ('Valerie'), b 29th May 1936 in Awbridge, nr Romsey.


Philip Arthur Beckwith - b 1st Oct 1934. Obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony in 1964 at which time he was too was living in Winchester and has remained there ever since.

Married Susan Lorna HAYNES, b 9th May 1941

They have two daughters - see 12-11.23 for details. 


Generation 12



Offspring of ? & Leslie Boorer (11.11)


Son - Living : Has kept up the family's musical tradition, serving at one time as a musician on the then Royal Yacht 'Britannia'.


Offspring of Susan Lorna Haynes & Philip Arthur Beckwith  (11.23)


Living Beckwith - b 15th Dec 1967 in Winchester


Living Beckwith - b 2nd June 1970 in Winchester

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