Beckwith Family History

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Generations 10 onwards  - 

 Offspring of Francis Henry Beckwith and Annie Knight 



10.1 - Marjorie Elizabeth Beckwith 1900-c1987 & Francis GRANVILLE 1903-1984


Marjorie & Francis' Wedding

Bride & Groom's parents .... but which was who ?

      Wedding of Marjorie Beckwith & Francis Granville

The start of a long and happy marriage

Francis Granville c1973

Francis c1973 - bow tie as always

Marjorie Garnville

Marjorie c1982 - note radiogram & photo of Gina (niece)

Marjorie Garnville

and again - shame as this was not a characteristic look.


10.2  Gerald Frederick Beckwith 1902-c1988 & 'Sally' Simpson 1911-1986

  1st cousins at Epsom

Evelyn Surl, Gerald & Sally Beckwith, Marjorie Granville, 
Arthur Surl & Francis Granville in Epsom c1980. 
Marjorie, Gerald & Arthur were 1st cousins.



11.1  Colin Beckwith

11.2  Gina Beckwith

photos (please !)



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Photo credits : Granville wedding - Arthur Surl, Granville 1980's - Malcolm Surl


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