Notes on Beckwith Family Tree 5  

Generations 10 onwards  - 

 Offspring of Francis Henry Beckwith and Annie Knight 
(9.6 in Tree 2 Notes)


Surnames underlined are those which apply following marriage & carry through to following generation(s)



Generation 10

Marjorie Elizabeth Beckwith  - b 17th November 1900 in Lewisham, London SE, died c1987 at Horsham in Sussex

Married Francis GRANVILLE, b 27th Dec 1903, died 9th Sep 1984 in Epsom, Surrey

A delightful couple, Marjorie was slim, elegant and always helping people; Francis tall, well-dressed and moustached with a slight stammer, particularly when excited about something. Francis had a successful career in finance in the City and was passionately interested in postage stamps, becoming a leading light in the Postal History Society. Home until the mid-1950's was in Southwood Lane, Highgate thence Dorking in Surrey and finally Epsom, also in Surrey. After the death of Francis, Marjorie spent her final years in a care home in Horsham.

With no children of their own, they were the 'favourite aunty and uncle' to several nieces and nephews, especially to those who were taken out by or spent holidays with them. In the mid 1950's they hosted a Beckwith re-union in Dorking - for photos please see Picture Gallery 2a 


Gerald Frederick Beckwith - born 23rd October 1902 in Lewisham, London SE, died c1988 in Bodmin, Cornwall. Obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony on 4th January 1928 at which time he was living at 42 Whitefriars Crescent, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex and described as a 'Grain Broker'

In 1931 married Winfred MORDEN, b 22nd October 1906. Following dissolution of the marriage in the late 1950's, Winifred moved to Auckland, New Zealand where she celebrated her 100th birthday in 2006. They had two children, Colin & Gina - See 11-10.2

On 2nd January 1970, married Kathleen SIMPSON ("Sally") from Cottingham, Hull, b 22nd April 1911 and died March 1986 in Oxted, Surrey.

As teenagers, Gerald and his 1st cousin Arthur Surl got up to a range of tricks (in Westcliff) which are best not repeated here. Gerald went on to become a stockbroker in the City of London, moving to Oxted in Surrey and commuting daily by train. After Sally's untimely death, he moved to Cornwall to be closer to Gina but sadly he died not long afterwards.

Generation 11

Offspring of Gerald Frederick Beckwith & Winifred Morden (10.2)

11.1 Colin Beckwith - b 4th July 1933, died 6th September 1953 in Folkestone, Kent
11.2 Gina Beckwith - b 22nd Nov 1937

On 12th Dec 1964, married Richard NOYE by whom Gina had three children - Gabrielle, Howard and Alexander.

On 3rd July 1982, married Richard SMART who had three children of his own (Shane, Dylan and Kristian) and, following the family move to St Minver, near Wadebridge in Cornwall, Roseanne was adopted.

For details of all the children, see 12-11.2


Generation 12

12-11.2 Children of Gina and Richard Smart (11.2)
12.1 Gabrielle - b 5th Aug 1967 
12.2 Howard - b 11th Aug 1970
12.3 Alexander - b 8th Jan 1975
12.4 Shane - b 3rd May 1967
12.5 Dylan - b 19th Jan 1974
12.6 Kristian - b 24th Feb 1977
12.7 Roseanne - b 11th Aug 1977

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