Notes on Beckwith Family Trees 4,4A,4B & 4C  

Generations 10 onwards  - 

 Offspring of Arthur Charles Beckwith and Edith Jowers 
(9.3 in Tree 2 Notes)


Surnames underlined are those which apply following marriage & carry through to following generation(s)

LKA = Last known address

Generation 10


Arthur Charles Stanley Beckwith ('Stanley') - b 3rd June 1900, died 17th Feb 1973 in Worthing, Sussex. His early life is covered in the section devoted to his parents. 

He obtained Goldsmith's Freedom by Patrimony on 6th June 1923 at which time he was living at 31 Weston Park (wrongly shown as Preston Park in some sources), Crouch End, London N with the occupation of "Departmental Manager, Cardboard Box Manufacurer".

"Stanley trained as a printer and worked in a family firm in Queensbury, Middx. The second half of his working life was as Printing & Box Making Manager for Kodak in Harrow. He had the basic artistic temperament of his mother (Edith) and his sisters but did not play any musical instrument. He enjoyed music and, like his father (Arthur), enjoyed charcoal sketching.

In June qtr 1926 in Edmonton, Middx, he married Doris Margaret HOWE ('Doll'), b 27th April 1903 in Finsbury Park, Islington; died 20th Jan 1972 in Poole, Dorset. 'Doll' was the penultimate of the 5 children of Frederick Henry HOWE and Harriet Elizabeth DON, he a 'Lithographic Machine Printer' (hence or through Arthur's interest in printing??) born 1871 in Marylebone, she b 1873 in Islington and they married in Sep qtr 1896 in Holborn. In 1911 the family was living at 69 Wilberforce Road Stoke Newington, but they had obviously moved around a bit in the preceding decade as the two eldest children (Frederick John b1898 & Violet Elizabeth b1899) were born in St Albans, the middle one (Harold Robert b1900) in Tottenham whilst the last two (Doris and Albert George, b1907) were both born in Finsbury Park

"Doll was one of five children - 2 girls and 3 boys. Her mother died when she was 16 and when her father re-married, all the siblings rented a flat together. She was 5  foot tall, slim and a natural blonde with light blue eyes. After marrying Stanley, they lived in the Stanmore (Middx) area and she remained a housewife. She was a very practical person, notably helping her mother-in-law (Edith) through her years of disability." Valerie Lister (VL), 1987. The death of her mother, Harriet Howe, was recorded in Edmonton district in Mar qtr 1919. Frederick Howe's 2nd marriage is difficult to trace as there were several of this name marrying in the 1920's and ages are not given in marriage indexes but the most likely is to a Doris Sawyer in Islington in Jun qtr 1924. 

Arthur & Doll had one child, Valerie - see 11-10.1


Kathleen Edith Beckwith - one of twins born 1st May 1905, died 16th April 1987 in Worthing, Sussex 

"Auntie Kathleen played piano professionally in a “palm court” orchestra, where she met her husband, who was a wool broker. My impression is that Edith (her mother) didn’t really approve as she saw it as working for a living." Jenny Barham (2009)

On 17th January 1927 in Edmonton, Middx, Kathleen married Stuart LEES, b 9th May 1882, died 7th July 1955 in Worthing, Sussex. (Old tree info). Nothing could be found to corroborate the earlier details either in the Birth or Census records for any year from 1880 to 1910 - although there were 732 babies born with the surname Lees just between 1881-3, not one was a Stuart or even Stewart! Finally he was traced by his marriage where he is recorded as Robert Stewart LEES, but the 'Stewart' is probably a mis-transcription or misunderstanding because the family repeatedly refers to him as 'Stuart'. His birth was then found in Bromley district of Kent (recorded simply as Robert S) but, even so, he and his parents have so far still eluded detection in the 1891-1911 censuses. The only Lees family in the Bromley area in 1881 - the year before Stuart was born - was headed by a Robert who was also a Wool Broker ... which does suggest this is the right track as well as why Robert jnr was was generally known as Stuart. His wife was called Annette - a name together with Robert and Stuart that were later used by Stuart & Kathleen for their children. The family address in 1881 is South Ella, Beckenhan, Bromley and the children at that time were Isabella (7), Helen (5) and Herbert (1). All five Lees, plus the three servants & nurses in the household are all marked as 'born Scotland' so, from the young age of Herbert, it looks as if they had only recently arrived in England. No other Lees births were found in Bromley district so perhaps Stuart was the only English member of the family .... but where did he vanish to between the mid 1880's and 1919?  

Kathleen & Stuart Lees had three children - John, Peter and Ann - See 11-10.2

10.3 Mary Florence Beckwith - the other one of the twins born 1st May 1905, she died  in Spring 1908 of meningitis in Stroud Green, London N, just before her 3rd birthday.
10.4 Muriel Peggy Beckwith ('Peggy') - b 25th April 1913, died 26th Sep 1978 in hospital in Ipswich whilst on a day trip from home in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. Before marriage, she worked in the National Westminster Bank in Muswell Hill, N10, and she sang in the bank's operatic society.

In Jun qtr 1939 in Edmonton district, Peggy married Edward Bertrand POWER b 24th Nov 1907 in Stockton on Tees, died 25th May 1970 in Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. The transcription of his birth registration confirms his middle name as Bertrand but in the 1911 census, his father wrote 'Bertram'. The family at that time were living at 16 Vane Street, Stockton and comprised Edward Gibson Power (32, Sanitary Inspector for Stockton Corporation, b Stockton), wife Mary Jane nee WILLIAMS (33, b Hartlepool), sons Edward (3) and Lawrence (9 months) plus Mary Williams, mother-in-law & widow (b 1842 in Rhymney, Monmouthshire (now Gwent), or "Monmayshire, Rhamery" as it has been written down by her son-in-law; obviously Geordies have difficulties understanding other accents, particularly a Welsh valleys one. 

Edward B Power was an instrument engineer who worked at oil refineries in Ellesmere Port and latterly at Shellhaven. He went to Persia, prospecting for oil to raise enough money to marry Peggy. Daughter Jennifer says " he was clever and charming but very authoritarian with his children, although towards the end of his life he softened a great deal ". 

They had three children : Jennifer, Shirley & Neil - See 11-10.4


Generation 11


Offspring of Arthur Charles Stanley Beckwith ('Stanley Beckwith') & Doris Howe (10.1)


Valerie Beckwith - b 13th June 1935. LKA (1987) Cruckmeole, near Shrewsbury

On 18th Sep 1954, married William FAIRHURST, b 1st Nov 1928. They had three children, Sally, Julie and Richard - See 12-11.1

On 3rd Feb 1973, married John MARGISON, b 18th March 1924, died 20th Jan 1980.

On 3rd Jan 1981, married Beverley David LISTER, b 10th Nov 1940.

"Educated at the local Grammar School and Business College, she worked as a secretary in Marble Arch until marriage in 1954 and move to Cheltenham. Returned to work as a secretary in 1969 but now a buyer for a national vehicle company. Main hobbies are Victorian handicrafts, piano and driving (particularly to see the children as often as possible).

"Beverley ('Bev') is an only-son and was educated at Harrow High School followed by later schooling at Angers in France and university in Switzerland - so is tri-lingual (French & German). Until being made redundant in 1983, his career was in overseas sales of textiles, initially for John Heathcote, then Van Heusen and finally Dawson International. Now self-employed as an agent for European textile and ancilliaries companies. Hobbies are gardening, travel, food and wine (!). " VL-1987


Offspring of Kathleen Edith Beckwith & Robert Stuart Lees (10.2)


John Robert Murray Lees - b 15th October 1927. LKA Knockholt, Kent

On 30th July 1955, married Gillian N LOWTH, b 8th June 1928 in Ross-on-Wye, Herefs (mother's maiden name shown as 'Aikn-Sneath').

They had three children, Sarah, Jemima and Henrietta - See 12-11.11


Peter Charles Stuart Lees - b 28th Dec 1928. LKA Ripon, Yorks.

On 24th Sep 1955, married Sally Ann PICKET, b 27th Oct 1933

They had two children, Nicola and Stuart - See 12-11.12


Annette Mary Lees ("Ann") - b 23rd March 1932. LKA Goring in Sussex

On 15th Jan 1966, married Alan Jeune BISHOP, b 31st Jan 19?? (poss 1931 or 32)

They had two children, Michael & David - See 12-11.13


Offspring of Muriel 'Peggy' Beckwith and Edward Bertrand Power (10.4)


Jennifer Mary Power, b 6th April 1943. Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. She became a State Registered Nurse 1961-65 and has worked in a number of branches of nursing during her career, latterly as a Sister of Day-Care at a Hospice. She was also ordained Priest in the Church of England in 1996. After a prolonged period of ill health, Jennifer died at home in Westcliffe on 25th July 2018.

Married John Bowden BARHAM b 1939, a marine insurance claims broker, now retired.

They had four children Peter, Elizabeth and twins Kathleen & Robert - See 12-11.21


Shirley Margaret Power, b 1st March 1946. LKA Belfast

At date unknown, Shirley Power married Roger WYSE

They had two children, David & Victoria - See 12-11.22


Neil Edward Power, b 9th May 1948. Died in Norway, 1996

Neil Power married :

(1) Ruth ROLAND, c1970 in Buckinghamshire, with whom he had two children, Kate & David - See 12-11.23

(2) Unni BJORVIK c1980 in Norway with whom he had three children, Peter, Elise & Daniel - See 12-11.23


Generation 12



Offspring of Valerie Beckwith (now Lister) and William Fairhurst (11.1)


Sally Christine Fairhurst - b 21st May 1956. LKA - nr Horsham, Sussex

On 28th July 1978, married Peter John MILLER, b 4th May 1955

They have one child - Lucy - for details see 13-12.1

"Sally was educated in Taunton followed by teacher training (Home Economics) in Gloucester. First job was in Cambridge but, following marriage in 1978, moved to Shropshire and taught at a comprehensive school in Shrewsbury until 1983. They then moved to Horsham in Sussex and until 1985 (when Lucy was born) she taught in a girls school there. Very talented in all handicrafts.

"Peter, one of two brothers, was educated at King's College in Taunton and Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester and has pursued a career in farming - from 1975 on a bulb farm near Winchester, from 1978 as assistant manager of a mixed farm near Shrewsbury and from 1983 as manager of an arable farm which is part of a country estate near Horsham." VL-1987


Julie Anne Margaret Fairhurst - b 10th Dec 1957

On 27th July 1985, married Andrew Robert Haddow CAMERON, b 18th Sep 1951

"Educated at girls Grammar School thence Business College in Taunton, Julie's first job was as secretary to the Advertising Manager at Van Heusen. In 1980 moved to Dulverton and works as a secretary in a Quantity Suveyors in Minehead. The cottage on a farm in Dulverton includes fields for her two horses and other varied animals. Main hobby is her horses - riding, show jumping and particularly dressage.

"Andrew Cameron was educated at Wellington School (Somerset) and hid first job was assistant to the Sales Director at Van Heusen. His main hobby is building and re-building Land Rovers so when he opted out of the 'rat race' in 1980, the Land Rovers became his business - very relevant (and successful) in the rural Exmoor area." VL-1987


Richard William Fairhurst - b 24th July 1961

"Educated at Huish college in Taunton, at the age of 18 in 1979 he became a Trainee Manager with J Sainsbury and currently a Manager based at their Chichester store. He is ambitious and his job takes precedence, but he does have as hobbies his sports car and cricket." VL-1987


Offspring of John Robert Murray Lees and Gillian Lowth (11.11)


Sarah Jane Lees - b 3rd may 1956 


Jemima Caroline Lees - b 31st July 1959. LKA London EC.


Henrietta Louise Lees - b 13th Feb 1962


Offspring of Peter Charles Stuart Lees and Sally Ann Picket (11.12)


Nicola Jane Lees - b 5th May 1959 LKA Dulwich, London SE

On 3rd Sep 1983 married David WHITELAW, b 12th Sep 1956


Stuart Charles Roderick Lees - b 24th April 1962. LKA Bristol

On 4th Sep 1982, married Ceri HEADLEY, b 7th Nov 1962

They have one child, Timothy - for details see 13-12.22


Offspring of Alan Jeune Bishop and Annette Mary Lees (11.13)


Michael John Bishop, b 27th Aug 1967


David Peter Bishop, b 1st Feb 1969


Offspring of John Bowden Barham and Jennifer Mary Power (11.21)


Peter John Edward Barham, b 12th Jan 1968

Married to Alison Jane WRIGHT (also b1968) and have a son James Robert John b1999. Peter works in IT and the family currently resides in E Dorset


Elizabeth Mary Barham, b 25th Oct 1969

Married Peter Joseph MOORE and they have two children - Connor Arthur b2006 and Orla Nina b2008. Elizabeth is a conservator working on archaeological finds, mostly in London, and spotted the Beckwith connection with St Andrews Holborn when working there. Family live in S London.


Kathleen Margaret Barham, b 25th Feb 1972 (twin). Works in education and lives in Kent


Robert Leonard Barham, b 25th Feb 1972 (twin). Works in retailing in Leeds but also sings & plays in a band which tours pubs & clubs in Yorkshire & London. 


Offspring of Roger Wyse and Shirley Margaret Power (11.22)


David Johnathan Wyse, b 5th July 1983

Married Rebecca WILTSHIRE 24th October 2009

12.52 Victoria Claire Siobahn Wyse, b 2nd July 1985

Richard  Wyse b ?


Offspring of Neil Edward Power (11.23) with 
(1) Ruth Roland and (2) Unni Bjorvik  


(1) Kate Power, b April 1972


(1) David Power, b 1975


(2) Peter Power, b 13th Feb 1982

12.64 (2) Elise Power, b 7th May 1984

(2) Daniel Power, b unknown


Generation 13



Offspring of Peter John Miller and Sally Christine Fairhurst (12.1)


Lucy Diana Miller, b 8th Oct 1985


Offspring of Stuart Charles Roderick Lees and Ceri Headley (12.22)


Timothy Lees, b 11th March 1987


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