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Beckwith Family History

Photo Gallery 3

Generation 10 onwards  - 

 Offspring of Thomas William Beckwith and Emily Gertrude Speaight 


TW plus Gertie and oldest 2 children

Thomas William, Eric, Ailsa and Emily Gertrude (nee Speaight) c1899


Thomas William Beckwith & family c1910

This charming photo depicts Thomas William Beckwith (2nd from left) with his 3 children - Silvia (left), Ailsa (3rd from left) and Eric (5th from left). The identities of the other 2 girls and the maid are not known but the date is  around 1910. The location suggested was Ferme Pk Rd, Stroud Green but if this is after 1908 (when Ailsa would have been 10yrs old), this was more likely to be the family home at 34 Warner Road Hornsey. 
Where was Gertie - did she take the photo or was she brewing the tea ?



10.1 - Eric Thomas Beckwith 1891-1958 & Winifred Gladys DEXTER 1897-1986 

Eric Beckwith c1894 with mum & rels

Circa 1894 l to r - Gertrude Beckwith (nee Speaight) b 1866 (mother), Eric Beckwith b. 1891,
 also Frances A Speaight (nee Lloyd) & Caroline Augusta Lloyd (nee Marshall) b. 1818

Eric & Winnie

Eric & Winnie possibly pre-marriage c1920


10.2  Ailsa Gertrude Beckwith  1897-1966 & Frank BUTLER 1883-1959

Ailsa with uncle Arthur Speaight

Ailsa with her Uncle Arthur (Speaight) c1912 
(so probably also Warner Road rather than Ferme Park Road)

 Butler & Speaight Family group c1928       Ailsa with her 3 children

 Left - 1928ish family group - Gwen Speaight, Frank and Ailsa Butler, Sylvia Speaight & Amy Speaight

 Right - Ailsa with her own children Margery, Sheila and Michael c1930

see also 11.22 below


10.3  Silvia Jessie Frances Beckwith 1900-1961 & John Edward GABRIEL ('Jack') 1896-1960.

Silvia     Silvia & Ailsa c1912  

Silvia as a baby (1900) and with sister Ailsa (on right) c1912


Silvia c 1930       Trooper Gabriel 1917

Silvia dressed for Faust (1930) and Jack in 16th Lancers, 1917

Photo of Jack courtesy of Ruth Coggins

     Silvia, Jack, Alan & Desmond

Jack, Alan and Desmond and Silvia (1933)



All 8 members of Generation 11 gathered together ....

All 8 1st cousins - 1932

"Taken in Arkley in 1932 when I was eight, the people in it clockwise
starting top left are Sheila, Me and Margery (Butler); Roger, Una and Lorna Beckwith;
Alan and Desmond Gabriel" (Michael Butler)


11.1  Una Beckwith  1925-1985 

11.2  Roger Thomas Beckwith b1929 

11.3  Lorna  Beckwith - 1931-2009


Una, Lorna & Roger

Una, Lorna & Roger 1931/2


1979 photo with Lorna & Una

Photo courtesy of Saira Holmes taken in 1979 at her family home (92 Clifford Road, New Barnet)

Saira writes - "Back row: Lorna, me (aged 13), my half brother Michael O’Shaughnessy (aged about 28), and Una. On the bench: My mum Gwendoline Holmes (nee Speaight, niece of Gertrude Beckwith), Diana Pilsworth visiting from Canada (nee Speaight – my uncle Frank Speaight’s daughter so Gertie Beckwith would be her great aunt) and Winnie."





Roger Beckwith c1953        Roger Beckwith & Marjorie Butler 2005

                             Roger c1953                                and 2005 in Oxford (with Marjorie Butler)



11.11  Margery Pears

11.12  Dorothy Sheila Butler

11.13 Michael & Marjorie Butler

s, m & m 1929  

Sheila, Michael & Margery c1929

S+M+M       Michael Butler 2007

Sheila, Margery & Michael c1929 ....                        .... and Michael 2007 

Sheila, Magery, Marjorie & Michael 1990

Sheila, Margery, Marjorie & Michael 1990

 Apres surf refreshments - Michael & Marjorie Butler         Margery, Michael & Sheila at Ightam Moat

Recent times - Marjorie & Michael and Margery, Michael & Sheila (at Ightam Moat)

Also see Generation 11 & Ailsa above plus Desmond below.



11.21  Alan Gabriel 1927-1957


 Alan as a baby     Alan in 1942

Alan c1928 and in 1942


11.22  John Desmond Gabriel ('Desmond') 1929-1991


Desmond Gabriel in 1930

Desmond c1931


Des & Thelma Gabriel's wedding - 1964

Desmond & Thelma's wedding - Kent 1964

By this date, both of Des's parents and his brother had died so the closest relatives (on the left) were his 1st cousin Michael Butler and mother's sister (Michael's mother) Ailsa. On the right are Thelma's parents


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