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Beckwith Family History

Photo Gallery 2

Generation 9 : 
Children of Thomas John Beckwith and Eliza Finall


9.1 Thomas William Beckwith - 1859-1935

Thomas William & Girtie Speaight

Thomas with wife 'Gertie' and grandchildren Margery & Sheila c 1924


9.2  George Ivatts Beckwith - 1861-1938 

George Ivatts & Doll Yarrow 1934        George Ivatts Beckwith      

George with Doll Yarrow (nee Wigens) dated 1934 - so about the time of their marriage -
 and (right) undated but probably around the same time. 

See also Nancy below for a group which included the couple and the Index page

Local Paper Obit - 1938

9.3  Arthur Charles Beckwith - 1862-1948

No close-up photos available at present but please see Nancy below for a group photo which includes both Arthur and his wife Edith.


9.4  Jessie Anne Eliza Beckwith - 1864-1951

Jessie Beckwith       Jessie -'Varenna'

Jessie c1895 and c1935, rear marked '"Aunty Jessie" Varenna'
See also the Index page


9.6  Francis Henry Beckwith ("Frank") - 1869-1934

         No photos available at present


9.7  Edith Lucy Beckwith - 1871-1948

Edith Beckwith - c1905         Edie Beckwith in 1924

'Edie' c1905 and 1924

Edie & Ted Surl

Edie & husband Ted (Surl) c 1930


9.8  Hannah Constance Beckwith ("Nancy") - 1873-1956

Nancy Beckwith & Tony c 1915      Tony Delderfield in 1929

Nancy with adopted son Tony Delderfield  c1915 and Tony in 1929 just before 
he emigrated to New Zealand. Below, Nancy in later years, probably c1945

 Nancy Beckwith

Nancy - Worthing 1937

Rear of photo is marked "Taken at Worthing, April 1937" then "Aunt Nancy, Mother & Father".
 Nancy is top left and, thanks to Jennifer Barham & Elizabeth Moore, the others have been positively identified as Arthur Charles Beckwith (standing) then (l to r seated), Doll Beckwith nee Wigens, Edith Beckwith nee Jowers and George Ivatts Beckwith


9.9  Ellen Sarah Beckwith ("Nell") - 1876-1921

       Ellen Sarah Beckwith - Passport     Nell - close-up

Only known photo of Nell - her passport issued in April 1921 
just two months before her tragic death in Italy


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