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Notes on Beckwith Family Tree 11b

The offspring of Joseph Beckwith (1776-1860) 
& Ann Bartholomew (1813-1890)

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  • In order to avoid family details being unearthed during searches by potential employers etc, the current policy is to omit full details of those born after around 1950 and believed still to be alive. If you are not shown and wish to be included, please write to me at the address at the page foot.

  • Surnames underlined are those which apply following marriage & carry through to following generation(s)

  • We are desperately short of photos for this family branch - any contributions most welcome !  

Generation 8


Joseph Bartholomew Beckwith b Feb 3rd 1834 (PR). Shown in 1841 census as aged 7, living with his father & Ann in Wilderness Row and again with them in 1851 in Shoe Lane, this time as born Edmonton (probably Winchmore Hill). However, he was christened  at St Giles without Cripplegate on 12th Dec 1834 and the description as 'Gent' and address for father Joseph is rather puzzling.

Joseph's baptism in 1834

In Mar qtr 1858, in the St Brides area of the City, he married Emma BRATT who was born Sep qtr 1839 in the St Margaret's part of Westminster and was daughter of John Bratt, mine host at the Rose & Crown in Dartmouth Street, close to Westminster Abbey (Susan Walker). Tracing them thereafter has been a real saga - not to mention an object lesson in how misleading a single census can be. Not only did they move around London rather frequently but also just about every census between 1861 and 1901 reports incorrect so misleading information. We are talking original Enumerator's sheets here, not later transcriptions, and in Joseph's case the birthplace has included such diverse locations as Barking and Bermondsey! Hence, having previously looked at just one census in isolation, he was discounted as not being related but, thanks now to having accessed all the available years, he has been traced successfully throughout .....

First port of call after marriage was the Northern Heights as in 1861 he was a 27yr old carpenter (again shown as born Edmonton) living in Golden Yard, Hampstead, with Emma (22) and sons Joseph (3, b Poplar) and Henry (1, b Hampstead). Just to prove that this is the right Joseph, also with them was 10 year old Louisa, listed as born in the City of London and 'sister' (see 8.55 below). 

In 1871 he's in Peckham as a 'Journeyman Carpenter' and both he and Emma are shown as born in Barking. With them are Joseph (13), Kate (7), Lydia Jane (5), Charles Alfred (3) and Arthur George (1) so Joseph jnr is the only common factor whilst the death record for a Henry James Beckwith in Newington in Mar qtr 1865 suggests that the sojourn in Hampstead was not for long. 

In 1881 the family is back north of the river at 15 Mile End Old Town with correct parental birthplaces and ages for once, but again now with mostly different children : Arthur (11), Henry Charles (8), Frank Thomas (4) - all b Bermondsey - and Sidney Ernest (2) b Poplar.  

Moving on then to 1891, Joseph snr had changed his allegiance to the number 8 bus so he's now at 359 Old Ford Road, still a carpenter but now aged 57 and recorded as being born in 'London City'. Emma is shown as also being 57 (when actually 52!) but she's correctly shown as born in Westminster. The two new additions, Phoebe & Amelia, bring the total to 11 children. For more details on each, please see 9-8.50 below.

Finally, by 1901, Joseph, Emma & remaining family had moved to No 6 Blendon St, Bromley by Bow where Joseph, now 66 and still a carpenter, is shown as having been born in Bermondsey! The two youngest girls are still at home, Phoebe as a 'Jam Finisher' and Amelia as a 'Chocolate Coverer'. No comment.

Joseph died in Poplar district in Sep qtr 1907 (age quoted as 70 when 73) while Emma died in Sep qtr 1905 also in Poplar (and age quoted as 64 when 65/66).


Ann Bartholomew Beckwith b 25th May 1835, christened 16th March 1836 at Saint Giles without Cripplegate in London as per her brother (above) (IGI & PR). The register entry again makes interesting reading ....

Ann's baptism in 1836

She has not been found in the 1841 census but all later censuses show her as born in Winchmore Hill, Edmonton. In 1851 she is with her parents and brother Joseph (see above). 

Married Absalom ADAMS on 15h October 1854 in St John the Baptist church, New North Road, Hoxton (FreeBMD rightly gives Dec qtr 1854 in Shoreditch district, of which Hoxton was part). Ann was a 'minor' living in Crown St Hoxton (apparently was off Wilson St) while her father Joseph is clearly described as an 'Engineer' (Cert supplied by KdH) but this could possibly be a misunderstanding of 'Engraver' or simply the way he described himself post-retirement. A Joseph Beckwith was one of the witnesses but it is not clear if this was her father or elder brother (MGS)

Absalom was born c1829 in North Weald near Ongar in Essex, son of James Adams, a carpenter and Absalom too is shown on the marriage cert as a carpenter residing in Hull St., Hoxton just a stone's throw south of the famous Eagle pub in the City Road (as in "Pop goes the Weasel"). Hoxton was a centre of furniture making in the early 19th century which may well explain his move to London. He is shown without occupation in 1861 but in 1871 & 1881 he is still a 'Carpenter & Joiner', a trade that would continue to feature in the family for a great many years.

From the birth locations given in 1881 of the 8 children in the household with them (Clara, 21, Frederick 18, Ernest 14, Ada 12, Edwin 10, Cecilia 8, Sydney 6 and Amy 3), the family moved from their initial home in Poplar via Blackwall and Camberwell/Peckham to be back on the Central Line again at High Road, Loughton (Essex) by 1871 and they were still there in 1891. A ninth child, Minnie Rosina (born in Poplar in Dec qtr 1864) had already left home at age 16 in 1881 to work in service.

On census night in 1901 the couple are separated - Absolom at the new family home in Forest Road, Loughton while Ann (as 'Annie Adams') is down the road in Epping visiting one Lydia C Egan. Absolom died in Q1 1903 in Croydon (possibly Penge ?) while Ann had moved by 1911 to Leytonstone to live with Cecilia & family. Ann died in West Ham in Q1 1921, aet 85 

For more details of their children, please see 9-8.51 below

8.52 Jonas Beckwith b 24th October 1836 in Winchmore Hill Edmonton, d Mar qtr 1874 (poss actually Dec 1873) in Poplar at age 37.

His Christian name is wont to change spelling as he appears as Jona Beckwith in the 1841 census, aged 4, at the residence of (surprise surprise) James & Susan Atkins in Old Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill, Edmonton. In 1851 it's back to Jonas Beckwith (as a 14 year old 'apprentice zinc worker' in Whitechapel living in the family of zinc worker Joseph Swaffiield) then finally to (probably what was really originally intended) Jonah Beckwith from 1860 onwards.

He married Martha Knox POLLOCK in Q1 1860 in Southampton. Martha is shown in 1851 aged 12 living in Castle Lane, Southampton with her mother, also a Martha, and brother William. All are shown as born in "City of York" but in all later censuses Martha jnr is shown as b Liverpool and BMD records confirm the birth of a Martha Knox Pollock in Liverpool in Mar qtr 1839.

In 1861 Jonah (by now a 25yr old tin plate worker) and his family are shown living at 4 Castle Lane in Southampton but whether or not this was the former home of the Pollocks or just another house in the same street is not known. An even bigger question is why he left London to settle in Southampton only to return less than ten years later. 

Their known children were as follows:
- Wlliam P Beckwith  bc 1859 in Southampton - no birth record found.  
- Martha Ann Beckwith  b 1861 d Sep 1862 Southampton. Also no birth record found
- Emma Louisa Beckwith b Sep qtr 1863 d Mar 1865 Southampton
- Julia Louisa Beckwith b Sep qtr 1865 in Southampton, died Feb 1958, London 
- Sarah Anne Beckwith bc 1869 probably in Walworth, S E London, died 1906 London. 
- George Edwin Such Beckwith b Jun qtr 1873 in Walworth, S E London, died 1874

Whilst no birth record can be found for William as a Beckwith, one has been found for a William Pollock in Dec qtr 1859 in Portsea (Portsmouth area) so although Jonah and Martha married only a matter of weeks after William's birth, Jonah might not necessarily be the father. When later listed as William P Beckwith, the P' is possibly 'Pollock' (GD). George hasn't been traced yet in any census and there is a death record for a George 'aged 0' in Lambeth in Sep qtr 1874 so this is assumed to be him. Exactly when & where Sarah Ann(e) was born are currently unknown but both the 1871 & 1881 suggest it was 1869/70  in the Walworth area but the 1891 says Southampton whilst in 1901 her birthplace is "not known"! (MGS) 

Picture at right  shows Martha with William & Julia Louisa so is around early 1866 (photo courtesy of Julia's Granddaughter)

Whatever, certainly by 1871 the family is in London, albeit separated. Jonah turns up as a 'visitor' (but still a 'tin smith') to the household of widow Mary A Simpson at No 20 Northumberland Park, Poplar. Just for good measure, he appears in the indexes to the 1871 census as Josiah Beckwith (!) but the original manuscript clearly shows Jonah. Martha and all of the then surviving family (including Sarah who was suffering from a bad plague of the dittos to a different surname) have finally been traced to deep in more conventional Beckwith territory at 49 King & Queen St, Newington - close to East Street Market 'down the Walworth Road'. Martha is shown as 'Marthia', Head of the household, a Widow (!), aged 83 (when she was only 32 !) born in Liverpool and with an occupation which looks like 'brush drawer' - other people nearby were brush makers so presumably this was an element of the production process. William is a 13yr old 'printer' while Julia is incorrectly shown aged 8 (she was 5½) but both shown as born Southampton. (MGS)

Jonah Beckwith, date unknown (picture courtesy of Juia's Granddaughter)

On 17th Dec 1873 at St Paul's Lorrimore Square in Walworth there was a double baptism of Sarah Anne Beckwith and George Edwin Such Beckwith. Mother is Martha but no father listed so it is assumed that Jonah died in early to mid Dec 1873 but the death wasn't recorded until the first (Mar) qtr of 1874 (not unusual). Family address at the time was 101 St Paul's Road, Walworth.(GD)

After Jonah's death, Martha Beckwith married Henry STEAD in St Saviour and she is shown in 1881 as a 38yr old Laundress living at 33 Dante Road, St Saviour's (close to the Elephant & Castle) with Henry (Coal Carmen, 39), Julia (Embroiderer, 15), Sarah (General Servant, 13) plus Alice Stead (11) from Henry's previous marriage and Harry Stead (1) a product of this marriage (born 12th June1879, bapt.16th Nov 1883 (GD)). 

For more details about the 3 children who survived into adulthood, please see 9-8.52 below

8.53 Charles Bartholomew Beckwith b 24th April, 1838 at the residence of James Atkins in Old Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill, Edmonton, Middx. His birth certificate shows him as just Charles  Bartholomew - no Beckwith - but this was perhaps implied from the father's name of Joseph Beckwith (and his birth is indexed by FreeBMD as Beckwith). Mother is Ann Bartholomew but, unfortunately, no "father's occupation" is shown. Informant was James Atkins ("occupier, Old Green Dragon Lane") rather than either of the parents. 

No further trace can be found of Charles so he is probably the infant "Charles Bartholomew Bartholomew" who was buried in All Saints, Winchmore Hill, Edmonton (ie, his place of baptism) on 11 Oct 1838 (" ..our Mr Atkins can never seem to get the names quite right!" ) (GD).

8.54 Susan Bartholomew Beckwith b Dec qtr 1839 in Edmonton, d Dec qtr 1839 in Edmonton (Free BMD).  Buried 18 Dec 1839 at All Saints Edmonton, Infant, Abode - Winchmore Hill (GD)
8.55 Sarah Beckwith / Bartholomew b Dec qtr 1840 in Edmonton, registered as Sarah Beckwith, died  June qtr 1841 Edmonton, buried as Sarah Bartholomew at Edmonton All Saints, parental address Winchmore Hill (PR)  

Sarah had previously escaped being included as a daughter - or at least possible daughter - because although she wasn't found in any further records as Sarah Beckwith, no connection was made with this family until the death of a Sarah Bartholomew was found with a parental address of Winchmore Hill and no corresponding birth. No baptism has been found so it looks as if only the birth certificate will be able to prove or disprove this supposition. 

8.56 Lavinia Bartholomew born 2nd October 1843 but was privately baptised in St Paul's Edmonton, a different church to the others, and as the daughter of just Ann Bartholomew without the father's name but the registry entry proves who she is with "Illegitimate child, parental address Shoe Lane, London". Lavinia died on 6th November 1843 in Edmonton.

Lavinia was only found due to repeated trawls through the records in the belief that a barren 7 year gap between Susan and Alfred was unlikely. 

8.57 Alfred Bartholomew Beckwith b Sep qtr 1846 in Edmonton (Free BMD)  Buried 15 March 1847 aged 6 months, abode Winchmore Hill, Edmonton. (GD)
8.58 John  Beckwith  b Dec qtr1847 in Edmonton, buried  2 June 1848, aged 8 months, abode Old Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill.  (GD)
8.59 George Bartholomew Beckwith  b Mar qtr 1849 in "West London District" (actually West part of City, incl Farringdon & St Brides) (Free BMD), buried  20 Sep 1849 "aged 8 months" - abode Old Green Dragon Lane, Winchmore Hill.  (PR)

Robert Bartholomew Beckwith b 18th May 1851 in the City of London.  Like his mother, Robert hasn't been found in the 1861 census (probably because the page for 77 Shoe Lane is missing) but he re-appears in 1871 as a 19yr old 'Brass Finisher' born in Blackfriars and boarding in Aberfeldy Street, Poplar (Bromley by Bow district) (MGS). 

With occupation of  'engineer', he married Martha PERRY, (bc 1856, daughter of Henry Perry, labourer) at the parish church of All Saints in Edmonton on 10th July 1875 (PR). Interestingly she marries by banns but is listed as a minor and the witnesses to the marriage were Edgar & Eleanor Byford (brother and sister) because Richard and Martha's 5th child, Rose Annie, married their younger brother Edward Byford some 34 years later in 1909. Both Edgar & Eleanor Byford were living in Enfield district at the time. In both 1861 & 1871 Martha is living in Gt Earl St (now Earlham St)in the Seven Dials part of St Giles in the Field parish with her widowed mother and five siblings. In 1871 she is working as a 15yr old book folder. 

A move for the couple to south of the Thames followed their marriage - to No. 1, Stanstead Rd in Lewisham to be exact - and in the 1881 census, Robert is shown as a 29yr old "Gas Fitter & Bellhanger" born London, St Brides; his wife Martha E age 25 (shown by dittos as also born in St Brides) and three children all born in Forest Hill (then still in deepest in 'Kent' (!)) - Henry Robert H  (4) and Albert Edward (2) and Henrietta Kate (3 months). 

By 1891 the surviving family had moved along to 89 Stanstead Rd, Lewisham and comprised Robert ("Gas and hot water Engineer"), Martha (now shown as born in Poplar and aged 34)  Albert (12), Henrietta (10) Rose Ann (4) and a boarder Frederick Crocket (21, a "Gas Fitter" from Islington). In 1901 they are still at No 89 with Robert ("Hot water fitter"), Martha (again shown as born in Poplar but aged 42) plus Albert (b1879, "Gas fitter") and new addition Maud Lucy (b Mar qtr 1897) plus boarder & "Gas Fitter" Frederick Crockett (31). At this time Henrietta (20) and Rose (15) are both working as servants elsewhere in Lewisham district.  

By 1911, Robert & family had moved again, this time to next door but two - 85 Stanstead Road - but this may not be quite the full story as a 1908 Kelly's directory lists Robert (as Beckworth) with 'apartments' as if it were his business so perhaps he owned/leased more than one house in the road. It seems that Robert was the one who filled in the census form this time because his birthplace is shown as "Shoe Lane, City" with family comprising Martha (age now 56 but still born in Poplar), Henrietta is back at home aged 30 as a "domestic servant" and youngster Maud Lucy (14). Boarder Frederick James Crockett is unbelievably still there after over 20 years and has been joined by two other boarders, a bookkeeper (of whom more in 9.64 below) and a salesman. Robert indicates that he & Martha had produced a total of 7 children, 4 still living & 3 died. 

Aside - The low numbers in Stanstead Road are at the Forest Hill end of the road which a little further east  in Catford becomes the South Circular. From StreetView, it would appear that bombing wiped out  the odd numbered houses from the 60's to the 100's and approx where 85-89 were is now a depot for builders merchants Travis Perkins. Given that one of the descendents of Robert's eldest sister Ann married the founder of Travis Perkins, this is rather an irony !

In the 1939 Register, Robert is listed as an 'inmate' in a hospital in Orpington and he died a couple of months later in Dec qtr 1939 aet 88 in Bromley, Kent. The most likely date for Martha's death was in Lewisham aet 54 in Q2 1911 - very shortly after the 1911 census - so was Martha poorly at census time hence why Henrietta was back home (to look after her father & younger sibling)? 

For more details of Robert & Martha's 7 offspring, please see 9-8.60 below


Louisa Bartholomew Beckwith  b Dec qtr 1852 in the City of London (BMD) but no baptism found.

She is shown in 1861 as a 10yr old living with her elder brother Joseph in Hampstead (8.50 above) then in 1881 as age 28 living in Rotherhithe, married to a 31yr old Bag Sorter by the name of George Thomas HARRADINE. Living with them are son William G J Harradine (6), daughter Louisa J Harradine (4) .... and 67yr old mother Ann Beckwith nee Bartholomew. 

Louisa & George married in Q3 1873 in St Olave. According to his marriage details, he was born 1848 but his birth was registered Q1 1849 - so let's just say late 1848 or early 1849 

The family is unchanged in the 1891 census apart from the absence of mother Ann nee Bartholomew (who had probably died in 1890) but then in Dec qtr 1894 Louisa Bartholomew Harradine died aged 42 in St Olave. In 1901 it was the turn of Louisa jnr (now married to a Robert STOTHARD and living at 5 Clack St Rotherhithe) to look after an elder - her widowed father George Thomas Harradine, now aged 52 and a 'General Dealer'. George died in 1910 in St Olave.

For more details about their children, please see 9-8.61 below

Generation 9

9-8.50 Offspring of Joseph Bartholomew Beckwith & Emma Bratt (8.50 above)
9.01 Joseph Frederick Beckwith b26/01/1858 in Poplar

At home with parents in 1861/71. He is originally thought to have married and be living in the Wimbledon area as a carpenter in 1881 but this is not now thought to be a different Joseph. Where he actually was in 1881 or 91 remains a mystery but he resurfaces in Putney on 30th November 1899 as a 42 year old bachelor and 'surveyor' living at 34 Warden Road Putney when he marries widow Sarah CHAUNDY (nee OSBORN) at Putney Church. To prove he is the right Joseph this time, his father's name is quoted in full on the marriage certificate together with his occupation. This is the last occasion he is known as Joseph - hereon in he's Frederick.

Sarah was born 4/12/1852 in Maid's Norton in Bucks, daughter of a farmer, and married John CHAUNDY (1827-1886 Bethnal Green) in 1870 in Putney so he was 25 years her senior. They had one child John William Chaundy, born 2nd Feb 1875 in Notting Hill who was noted as a 'miller' in the 1891 census at home with widowed mum and acts as a witness to her marriage to Joseph.

Frederick (Joseph) and Sarah Beckwith were still in Putney in 1901 but by 1911 they had moved to 'Chaundy Villa' in Staines, Surrey where they seem to have remained for the rest of their lives, he dying there on 15th Dec 1941 and she in 1946 at the age of 94. Probate went to stepson John W Chaundy since Sarah and Joseph had no children together. Hence this would appear to be the end of this male Beckwith line.

From 1912 John W Chaundy frequently travelled to New York and became a US passport holder though on marriage in 1917 to widow Rose Angelina PLUCKROSE at St Mary Abbotts in High Street Kensington, he is noted as being a bachelor "from Putney". He died in Putney in 1959.

9.02 Henry James Beckwith b Q3 1860 in Hampstead, London NW3 and with parents there in 1861. Died Q1 1865 in Newington, Surrey, aged 4
9.03 Kate Maud Beckwith b26/10/1863 in St Saviour, Southwark. In 1871 she's in Peckham with the family but in 1881 at age 18 she is in service in Mile End, not far from where her parents were living at the time.

On 27th Jan 1884 in Bethnal Green she married George SILLS, a 21 year old 'Carman'. They lived for a short time in Mile End thence Poplar but in 1887 a Removal Order was signed for the couple to be removed back to Mile End Old Town due to his unfitness for work due to "paraplegia". Whether this was caused by disease or (more likely) an industrial accident is not apparent but what is faithfully recorded is a long dispute as to whether or not he was actually fit enough to be removed. Finally, in Dec 1887 is was decided not so they stayed at 23 Armagh Road, Bromley by Bow for the rest of his life, being described as a "Wollen Article Maker" in 1891 (when Kate's brother Alfred (below) and his new wife were also living in the house.

George Sills died in 1895 aged 31 but Kate remained in the same house until after 1901 when she is listed as a 'forewoman in a bottling plant'. However, in 1911 she was a widow & cook for a family in Ingatestone, Essex while in 1939 she was at 16 The Retreat, Costead Manor Road, Brentwood. She never re-married and died in the Essex South West district in 1946, aged 83.

No children traced.


 Lydia Jane Beckwith  b 7/9/1865 in St Olaves / Blackfriars. 

With her parents in 1871 but in 1881 Lydia (15) and brother Charles (14) were both working for George Gardiner (sic), a Beer House keeper in Bromley by Bow, respectively as "General Servant" and "Pot Boy" with both shown as born St Olave's. However, Lydia was obviously something a bit more than just a servant as she had a child with said George GARDINER a few months afterwards and they eventually married ...25 years later and after the last of their 10 children had been born - shades of grandma !  

George GARDINER was born around 1844 in Abingdon Berks so was some 21 years her senior. Annoyingly, the spelling of his name varied over the years, becoming more commonly GARDNER after 1881. George has been remarkably difficult to trace up to 1870 but this has now been completed. His first marriage in Hackney in 1870 was to another Lydia - Lydia WICKS from Norwich - is corroborated by the 1871 census which shows the couple in Haggerston, Hackney. Her birth is recorded in Norwich on 8th April 1832 as Lydia WICK, daughter of Benjamin and Susan but all subsequent mentions of the family are as WICKS, including at home with her parents in 1841 when she's 8 and 1851 at 18. Her "age changing" then commences. In 1861 after leaving home she's shown as just 26 and 10 years later, after her marriage, she's only 32, so actually 11 years older than George rather than the 4 shown!  This Lydia then disappears beneath the radar but two Lydia Gardners are recorded as dying in the London area in 1905, one aged 65 and the other 75 but the combination of surname spelling and her penchant for misreporting her age makes any certainty difficult.  A fanciful theory is that if Lydia nee Wicks didn't die until 1905, George didn't marry 'our' Lydia until 1906 when he was a widower, so free to re-marry, in order to avoid a messy divorce, or at least the stigma of one as divorce was treated far differently in those days..  

Back to Lydia Jane Beckwith, she calls herself "Mrs Gardner" in the 1881 and 1901 censuses. The first child was born in 1882 and by 1901 they had produced 5 sons and two daughters while in 1911 the total stated is 10 children (9 living, 1 died). The 1911 census was self-completed so it is interesting to note that, in stark contrast to the previous Lydia Gardner, 'our' Lydia is actually 4 years younger than the 49 quoted. Was this perhaps an effort to mask the birth of her 1st child when she was barely 16 and maintain Edwardian respectability by saying that they had been married "for 30 years" when it was really just 4 years, their marriage having been in Poplar in 1906 ??

George Gardner died in 1st quarter 1915 in Hackney district and although his age at death is wrong (having gone from 67 to 73 in the less than 4 years since the 1911 census), this death earlier than originally thought is proven by the marriage record for daughter Mary Lydia in October 1915 which refers to her father as deceased. In 1939 Lydia Jane was living with some of her children at 157 Boleyn Road, West Ham and she died in West Ham in 1958 at the age of 93. 

For details of 9 of their 10 children so far traced, please see 10-9.04 below

9.05 Charles Benjamin Beckwith b 17th May 1868 St Olaves (also shown as born "Blackfriars", as per sister Lydia above). 

Confusingly Charles appears as 3 yr old "Charles A" with the family in 1871, confusing because there was another Charles A Beckwith who was born in Lambeth in 1863 but whose birth on occasion is shown as 1868. That Charles was the son of  Frederick Edward Beckwith and he, like his father and more famous sister Agnes, became a professional swimmer (aka "professor of swimming") who took part in the family swimming displays for many years. Possibly this identity confusion is at the root of a legend amongst sister Lydia's descendents that Frederick Edward Beckwith, who is reputed to have taught Queen Victoria to swim, was a relative but no link with him has been found as he was born in East Kent c1821 at a time when all 'our' Beckwiths were within a mile of the City of London. 

The middle initial 'A' was probably an aberation on the part of the enumerator - it was simply Charles in 1881 (age 14, 'Pot Boy' - see Lydia above) and again in 1891 (24, 'Steam Engine Starter' b London City). 

In 1895 at St Saviour's Walthamstow he married Matilda Sophia BARGENALL who was born 12/11/1873 and baptised at St George in the East 30/11/73. . By 1901 Charles had progressed to "Stationary Steam Engine Driver" but there then seems to have been a change of track as in 1911 he's a 'Handyman in an oil & colour works. 'Family address in 1911 was 23 Armagh Road, Bromley by Bow

Matilda died in the "Emergency Hospital" in Brentwood in May 1941, probate going to Charles almost unbelievably still in Armagh Road, Bromley by Bow. Charles died in Romford in 1955. The couple had four children, all daughters - please see 10-9.05 below for details - so ending this male Beckwith line. 

9.06 Arthur George Beckwith b St Olaves Q4 1870

In Q1 1891 aged just 21 he left home to marry 18yr old Rosina THEED (b1873 Poplar) at St Stephens, Tredegar Road. The two witnesses were his sister Kate Sills and her husband with whom they are living in the 1891 census at 23, Armagh Rd in Bromley by Bow with Arthur described as a 'Railway Coalman' However, by 1901 they had moved up to Lea Bridge Road, Leyton while in 1911 the family is in Hitcham Road, Leyton with Arthur shown as a labourer in a waterworks.

A possible death for him is in Braintree in 1957 aet 86 and for her, Sep 1941 in Dunmow, Essex.

They had just one child, Rosina Madeline, born Q2 1895 in West Ham so this male Beckwith line thereby also died out. Rosina jnr is listed at home with parents in both 1901 & 1911 but in Q1 1918 she married Stephen J HALLETT in West Ham and they had two children, Dennis 1920 & Doris 1924, both in West Ham. No further tracing undertaken except that Rosina Madeline Hallett died in 1966 in Waltham Forest district.  

9.07 Henry John Beckwith b 18th Jan 1873 (from his school admission record 1883 when the family was at 6 Brunswick Terrace). In 1891 he is still at home age19, a Warehouseman b Southwark. 

He married Maria Ellen STAINES on 25/12/1897 in St Mark, Victoria Park with her home address quoted as Monier Road. She was born in 1872 and died age just 27 in 1899 so Henry is shown as a 'widower' in 1901 living with his brother in law George Gardner & sister Lydia . 

A possible second marriage was to August Wilhelmina HINTY at St George in the East in 1902. She was born in 1879 and she too died not long after marriage - Q1 1903 at St George in the East. 

No trace of Henry in 1911 (which is a shame as it would show if any children were born during the second marriage) and the only plausible death is in Essex SW in Sep 1944 aet 72.

9.08 Frank Thomas Beckwith b St Olave, Bermondsey 16th Feb 1875. Admitted to Essex St School in 1883 (off Forest La, Forest Gate) with parental address given as 6 Brunswick St.

In Hoxton in 1895 he (a 'Car Man', age 20) married Catherine Mary SADLER (a 'box maker' age 17) and the address on the register for both was 25 Buttesland St, Hoxton London N1. They had all their 3 children soon after marriage (Frank 1896, Amy 1897 & Ethel 1899) and in 1901 when at 1 Merton St, St Lukes they also had her father and 3 of her siblings in the household. However, by 1911 they had moved into 2 rooms in Richmond St, St Lukes with Catherine now 'Kate' confirmed as having had a total of 3 children, all still alive (3/3/0). However, some 12 years after the last birth, a 4th child was born late in 1911

Frank Thomas died in 1952 at the Temperance Hospital in NW1 with home address of Primrose Hill Ct, King Henry's Rd, Hampstead NW3 while Catherine (b1877 in Shadwell) died 4 years later (Q1 1956) in Hampstead, aet 78. For details of their 4 children please see 10-9.08 below

9.09 Sidney Ernest Beckwith b Q1 1979 in Poplar. With parents in Mile End & Bow 1881 & 91.

On 3rd Sep 1899 at Victoria Park, Tower Hamlets, he married Elizabeth GARNER (b 21/05/1880 also in Poplar). Sidney is described as a 'Treaveller' of 16 Ellesmere Road in the Parish of Bow and shown as age 22 when only 20 and she 20 when 19. Neither of the witnesses was from the Beckwith side. 

In 1911 the family was at 4 Burgoyne Road, Roman Road, Bow in Bethnal Green District, Sidney being described as a painter & house decorator. Sidney died in 1954 in Bethnal Green where Elizabeth also died in Q1 1976 at the age of 95. For details of their 4 children, please see 10-9.09 below 

9.10 Emma Phoebe Beckwith Registered as this at birth on 31/3/1882 in Poplar but she always seems thereafter to have been known as Phoebe E Beckwith. At home in 1891 and 1901, recorded in the latter year working as a 'jam finisher'.

With shades of a certain predecessor as well as an elder sibling, she started having children in 1903 with one William Joseph KERSEY and by 1911 they were living as man & wife in Plaistow, West Ham now with 4 children. Although shown in 1911 as having been "married 9 years", they didn't marry until March 1917 (in West Ham) some 5 years after the birth of their 5th and last child. William Kersey was born Q4 1881 and died in 1956 in Stepney while Phoebe died in 1973 in the boro of Havering district. In 1939 Phoebe is living with daughter Mabel and her family at 111 Crickton Gdns, Romford. 

As her younger sister Amelia (9.11 below) also married a KERSEY and UK birth records only show parents' surnames, it has not been an easy task to work out who were the parents of those children born after the 1911 census was taken (the last currently available census). However, thanks to the 1939 'Register' having been made available and more US Immigration details having been published on-line, the task has at last been successfully completed.  For Phoebe's offspring see 10-9.10 below & for Amelia's see 10-9.11 below.

9.11 Amelia Florence Beckwith  b 1st June 1884 in Old Ford. When she entered secondary school in Alley Road in 1897 age 12, the parental address was given as 168 Tredegar Road and the cryptic comment "removed" follows. As already noted, in 1901 she was a "chocolate coverer".

In Q2 1907 in West Ham she married Charles Benjamin KERSEY a general labourer b 4/10/1885 in Plaistow, but he does not appear to be an immediately close relative of William Joseph Kersey who married sister Phoebe above. In 1911 the couple and their first two children are living at 4 Ashburton Terrace in Plaistow with his parents (John Henry & Mary Kersey) and his brother. Two more children were added in 1916 & 1928 to bring the total to 4 over a spread of 21 years - for details see 10-9.11 below

By 1939 the family had moved out to 57 Rosedale Road in Romford (Charles & Alice are next door at No 59 but it's not a case of 'living for 24 years next to Alice') at which time Charles Kersy is listed as a scaffolder. Charles died in Romford, Essex on 11 Sep 1947 whilst Amelia died in Barking in 1968.

Back up to parents (8.50 above)

9-8.51 Offspring of Ann Bartholomew Beckwith & Absolom Adams (8.51 above)
9.20 Clara Emily Adams b 1858 in Poplar, bap 13/11/59 in All Saints, Poplar.

In Malling, Kent, in Q3 1884 she married William BUTLER but he seems to have died some 5 years later - between the conception of their daughter Clara Eleanor Butler (b1889 in Leybourne, Kent) and 1891 for in that census, both Claras are back home with Ann & Absolom in Loughton. In 1901 just the two Claras are together in Forest Road, Loughton (mum listed as a 'Dressmaker') while in 1911 they are still in Forest Road (at No 40) with 52 year old mum still dressmaking while the daughter is now a 22 year old teacher with Essex County Council. 

Clara Emily died in March 1933 in Epping district. It is plausible but not confirmed that Clara Eleanor married a Sidney H GUNNER in Edmonton in 1913 and she died in Newham in 1977.

9.21 Frederick William Adams b 1862 in Poplar, bap 22/6/62 at All Saints, Poplar.

At home in 1871, 1881 & 1891 but not reliably found thereafter.

9.22 Minnie Rosina Adams b1864/5 in Poplar

In 1881 she is listed as a 16yr old servant to a household in Loughton whereas in 1891 she's an "Officer (School Mistress)" at the Foundling Hospital in St Pancras. On 30/10/1899 in St George, Bloomsbury, London she married Ernest John DUNSCOMBE, an optician, bc 1873 in S London (Forest Hill/Herne Hill/Brixton according to which census !) so about 9 years her junior. His family moved to Bristol before 1881 and he is a trainee optician in the city in 1891. The couple are in Park St Bristol in 1901 but by 1911 they had moved up in the world to University Road, Clifton. 

The London Gazette, April 1910. 

He was subsequently promoted to Major.

No offspring traced (she was 0/0/0 in 1911 census at age 46) and Minnie died in Bristol on 22/10/1922 aet 57, probate to her husband. Major Dunscombe went on to become managing director of the well-respected family firm of opticians in Bristol, remarried in 1943, retired in 1959 and died on 8/10/1963 on the Isle of Wight, aged 90. In recognition of his service to Freemasonry (at the time of death he had been a member of one Bristol Lodge for over 66 years), a new Lodge named in his memory was consecrated in Bristol in 1974. 

9.23 Ernest Walter Adams born 1866/7 in Poplar, no baptism found. 

At home in 1871/81 but in 1891 he was in Lincoln as a 'visitor' and Carpenter while his first wife-to-be, Eleanor FERMEE, was working as a servant in Loughton, so that is presumably where they met. Eleanor was born in Colney Hatch, Middx (convenient for S Mimms Services on the M25) in 1862 and they married on Boxing Day 1891 in Croydon but Ernest presumably still had work to do back in Lincoln as it was there that Eleanor died barely 12 months later, age just 30 

Ernest re-married as a 'widower' on 30th May 1898 one Emily J BUCKINGHAM in Emmanuel Church, Hampstead, to which marriage, his younger brother Edwin Lewis Adams (9.25 below) was a witness. She was born in Ashford, Kent in 1871 but by the time of her marriage, her father was Station Master at Hampstead Station. Their (only) son Cecil Arthur Adams was born on Boxing Day 1898 in West Hampstead and is listed both in 1901 & 1911 with his parents in Penge, S E London (near Crystal Palace), Ernest now a 'Carpenter & Joiner'.

Emily died aged 57  in Q3 1928 in the Croydon District (which includes Penge) while Ernest followed in the same locality in Q4 1943. Cecil married 24yr old Ethel SOLE in Croydon in Q3 1923 and some 10 years later their only child, Elizabeth was born. Cecil died in Q2 1960 in Woolwich. 

9.24 Ada Adams  b Peckham district - 1869.

No positive trace after 1881.

9.25 Edwin Lewis Adams b1871 in Loughton. At home 1881 & 1891

During Q3 1895 in Epping he married Edith Eleanor LOVETT. In 1901 the couple are together in Loughton but by 1911, now with 3 daughters and a mother-in-law also in tow, the family is at 35 Lawrence Road in East Ham with Edwin noted as a Carpenter for the Port of London Authority.

Edwin died 8th Dec 1943 in East Ham. Due to the common occurrence of the surname, it has so far been impossible to be definite about the subsequent lives of Edith or their 3 daughters (all born in Loughton) - Gladys (b1897), Doris (b1901) or Phyllis (b1906)

9.26 Cecilia Harriett Adams b Q3 1872 in Loughton, Essex. At home in Loughton 1881/91.

During Q1 1900 in Epping she married Thomas Richard CHANDLER (b 'Ratcliff' London 1870) and by 1911 they were in Cann Hall, Leytonstone where Thomas was an "Assistant Schoolmaster" with the family now comprising three sons, all of whom were very long-lived  - Thomas Sidney Chandler (1901 - 1990 in Oxford), Frank Herbert Chandler Bsc, IMech E (1902-1992 St Albans) & Richard Frederick Chandler (1905-1995 Lewes, Sussex). Celia died in St Albans in 1953.  

9.27 Sydney James Adams b1875 in Loughton. At home in 1881 & 1891 but appears in 1901 as a boarder with a family in Hendon, N London along with 2 other youngsters, all described as "Gardener, Domestic"

In Sandown, Isle of Wight during 1904 he married Anna Maria STEWARD (b1878 in Suffolk) and by 1911 they had moved to 97 Effingham Road, Lee, London SE13, Sydney still listed as a gardener. Sydney died 12/11/1937 at St Bart's "of the Charterhouse". No children found.

9.28 Amy Eleanor Adams b1878 in Loughton. At home 1881 & 1891

In Epping in 1900 at age 22 she married Joseph Ernest TRAVIS (just Ernest in later times) born in London c1874. By 1901 they had moved to 23 Bicester Road, Aylesbury (Ernest described as a "Building Material Merchant") while in 1911 they had moved north again, to 206 St James Park Road in Northampton with their first two children and a servant, Ernest listed as a 'Timber Merchant'. (any bells ringing yet ?)

Ernest died on 5th Sep 1937 in Northampton, age 63 while Amy died in 1958 also in Northampton.

Their 3 children were Ruby Doris Travis (b1902 in Aylesbury), Ernest Raymond Travis (1911 Northampton - 1988 Northampton) and Valerie Travis (b1918 Northampton). Ernest Raymond continued to build up the business which post WW2 became the nationally known Travis & Arnold, builders merchants, and in turn his son was a senior director in the business - by now Travis Perkins Ltd - until retirement in 2001.

Back up to parents (8.51 above)

9-8.52 Offspring of Jonah Beckwith & Martha Pollock (8.52 above)
9.31 William P Beckwith / William Pollock / Charles Fairplay

As mentioned in 8.52 above, whilst no birth record can be found for William as a Beckwith, one has been found for a William Pollock in Q4 1859 in Portsea, Hampshire so although Jonah and Martha married only a matter of weeks after William's birth, Jonah might not necessarily be the father (GD). Indeed, for most of the rest of his life he claims to have been born in 1856, but this may simply be the perpetuation of having to claim he was 18 when he joined the army in 1874. 

For reasons currently unknown, William changed his name after 1871 to Charles FAIRPLAY (GD) and his recently discovered army record proves this by quoting (mother) Martha and (sister) Julia in Walworth as next of kin. (MGS). His army record shows that as soldier 1426 he joined the General Service Infantry in Cork (why there ?) on 21/9/1874, occupation Printer, aged "18yrs & 2 months" but with a rather small height & chest size for a boy of 18. His career included S Africa (1878-80) incl the 'Zula Campaign', E Indies (1880-90), and India (1892-94). 

When he married his first wife Annie O'Connel is not known but her death occurred on "21 Jan at Khandwa, Annie Eugenie, wife of Charles Fairplay, Sgt Instructor, GIPR Volunteer, youngest daughter of the late J O'Connel, sub conductor PWD" (Times of India 3/2/1885). In Bengal in 1888 he then married 18 year old Elizabeth Mary HAMBLETON (born 14/07/1870, the daughter of Daniel, a Royal Marine, & Mary Hambleton) who was born in Alverstoke (Hants) but whom Charles must have met in India.

By 1891 he had been promoted to Colour Sergeant and was stationed at Bowerham Barracks, Lancaster where he is shown with 21yr old Elizabeth, but he went back to India the following year. However, due to increasing health problems, he returned to England in 1894 & was invalided out of the army on 14th August that year. Hence in 1901 he was to be found as a Commercial Clerk living in Milton Avenue, East Ham with Elizabeth and 5 children - the first and third ones (born 1890 and 1893) being listed as born "East India, British Subject" so the latter means that Elizabeth must have accompanied 'Charles' on his second tour of army duty to India. In 1911 the family is still in E Ham with Charles listed as an "Army Pensioner & Clerk in a Sugar Brokers". 

They had 10 children in all before Charles died in 1913 - for details see 10-9.31 below. Elizabeth Mary Fairplay was living with her daughter Ruth in Southend in 1939 and died on 22nd Sep 1944 in the Blaby district of Leicestershire, aet 74.


Julia Louisa Beckwith  bQ3 1865 in Southampton. 

With mother in 1871 & 1881 censuses. Photo at right (courtesy of her Granddaughter) is of her aged 11 (so c 1876)

On 18th Oct 1886 in Newington she married Reuben DUDLEY, a general labourer b1859 in Newington. By 1891 they already had 2 children while in the census of 1911 she reports the total then as nine, all still living, and their descendents confirm that this was the final number.. 

For details of the nine, please see 10-9.32 below

The family remained in the Newington district throughout to at least 1911 (when they were at Rodney Place, New Kent Road, London SE) but by then Reuben had progressed from being a general labourer via potman to eventually working as a scene shifter at Drury Lane Theatre, as did their sons, Charles Edward Macklin and Sidney Reuben, who joined a world tour with the company in 1915 under the grand title of 'Music Hall Artists Assistant' (AE)

Reuben died in 1942 after contracting pneumonia following a fall at their daughter Julia's house in Mitcham, Surrey. He and wife Julia lived with their daughter Julia because the house they had shared with daughter Connie and her husband, Sidney
Palmer, behind Spurgeon's Tabernacle at the Elephant, was destroyed by an exploding gas-main. After the war & Reuben's death, Julia lived with Connie & family in Kennington where she stayed until she died in
Mar 1958 at the age of 92

9.33 Sarah Anne Beckwith bc 1870 but, as discussed under her parents, where is not currently known. She was baptised on 17th Dec 1873 at St Paul Lorrimore Sq and appears in the 1871, 81 & 91 censuses with her mother, albeit in 1871 with the wrong surname due to a "plague of the dittos".

On 20th Sep 1891 in Walworth, after a couple of false starts in 1889/90 in Bermondsey, she married George William FULLER a boot maker who was the son of Robert Fuller, a master shoemaker, & and Louisa Elizabeth nee Baker. He was born in Poplar, London on 24th August 1862, the first of this Norfolk couple's children to be born in London. For more info on this family, please see the excellent website "The Fullers of Methwold Hythe in the Norfolk Fens".

Although they married south of the Thames, they were already living at 148 Farringdon Road in April 1891 at the time of the census. In 1901 they are just a bit further north at 101B Kings Cross Road in the Pancras district of London with only their 5th child at home with them - all the others were staying elsewhere "their daughter Georgina is staying with Alice Stead now married to Mr Ames...try working that one out a hundred years later if you have no "Personal Knowledge" (GD).  Interesting that Alice & co are living back in an old Beckwith enclave - Goswell Street, Clerkenwell - and ten years later when Georgina, then aged 13, is at private school near Stowmarket in Suffolk, her birthplace is shown as 'City Road, London' (MGS) 

After 5 girls, a boy finally arrived in 1904 but reading between the lines of the 1901 census, Sarah Anne was probably not too well even then and she finally succumbed during the 1st quarter of 1906, aged 35,  following which the family dispersed, some to Norfolk or Suffolk while others remained in central London. Due to his name being commonly found, no death for George has been traced.

For details of their 6 children, please see 10-9.33 below

Back up to parents (8.52 above)

9-8.60 Offspring of Robert Bartholomew Beckwith & Martha Perry (8.60 above)
9.61 Henry Robert Howrah Beckwith b1/5/1876 in Forest Hill, London SE, bap 6/8/76 at Christ Church with St Paul, Forest Hill. Just how Henry came by the name 'Howrah' is not known - Howrah (in India) was best known in the latter part of the 19th century for its large bridge and even bigger railway station.

Shown with the family at 1 Stanstead Road, Forest Hill age 4 in 1881. Died Q2 1883 aged 7 with the death registered in Lewisham, the registration district which covers Catford & Forest Hill. 

9.62 Eleanor Minnie Beckwith b23/12/1877 in Forest Hill, baptised 7/4/78 at Christ Church with St Paul, Forest Hill. Died Q2 1878 in Lewisham.

Albert Edward Beckwith b Q1 1879 baptised 30/3/1879 at Christ Church with St Paul, Forest Hill but parental address is now Malham Road, the next parallel road to Stanstead Road  to the north 

Married Florence Annie BITTON (b1877 in Burwell, Cambs - Newmarket district) in Lewisham district in Sep 1901, she recorded as living at the time at 6 Siddons Rd, Perry Vale (a stone's throw to the south of Stanstead Road) and the daughter of a butcher. However, in 1911 they were living 100 or so miles away at 50 Ryton St, Worksop, Notts with Albert a Plumber, daughter Winifred Beckwith aged 8, and the inevitable boarder. Florence Annie is shown as having had just the one child and no further children have been found born post 1911 so it it looks most likely that this male Beckwith line died out.

Albert E died in Retford district of Notts in Q4 1945 while Florence Annie died in Sheffield in 1951.

Winifred Rose Beckwith was born 6th Nov 1902 in Forest Hill but she married William COLLINS in the Newmarket district of Cambs in 1924. She died in Worksop in Q2 1993. They had at least two children, both boys born in Worksop in 1926 & 1930 respectively.


Henrietta Kate Beckwith born Q1 1881 in 'Lewisham', bap 24/4/81 at Christ Church with St Paul in Forest Hill. In 1901 she is shown as age 20 working as a "Housemaid domestic" with the Russ family in Lewisham but she's back home age 30 in 1911 ... where she met her future husband, the lodger who was a bookkeeper.

On 5th April 1915 (to just scrape into the tax year to get the marriage allowance?) she married Edwin Thomas COOKMAN in the same church as she was baptised. Thomas was born 15/6/1886 in New Cross and died Q3 1980 in Bromley, outliving Henrietta by almost 50 years as her death is recorded in Lewisham on 16th Nov 1930. No children found. 

9.65 Rose Ann Beckwith b Q3 1886 but no baptism yet found. Like her sister Henrietta, in 1901 she is working in Lewisham (age 15) as a "General Servant Domestic" but with the Leonard family.  

On 11th April 1909 at at Christ Church with St Paul in Forest Hill she married Edward BYFORD, son of Robert Josiah and Caroline Byford. Born Q2 1864 in Enfield, Edward was some 22 yrs her senior so already 11 years old when two of his elder siblings acted as witnesses to her parents' wedding. She married as Rosa (which is why she wasn't previously found post 1901) but to prove it's the right person, her father signs the marriage register as one of the witnesses.

In 1911 the couple are in Enfield Lock with one child, Dorothy Rose (Byford), born 1910. Edward died aged 59 on 17/4/1924 and was buried in Enfield on 24/4/24. Probate went to his widow 'Rosa Ann', the record giving his home address as Catsfield Road, Enfield. This was the last mention found of her as Rosa for she re-marries 3 years later as Rose, so Rosa must have been a personal thing for Edward.

She married her second husband, Harry HALL, in Edmonton in Q1 1927 but any relationship to Humphrey Hall (tree 1) would be difficult to prove due to the relative commonness of the surname and, by the same token, trace any children of this marriage or even Rose's death. 

 For details of Rosa's 3 children with Edward Byford, please see 10-9.65 below

9.66 Edith Louisa Beckwith  born Q1 1895 in Lewisham, died 1898 "age 4" also in Lewisham. No baptism found
9.67 Maud Lucy Beckwith born 23/11/1896 and on 6/5/1901 at age 4½ she started at Dalmain Road School, Forest Hill two streets away.

On 7th October 1920 at Christ Church with St Paul in Forest Hill she married William Edwin ALEXANDER a clerk and son of a police superintendent. The address quoted for both of them was 92 Stanstead Road (PR). He was born circa 1882 - so 14 years her senior - and died 20th May 1965 in Eastbourne, on Sussex's "Costa Geriatrica" with probate granted to Maud Lucy. 

The sea air obviously had a beneficial effect on Maud for, at the age of 70 she married again - one Leslie William C GOODALL in Q4 1966 in Epping. However this time Maud married a 'toy boy' as he was born on 27th June 1905 so a mere 61 years old at the time. Maud died in Eastbourne in Q2 1974 at almost 78 while Leslie died a year later aged 70.  

Maud and William seem to have had just two children - Patricia Alexander in Q1 1921 and William just under a year later.   

Back up to parents (8.60 above)


Offspring of Louisa Bartholomew Beckwith & George T Harradine (8.61)

9.70 William George Joseph Harradine born Q3 1874, baptised 30/8/74 at St James, Bermondsey. 

At the same church 22 years later in 1896, he married Ellen RICHENS who hailed from Woodspeen near Newbury, Berks but the family were living at Burghclere in 1881. William's WW1 army record quotes his next of kin as Ellen, address 6 Clack St, height 5' 7½" and chest 41½". He served in France in 1917 & 18 then was demob'd in Wimbledon on 23/2/1919.

William died in Ealing in 1949 and Ellen just a year later simply 'in Middlesex'. For details of their 3 children please see 10-9.70 below  

9.71 Louisa Jane Harradine born 15/12/1876, bap 11/3/77 at Christchurch, Rotherhithe

On 4th August 1900 also in Rotherhithe, Louisa married Robert Stothard, also b1876 but in Limehouse / Stepney. Louisa died 1955 in Bermondsey district while Robert died there in 1959.

For details of their 6 children, please see 10-9.71 below 

Back up to parents (8.61 above)


Generation 10 


10-9.04 Offspring of Lydia Jane Beckwith & George Gardiner (9.04 above)
NB After 1881, the surname spelling generally becomes 'Gardner'  
10.00 George Gardner b 16 (or 19) Mar 1882 in Poplar, surname recorded as Gardener. Baptised together with brother Joseph on 24/6/1885 in Mile End. 

On Xmas Day 1905 he married Kate Emily BAKER (1882-1938) when the address given was 46 Coburn Rd, Poplar and his occupation given as Engineer. In 1911 the couple are living in Mile End Old Town with 3 yr old son George. A second son, Rowland D was added in 1912. George is believed to have died in 1938.

10.01 Joseph Gardner b 24/5/1885 in Bow/Stepney, baptised together with brother George on 24/6/1885 in Mile End. He was badly injured during WW1 which probably explains why he never married. Hence in 1939 he's listed as single and is still at home with his mother and siblings in West Ham. Died in 1964 in West Ham with probate going to brother David.
10.02 Alfred Gardner b Poplar 5/1/1888 in Poplar, bap 25/1/88 in Christ Church, Jamaica St. Registered as Gardiner, parental address given as Stepney Green. Not traced after 1901.
10.03 William Gardner b 26/10/1891 in Old Ford, baptised 15/11/91 at St Paul, Old Ford. Not found after 1911
10.04 Mary Lydia Gardner b Bethnal Green 26/6/1894, baptised 22/7/94 at St Stephen, Tredegar Rd, Bow. Both birth & baptism are officially recorded as Lydia Mary but thereafter the names are transposed.

Married Harold Gordon Alexander (bc 1889) at St Paul, Old Ford in Oct 1915, her father George noted as deceased. Mary Lydia died in Oxford Nov 1984, aet 90

10.05 David Gardner b 4/9/96 Bethnal Green, bap 27/9/96 at St Stephen, Tredegar Rd. In 1939 (when his birth year is given as 1895) he too is at home with Mum in West Ham, but he is listed as married - Aurora was in a mental hospital in Bristol at the time. Died June 1983 in Southend on Sea. 
10.06 Rose Maud Gardner b Bethnal Green 24/4/1899 (date from her school admission a few years later), bap 14/5/99 at St Stephen, Tredegar Road as Rosie Maud. Poss died unmarried in Cardiff in 1967
10.07 Charles Gardner b Poplar on 22/9/1902 (date from school admission). No baptism found Untraced after 1911.
10.08 Walter Edward Gardner b Q4 1905 in Poplar. No baptism found. Died Nov 2004 in Brentwood, Essex age 99. Death record gives birth date as 22/9/05 - exactly 3 yrs to the day after Charles

Back up to parents (9.04 above)

10-9.05 Offspring of Charles B Beckwith & Matilda S Bargenall (9.05 above)
10.10 Matilda Emma Beckwith  Born & Died in the same quarter of 1896
10.11 Christina Beckwith b June 3rd 1897, bap 27th June 97 at St Philip in Stepney.

She died in Havering (Essex) in 1981, outliving her husband Wm Edward SADD by a year (b 6/2/1897 in Mile End, d 1980 in Barking). The couple married at St Stephen, Tredegar Road, Poplar on 17/7/1920 and had 3 SADD children, all born in Poplar - Edward 1921, Doris 1922 & Eileen in 1925. 

10.12 Kate Beatrice Beckwith b June 11th 1902, bap Dec 16th 1902 @ St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney. Died 1999 in Norwich aet 97.

In Poplar during June 1922 she married Walter Edward GREEN, b 1898, died 1972.

They had one child Walter K Green bc 1924, d 2000

10.13 Dorothy Maud Beckwith b Q1 1910 in Poplar and still there - at 28 Armagh Rd - in 1934.

Unfortunately there were two Dorothy Maud Beckwiths born in E & SE London in 1910 so, short of obtaining an actual marriage certificate, it is impossible to say which of the two married Charles Jacobs in 1937 and which remained unmarried, the former dying in Tower Hamlets in 1992, the latter dying in Havering (as per father Charles) in 1991 but with wrong age at death. 

Back up to parents (9.05 above)

10-9.08 Offspring of Frank Thomas Beckwith & Catherine M Sadler (9.08 above)
10.16 Frank Thomas Joseph Beckwith b 12/5/1896, bap 27/5/96 in Hoxton St John, parental address then 20 Turners Place, Hoxton.

During Q3 1921 he married Ada Mary BARNARD in Islington. She was born 27/4/1895 in Clerkenwell and bap 25/5/95 also in Clerkenwell. Frank died on 6th April 1957 - probate to his wife, home address Burleigh Gdns, N14. Ada died in Q3 1974 in Enfield. Their 3 children are/were :

- Frank L Beckwith b Islington Q1 1925. Married (i) In 1950 in Wood Green Sheila J ARKELL (24/2/1928-1993 in Enfield) with whom he had 3 children b Marylebone 1954-60 - all boys & still living, (ii) In Enfield in 1996, Patricia A Whiter

- Eric J b1929. Married Marjorie D Jackson in Wood Green, London in 1954. Both living in Herne Bay area in 2002. Possible 3 children b 1955-59  in Westminster.

- Grace A b1932. Married Gerald Hugh DALDRY in Wood Green in 1956. 3 children born in Colchester 1959-1964 and whole family still living there. 

10.17 Amy Beckwith b 21st Dec 1897, bap 16th Jan 1898 in Hoxton, parental address 30 Money.(?)..St, Hoxton, father a 'carman'. Died unmarried in Hampstead in 1974.
10.18 Ethel Emily Beckwith b13/9/1899, bap 13/11/99 St Lukes - dates from baptism record; no birth record traced. Parents at 22 Waterloo St but they are in nearby Cropley Road when she goes to school in Napier St Hackney in 1906 (at which time her father was described as a horse keeper). 

In Q3 1931 in Islington she married James Frederick EWLES, b1905 Plymouth, d 1986 Colchester. Ethel also died in Colchester - in 1979 - and no children have been traced.

10.19 Florence Christina Beckwith b 28/12/1911 in Shoreditch district of London and died, unmarried, a couple of miles away in Camden in 2000. 

Back up to parents (9.08 above)

10-9.09 Offspring of Sidney Ernest Beckwith & Elizabeth Garner (9.09 above)
10.20 Sydney Ernest Beckwith b16/11/1899, bap 10/12/99 in St Paul, Old Ford.

In 1924 in Poplar he married Adelaide A BAYLEY (b 16/4/1898 in Mile End, daughter of Henry, a plumber, and Catherine). Sydney died in Stepney in September 1981 followed the year after by Catherine, age 84, also still in Stepney. No children traced.

10.21 Elizabeth Rosetta Beckwith b Q3 1901 in Bethnal Green. No baptism found. Shown as just Elizabeth at home age 9 in 1911.

Although she married Albert LUXTON in Dec 1927 in Poplar as 'plain' Elizabeth, her death two years later in Bethnal Green aged 28 is recorded as 'Elizabeth R Luxton'. Their only child together, Joan I Luxton was born in Stepney in June 1928 and she married Albert Ronald COUCHMAN in Romford district in 1951 and spent the next 50+ years there.  

10.22 Rose Lillian Beckwith ('Rosie')  b26/3/1904 in Walthanstow

First marriage was to Charles J DAY in 1923 in West Ham (too many of this name to be positive but prob b 1895 and d 1934). Four children - Sidney in 1924 and Charles T in 1926, both in Poplar then James L in 1929 and Marjorie E in 1931 both in West Ham.

Second was to George William HARDING in 1940 and one plausible offspring is David G in Poplar in Q1 1947. George Wm was born in Shoreditch in 1911 and died in W Ham in 1956 while Rose Lillian Harding soldiered on until 1995 when she died age 91 in the London Boro of Newham

10.23  Charles Leonard Beckwith b 29/8/1911 in Bethnal Green

At the age of 30 in Ilford, Essex, in 1941 he married Emily Dorothy CLEAVELY who was born 17/12/1909 in Shoreditch and died at the age of 91 in Havering Essex in 2001. Charles pre-deceased her in 1993, also dying in Havering boro. No children traced.  

Back up to parents (9.09 above)

10-9.10 Offspring of Phoebe E Beckwith & William Joseph Kersey (9.10 above)
10.25 William Stanley Kersey born 12/12/1902 in West Ham.

Thanks to the 1939 Register resolving the name ambiguities in W Ham, it has been proven that he married Sylvia Edith GODDARD (b 26/3/04) during Sep qtr 1924 in West Ham and that in 1939 they were living at 118 Jersey Road, W Ham the first 4 of their children. William's occupation is listed as 'General Cleaner in a Sugar Factory'. Sylvia died in Great Yarmouth in 1982 while William died in 1995 in West Ham. Their 5 children so far found were -
- Leonard Edward  Kersey b 14/6/1926 d 1984
- Arthur E Kersey               b 11/4/1928
- Stanley G Kersey              b Q3 1931
- Derek R Kersey                b Q2 1935
- Phyllis P Kersey                b Q2 1940

10.26 Edith Florence Kersey b 4/8/1904 in Romford. 

In June 1925 in West Ham she married Alfred J BARLOW (b24/02/1903). In 1939 they are at 29 Bingley Rd, W Ham, he a dock labourer. Edith died in 1984 in Newham, Alfred in 1993 in Tower Hamlets. Their children so far found are (all born West Ham) -
- Reginald W.Barlow  b 01/09/25
- Edith M N Barlow    b1927
- Alfred Barlow          b1929
- Edward J Barlow     b1931
- Miriam Barlow         b1933

10.27 Annie Eleanor Kersey as registered at birth in Q4 1906 but shown in the family-compiled 1911 census as Anne Helena Kersey while the 1939 register gives her birth as 22/10/1907 and shows her Christian name as Helen which Ancestry has taken for search / index purposes despite being crossed out and replaced by Annie Eleanor (!).

Thanks yet again to the 1939 Register, the previously guessed at  marriage has been proven - in 1923 in West Ham as 'Annie H Kersey' to Ernest BENNETT (b12/05/1902). In 1939 the couple are living with the first seven of their children at 35 Lyttleton Road, Thurrock, Essex. Ernest was listed at that time as a 'Wharf Labourer, Dock Worker' and seems to have spent the rest of his life there, dying during Q3, 1973. Annie long outlived him, passing away at the age of 95 in Thurrock in Q4 2001. Their 9 children were - 
- Violet I  Bennett b Q2 1924    (= Wm B Andrew)
- Betty Bennett b 21/10/1925    (= Mc Aleer)
- Edna Bennett b 3/2/1927        (=Arthur C Andrew)
- Miriam Bennett b Q4 1929     (= Patrick H Condon) - emigrated to Ontario, Canada 1954
- Robert I Bennett b 16/3/1931
- Winifred J Bennett b Q4 1934
- Ernest Bennett b Q3 1937
- Ann B Bennett b Q3 1947
- Benjamin A Bennett b Q1 1949
The first three were born in West Ham, the middle four in Orsett, Essex, and the final two in Thurrock.

10.28 Mabel Miriam Kersey b 4th Aug 1908. 

In Q4 1929 in West Ham she married Arthur Samuel GODFREY (b 04/02/1906) and in 1939 the couple are living at 111 Crickton Gdns, Romford together with her mother Phoebe and younger child. Arthur is listed as a Garage Hand. Arthur died 1967 in Havering, Mabel in 1996 also Havering (Romford)

They had two children, Arthur Godfrey b & d 1930 and Gladys E Godfrey b12/09/1934, both in West Ham. In Sep 1956 Gladys married a Peter Richard HEARD in Romford who died in Redbridge, Essex in 2006 while Gladys was lka Romford in 2014.

10.29 Gladys Irene Kersey born West Ham b 26/9/1911.

Towards the end of 1934 in Poplar she married Victor Charles TIBBLES who was born 16/2/1911. In 1939 they are listed at Grange Park Road in Leyton, he an umbrella maker and she an umbrella handle maker. Their 1st and only child together was Teresa F in 1943 because she divorced Victor Tibbles during 1944/5. Both remarried pretty soon afterwards, he eventually dying in 1993 in Bournemouth while she married one James P O'CONNOR in S W Essex in April 1945. Their first child together was Jack M O'Connor in 1948 and on 24th Jan 1950 Gladys and both her children are listed as being aboard the Britannic sailing from Liverpool to New York thereafter settling in Brooklyn with James, a native New Yorker. This and his absence from the emigration ship suggests that he was a GI thereby making her a "GI Bride". It is thanks to the US Immigration records which show her mother's name as Phoebe which at last positively proved that she was not Amelia's. Gladys O'Connor died in Brooklyn on 22nd Jan 2003 

Back up to parents (9.10 above

10-9.11 Offspring of Amelia Florence Beckwith & Charles B Kersey (9.11 above)
10.30 Charles Henry Kersey b 12th Sep 1907 in Plaistow; with parents & grandparents in Plaistow in 1911. 

In Romford in Dec 1935 he married Alice Elizabeth RYDER (b28/10/08) so in 1939 the happy couple are living at 59 Rosedale Road, Romford with Charles listed as a "Chemical Industry Technical Salesman". Alice Kersey died in Havering district in 1990 but Charles's death is recorded in Q2 1999 in Chelmsford, Essex. Their two children were Anne E (b1938 in Romford) and Michael J (b1941 in Romford).

10.31 William Sydney Kersey (but Sydney William Kersey in 1911) Born 14th Dec 1910 in Plaistow.

In 1939 he is living at 41 Campden Hill Road in fashionable Kensington and working as "Municipal Officer, Chartered Secretary, Town Clerk's Dept". On 12th July 1941 he appears in the London Gazette as having been appointed Sergeant in the Reserve Air Force. 

He never seems to have married and died in Havering district on 17/3/1995, address on death being quoted as 57 Rosedale Road, Romford, an address that was in the family for some 60 years



Lillian Mary Kersey born 3rd August 1916 in West Ham. Living with parents at 57 Rosedale Road in Romford in 1939 and working as a Solicitor's General Clerk.

Married Eugene Thomas CAVALIER in 1942 in Romford who was born in West Ham on 22nd July 1914 (with mother's maiden name shown as 'Wurtenberger') and in 1939 living with his by then widowed mother and his siblings in Leighton Avenue, East Ham and working as a General Clerk for a Produce Merchant, .Eugene Cavalier died 1979 in Epping while Lillian died in Redbridge district in July 1992. 

They had 3 children in the Romford area  - Rosemary N in 1943, Peter H G in 1947 and Judith H in 1953 . 



Howard John Gordon Kersey born West Ham in Q1 1928 and living with parents in Romford in 1939.. 

He married Beryl BRAMBLE in 1953 in Romford but spent the early years of their marriage at Hinksey on the outskirts of Oxford. After various moves in the 60's, their last known address (2014) was in Brentwood, Essex. Their 4 children were -
- Nigel J Kersey       Q1 1955 Oxford
- Susan E Kersey     Q1 1961 Ilford  
- Ann P Kersey        Q2 1962 Marylebone
- Clare Ruth Kersey Q4 1966 Thurrock

Back up to parents (9.11 above)

10-9.31 Offspring of Charles Fairplay & Elizabeth Hambleton (9.31 above)
10.40 Charles Frederick Fairplay b1890 Hyderabad, India. With parents 1891/1901/1911.

Joined the Army (Devon & Cornwall Light Infantry) during WW1 and was killed in Flanders 20th July 1915, age 25. Buried at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery, Poperinge, Belgium. Mother's address at the time given as Westcliffe on Sea.

10.41 Ruth Jane Fairplay b 18th March 1891 in Lancaster, bap 14th April 1891 at Christ Church, Lancaster. With parents 1891-1911 and with mother in 1939 in Southend as a Staff Organiser & Welfare Worker.

Ruth never married and died in the Leicester area in Q3 1958 but in 1950 she sailed from Liverpool to Canada aboard the "Empress of Scotland" where she is shown as a 59 yr old "Domestic" c/o Rochford General Hospital, Essex. She returned on 30th July 1956 aboard the "Empress of Britain" listed as a 65 yr old "Welfare Worker" with UK destination address as "c/o Mr Wynn, 173 Beeston Road, Leeds 11" - see sister Cicely 10.43 below  for a possible explanation for this.

10.42 Emma Jane Fairplay birth recorded in Q2 1891 - has to have been a twin of Ruth above who died when less than a month old as no baptism found, or indeed death record. 
10.43 Cicely Fairplay born 2nd March 1893 in Ahmednagar, India and baptised there on 28th March. At home in 1901 & 1911.

On Christmas Day 1922 in Rochford Essex she married Arthur Edward Harry WYNN who was born 13/10 1897 in the Rochford district (which includes Westcliffe-on-Sea). It had been thought that Cicely Wynn's death was in Barnsley, Yorkshire in Jan 1989, aged 95 but it was actually (wrongly recorded as Ciceley) during Q4 1956 in Wharfedale District of Yorkshire (which includes Leeds), thereby probably explaining the reason for her sister Ruth's return from Canada to Leeds a couple of months previously.  

Arthur re-married in 1958 one Marjorie PICKNETT, a widow,  in the Cleveland district of N Yorks but he presumably returned to his native Essex after retirement as he died in Southend-on-Sea, Essex in 1971. Marjorie was nee BUTLER (b 30/07/1912 in Guisboro' Yorks who had married Bert F Picknett, a bus conductor, in Guisboro in 1936 but they had moved to Redcar by 1939 where he died in 1955) and she died in Brentwood dist in Q3 1991. Their daughter, Ann Margaret Picknett (1940-2007) also moved to Brentwood area where, according to her obit, she and her mother were keen and well respected showers of dogs. 

Cicely and Arthur had two children - Charles E Wynn (1924-1929 in Rochford) and David Wynn (b1926 Rochford, d 17th December 1970 in the Eastern National bus depot at Cherrydown, Basildon bus station, Brentwood Dist, aet 44 (Stephen Wynn)). David Wynn married Angela McClinchy in Lambeth in 1953 and they produced two children between 1955 and 1958.  

10.44 Arthur Edward Fairplay b 18/7/1895, Upton Park, West Ham. At home 1901 & 1911

Married (1) in Q2 1919 at St George, Hanover Sq Marguerite Maude CRITTLE (1893-1981). They had one son, Roy Fairplay, born 1922 in Lambeth who died 22 Mar 1944 in Germany, aet 21, flight sergeant (pilot), RAF Volunteer Reserve, buried at Reichswald Forest Cemetery.

Following divorce, Arthur married (2) Kathleen Emily OXLEY (b 16/7/1899) in Lambeth in 1928. They had two children together - (a) Yvonne Fairplay (b 1929 Rochford) who did not marry and moved to East Kent then (b) Robert Fairplay (b1932 Lambeth) who married in Ealing in 1959 and had two children when living in Cambridge.

Arthur died in Dover district  in Q3 1971 at the age of 76 while Kathleen died there in 1990 aet 90

10.45 William Henry Fairplay b Q1 1898 in West Ham, died Q2 1899 in West Ham 
10.46 Malby Crofton Fairplay b Q3 1900 in West Ham. At home 1901 & 1911

On 19th Dec 1920 he departed for St John, New Brunswick, Canada aboard the SS Victorian as a Bank Clerk on an Assisted Immigration deal. Six months later he was living (unmarried) in Parkdale, Toronto but in 1925 he returned to England for a short stay accompanied by his new wife Alice. For some unknown reason, on the return journey from Liverpool they departed as British subjects - Charles Fairplay (36, Engineer) and Mary (34, housewife) living in Westcliffe on Sea - but for Canada Immigration when they arrived the other end, they were Canadian Citizens Malby & Alice. 

They were in the voters list in Trinity, Toronto up to 1949 but no BMD records found. (Aside - The name 'Malby Crofton' would appear to come from a Sir Malby Crofton, a member of the Irish aristocracy in Co Sligo, but apart from possible army connections, there is no immediately apparent reason for this naming).

10.47 Bertram Ernest Fairplay b8th Dec 1902 in West Ham. At home in 1911

During Q4 in Hackney he married Vera Olga Emma STODDART (b 5th Oct 1909). After serving on the ss Britannic as a Purser, Bertram died on the Isle of Wight in 1989 while Vera died in Colchester, Essex in 2004.

They had 3 children:

- Brian Bertram Fairplay b 1928 Hackney. Married (1) Evelyn C RADFORD (b1932) in Southend in 1955 with whom he had 3 children then (2) Hazel TURNER in Chichester in 1976 with whom he had a further two children.

- Clive E Fairplay b 13/2/1930 in Hackney. On 27th April 1955 he left Southampton for New York with his wife aboard the Mauretania. In 1958 he was living New Rochelle NY with wife 'Ezat' (nee Ezzat Rafi-Mayeri b 23/11/29 in Southend whom he married there in Q3 1954). The couple retired to Florida where Clive died in 2008. They had one daughter.

- Patrick A Fairplay  b 1934 in Rochford. Married (1) in 1958 Evelyn I WENDEN with whom he had 3 children then (2) at age 67 in 2001, Nicola A JONES.

10.48 Cecil Stanley Fairplay b Q3 1905 in West Ham, died there Jan 1908, age 2.
10.49 Evelyn Mary Fairplay b Oct 1907 in West Ham, died Stepney Mar 1933 age 25

Back up to parents (9.31 above)

10-9.32 Offspring of Julia Louisa Beckwith & Reuben Dudley (9.32 above)
10.51 Rose Elizabeth Martha Dudley b Q1 1887 in St Saviours. At home in Newington 1891 & 1901

On 11th Aug 1907 in St John the Evangelist church in Walworth she married Albert George PALMER (b 29/9/1885). In 1911 they are living in 2 rooms at 258 Munton Road, New Kent Road with Albert described as a 'Packer & Porter'. Rose died in Wandsworth age 66 in 1953 while Albert died in Hammersmith in 1975, aet 89. Their 3 children were - 
- Albert Reuben Palmer (1907-1969 in Winchester). Married Ivy Lilly CLARK (1912-1998) in Southwark in 1929 
- Doris Ruth Palmer b1909. Poss married William L TURNER in Southwark in 1930
- Rose Elizabeth J Palmer b 26/7/1911 in Southwark. Married Richard F HUTCHINGS in Southwark in 1934. Rose died in Lewisham, London Mar 2006, aet 95 

10.52 Sidney Reuben Dudley b 10/3/1889 bap 14/4/89 at St Matthew Newington. 

At home in Newington 1891 & 1901 (listed as a barber's boy in the latter) but in a boarding house in Birkenhead in 1911. He joined Drury Lane Theatre as a Music Hall Artist’s Assistant and went on tour from June 1915 to October 1916 but he then joined the Tank Corps as a Kia Gunner and was killed in action on 28/11/1917. He was buried in Pas de Calais, France. Aet 27 yrs.

10.53 Ernest Dudley b 10/10/91, bap 6/1/92 St Matthew, Newington.

With parents through to 1911 then served in the Army from 1914-1916. Afterwards he worked for Solomons tobacco importers in Holborn (AE). In September qtr 1937 he married Lily Victoria ALGER who was born in Greenwich on 11/09/1905. 

In 1939 the couple were living in Maidstone Road, Southgate, he a 'wholesale tobacconist packer'  and she his bookkeeper. She died 2/12/1948 in Charing X Hospital while he survived until 1969 in Winchester. They had no children.. 

10.54 Charles Edward Macklin Dudley b15/8/1894 bap 12/9/1894 St John the Evangelist, Walworth.

With parents to 1911 then in Southwark in Q4 1916 he married Margaret Read NEWBY (b Liverpool Q1 1880). In 1939 the couple are at 8 Sandringham Road, Bromley, Kent with his occupation listed as LCC Ambulance Attendant. Margaret Dudley died in 1949 aet 69 while Charles died in 1962 in Louth, Lincs, aet 67. They had 6 children - 

- Joan E B Dudley (b 2/4/1917, also appears as Jean, d2004 in Chichester) = 1940 (Chelsea) William J GREEN
- Marjorie E (bQ2 1918). Is at home in 1939 in Bromley (closed record) and she possibly married an Albert K Baker in Bromley in Dec 1939 but otherwise no trace can be found.
- Leonard Reuben Dudley (3/4/1920-1980 Goole) = 1963 (Goole) Alice Miriam TRACEY (1928-2002 Goole)
- Sylvia Constance Dudley (b Q2 1922. In Electoral Roll in Crawley in 2002) = 1943 (Bromley) Cyril Frank MURROCK (1917-2000 Crawley, Sy) 
- Barbara Ruth Dudley (6/2/1924-2001 Chiltern) = 1948 (Bromley) Albert STRATH (1916-2004 Aylesbury)
- Alan Ernest Dudley (Q4 1926-1998 Preston, Lancs) = (1) 1951 (Lewisham) Irene M ELKINS with whom he had two children in Bromley 1953/4, then = (2) 1978 (Blackpool) Ethel M COSGROVE  

10.55  Ruby Georgina Dudley b 23/12/1896 bap 13/1/97 in Walworth

During Q1 1922 she married Albert Phillip GRAY (b28/7/1891) in Southwark who was listed in 1911 as a groom. In 1939 the couple are at 70 Chittens Sq, Southwark, he now an electrician. He died in Harrow in 1956 and she in the Dacorum Dist of Herts during Q2 of 1979.

Their children, both born in Southwark, were - 
- Phyllis Pamela b13/12/1922, married Allen V Moggs in Harrow in Q3 1948 and died in Colchester Q2 1996
- Thomas Dudley b 12th Sep 1925, d Q4 1971 in Dartford. 

10.56 Frank Dudley b 12/10/1899 in Newington/St Saviour, bap 1/11/1899 St John the Evangelist, Walworth.. 

With parents 1901 & 1911, he married Grace Louisa DUDLEY (no relation ! (AE)) at St Matthew's, Newington, on 26 December 1926 when he was a sailor on HMS Hood (AE) . She was born 19th June 1904 in Southwark when her middle name clearly appears on the marriage certificate as Selina. They had two children - David G (b 24/4/1931) and Jean.M (b Sep 1932) - and in 1939 in Banstead, Surrey, Grace is listed with them but there's no sign of Frank. Grace died in 1948 back in Lambeth while Frank died in Bromley (Kent) in Dec 1971 aet 72 (proved by exact birth date).

10.57 Julia Annie Dudley b 15/07/1901 Southwark. With parents 1911. 

During June 1922 in Southwark she married Charles A FREEMAN, b 28/1/1897 though incorrectly shown in some records as 1895. They had five children - Sidney J b Q4 1922, Charles William A  b31/10/1925, Kathleen Mary b1928, Michael Ernest b 29/1/1935 and Terence Robert b29/3/1936. In 1939 the whole family bar Sidney are shown living at 3 Sunshine Way in Mitcham, Charles snr being a skilled labourer at Woolwich Arsenal.

Charles snr died in 1946 in N E Surrey while Julia died some 50 years later in Merton Surrey in Aug 1996 aet 95. Sidney J and Kathleen Mary have not been positively traced but neither Terence nor Michael seemed to stray far from home, dying respectively in Sutton in 1989 and Merton in 2004 but, on the contrary, Charles jnr emigrated to Australia. On 27th July 1955 Julia Annie sailed from Southampton  to Australia aboard the "New Australia" to live with Charles jnr, his wife Janet and their children who were all born there. However Julia Annie subsequently returned to the UK but Charlie came over for her funeral in 1996.

10.58 Alfred Victor Dudley b 30/11/1903, baptised 20/01/04 With parents 1911. 

In Sep 1935 in Southwark he married Grace Smith (b16/10/08) and they had no children (AE/MGS). In 1939 they are living at 241 Sayer St in Southwark, he a 'General Maintenance' person in a tobacco warehouse. 

He died in Southwark in Q3 1961 aet 57, she in Lambeth in Q4 1970

10.59 Constance Mary Dudley b 19th June 1907 in Walworth and baptised on 12th July. At parental home in 1911

On 24/12/1933 in Southwark she married Sidney James PALMER (b 13/11/1908 in South London). In 1939 they are living adjacent to her parents Julia and Reuben at 41 Pastor St in Southwark, he a 'Dental Mechanic'.

Constance died in Sevenoaks on 1st Aug 1999 aet 92 while Sidney died in Tonbridge on 29 December 1982.  Although both Constance and her elder sister Rose (10.51 above) both married men with the surname Palmer, they were not related (AE)

Their children were Valerie Constance 12/02/1939 and Avis Georgina 05/09/1946

Back up to parents (9.32 above)

10-9.33 Offspring of Sarah Anne Beckwith & George William Fuller (9.33 above)

For fuller details of these children (no pun intended, honest) please see the excellent website
 "The Fullers of Methwold Hythe in the Norfolk Fens" 

10.61 May Louisa Fuller b 24/12/1889 in Farringdon. With parents in 1891 but outstabled with an "aunt & uncle" Mr & Mrs Johnson in 1901 and listed as Mary L Fuller.

As with so many ladies of that era who actively supported the Votes for Women campaign, she doesn't seem to feature in the 1911 census but she seems to have stayed in London as she's on the voters list for 1923 in Gt College St in Camden district, the year she is believed to have died in Camden.

10.62 Maud Matilda Fuller b July 1891 in Clerkenwell, Holborn. Like May Louisa above, she also was outstabled with the Johnsons in 1901 but she is in the 1911 census - though possibly not by choice - as she's a cook in the employ of one Charles Plath who ran a dining establishment at 21 Foubert's Place, Regent Street, Westminster, on the corner of the now better known Carnaby Street

Maud had a daughter in 1915 who was registered as Freda T M Fuller but the father is almost certain to have been Charles PLATH who was born in Germany c1875. What plans the couple may have had were dashed by the War and particularly the threat in 1915 of the internment of all German citizens, not to mention the physical violence against Germans and their property that broke out in London that year. What became of him is not known but, after a varied life, Freda died in tragic circumstances in Leicester Square in 1949. 

Going back to Maud, on 23rd May 1920 at All Souls, Newington, she married George LOCKWOOD (a bricklayer, b 2nd Mar 1881 in Walworth) for whom it was his second marriage since his first wife, Emily READ whom he married in 1906, had died in 1915. George Lockwood also features in the life of Maud's brother George - see 10.66 below

Maud & George had two children, George A E Lockwood in 1921 (who married Barbara J ROWLAND in Lambeth in Q4 1947, subsequently having 3 children together) and Josephine E M Lockwood in 1923 (who married David R GEORGE in Lambeth in Q4 1945 .

George Lockwood died in Lambeth in Q4 1949 at the age of 68 while Maud Matilda died in Q2 1966 in South West Surrey, a month or so short of her 75th birthday.

10.63 Ethel Elizabeth Fuller b Q3 1893 in Holborn district.

As with most of her siblings in 1901, she was outstabled outside the immediate family - in her case with pensioners John & Mary Aldridge in Affleck St off City Road but close to Kings Cross Rd. In 1911 at age 17 she was staying with her widowed aunt Matilda at the Hythe, Methwold, Norfolk and working as a dressmaker. Also in the household was her 7 year old brother George.

On 30th July 1919 in St George, Bloomsbury, she married Alfred Henry Thomas BALLINGER.(PR) He was born c1886 (given as c1889 on marriage) and, at the time of their marriage, he was living in the Edgware Road (Westminster / Paddington) whereas Ethel gave her address as the Bloomsbury Tavern in Shaftesbury Avenue, Bloomsbury (GD) 

He didn't seem to move far from the Marylebone district of central London as both children were born there and he died in  in 1952, aet quoted as 66, whereas Ethel seems to have moved west after his death, dying in Stroud, Glos, during Q3 1960. This possibly suggests that Alfred's family came from that area.

The two children were :

  • Vera Ethel Ballinger - b1920 in Marylebone. Married in Q2 1953 also in Marylebone Angus John MACAULAY (20 Nov 1903 - Q1 1972 in Thornbury, Glos) and they had two children between 1954 & 56. Vera died in 2009 in Cheltenham at the age of 89.

  • Wanda Georgina Ballinger - b 19th August 1923 in Marylebone. In Q3 1947 also in Marylebone she married Alfred J CUDMORE (poss 1909-69 or 1915-91). Wanda died in Torbay, Devon in 1977 aet 53 and they had two children between 1951 and 1954 in the Newton Abbot district of Devon.

10.64 Georgina Agnes Fuller b Oct 16 1897 in Limehouse & baptised at St Anne's Limehouse on 22/12/97 at which time the parental address was 61 Stainsby Road and father's occupation as 'Shoemaker'.

In 1901 she too was 'outstabled' but in her case it was to Alice & Henry Ames, her mother Sarah's step sister & husband. In 1911, after the death of her mother, she is to be found as a lodger whilst at school in Stowupland, Suffolk while her sister Elsie is also lodging in the same village. What she did after leaving school is not known but certainly in 1924 she embarked on her world travels with a trip to Quebec aboard the Montcalm arriving there on 16th Nov.  

For the full story of what happened to her thereafter, please the page devoted to her on the excellent Fuller web site but in essence she worked in the Far East but was taken prisoner by the Japanese during WW2. She survived the ordeal, but only just, so when released and transported to Australia in late 1945 she was not a well person and she died there just 18 months later - on 11th July 1947 in Sydney, aged 43 .

10.65 Elsie Annie Fuller b 28th Mar 1900 in Islington, part of the Holborn district. 

In 1901, aged 1, she is with her parents at 101b Kings Cross Road (the northern part of Farringdon Road) while in 1911, after the death of her mother, she is at school in Suffolk just a few doors away from where her sister Georgina was lodging.

She is believed to have travelled abroad a bit but not so widely as Georgina. Similarly she never married, living latterly in a flat on the Edgware Road (just north of the A40 flyover) where she died in 1977, aged 77. Her death record quotes her date of birth as 1901 rather than 1900 as do some other documents but this is not altogether surprising as she probably did not have any proper documentary evidence, only hearsay from other family members.

10.66 George William Fuller - the only boy - b 19th Feb 1904 in Holborn District.

George was only 2 when his mother Sarah died so, like the others, he was farmed out to others, in his case in 1911, he was with his Aunt Matilda in Methwold, Norfolk as a 'scholar', together with his sister Eliza.  

What happened to him in the two decades thereafter is not known but certainly by 1935 he was back in London - Lambeth to be precise - where during that Summer he married Hilda May LOCKWOOD, the daughter by his first wife of George Lockwood, his brother in law. She was born in April 1908 in Camberwell, London and died in the Sedgemoor district of Somerset in 2006 at the age of 98. Husband George died in Q1 1976 in the Honiton district of Devon.

They had two children born between 1938 and 1946. 

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Offspring of Rose (Rosa) Ann Beckwith & Edward Byford (9.65 above)

10.67 Dorothy Rose Byford - b 20/12/1909, died Chatham, Kent 1979

Married Herbert A CAMP in Q4 1933 in Edmonton. 4 Children all b Edmonton between 1934 & 1943

10.68 Mildred Violet Byford - b 29/2/1912 (yes, 1912 was a leap year), died May 2000 in Enfield.

Married Horace A SPRINGER in Edmonton in 1944. He died 1955 in Croydon but their 2 children were both born in Edmonton in the late 40's 


Joan Ivy Byford b 22/2/1917, died unmarried in Harlow, Essex in Sep 2001

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Offspring of William G J Harradine & Ellen Richens (9.70 above)

10.71 Nellie L Harradine b 22/10/1896 in Rotherhithe. With parents in Bermondsey in 1911.

In Greenwich in 1918 she married Ernest W BURROWS . No more known & no children found.

10.72 Winifred Jane Harradine b09/08/01 in Rotherhithe and bap there 28/08/01.

In Sep 1931 at St Olave she married Newby Herbert STOTHARD. The son of Herbert Stothard (1874-1906) and Jane Eliza Isaac (and grandson of Matthew, a shipwright, and Mary Ann Stothard from Sunderland), he was born in Rotherhithe 07/11/1899, baptised 21st July 1901 and died in 1980 in Lewisham while Winifred died there in Q2 1988. No children found.

10.73 Doris May Harradine bQ2 1909 in St Olave, Bermondsey. With parents in 1911 in Bermondsey.

No more known other than poss marriage in 1931 to George T NEWELL

Back up to parents (9.70 above)


Offspring of Louisa Jane Harradine & Robert Stothard (9.71 above)

10.75 Ivy Louisa Stothard b22nd June 1901 in Rotherhithe. No baptism traced.

In Q3 1928 in St Olave she married William ANGUS and in Q1 1929 in St Olave they had a son Douglas T Angus. Ivy died in 1989 in Southwark

10.76 Ellaline Stothard b11th May 1904 in Rotherhithe, bap 1st July 1904 at All Saints Rotherhithe.

In Dec 1925 in St Olave she married John Andrew HODGES (b1892) and on 5th April 1928 their only child, Roy John was born in St Olave. In turn Roy married Phyllis Gwendoline BAKER (b1930) in Weston Super Mare in 1951 and they then settled in Bath, where he died in 2001. They had five children, the youngest of whom still lives and works in the city. 

10.77 Emily Lillian Stothard b 9/11/1906 St Olave

During Q2 1939 in Camberwell district she married William Ellis GUBBINS (29th Feb 1892) but by Q4 1940 they seem to have moved into leafy South West Surrey where their son Robert was born. William died in Dulwich on.6th Nov 1970 while Emily died back in Lambeth in August 1996, aet 90

10.78 Florence Violet Stothard b16th Aug 1909 in St Olave. On electoral roll in 1934 in Clack St, Bermondsey.

In 1940 she married David EVANS in St Olave, Bermondsey and died aged 95 in Lewisham in Nov 2004. Two children found b 1946 & 1949 of the requisite surname and mother's maiden name but the births were both in Newcastle under Lyme district of Staffs so not so likely to be theirs. 


Robert George Stothard also b16th Aug 1909 in St Olave. 

In 1936 in St Olave he married Elizabeth Ellen SAWYER (b 23/3/1912) and they both died in Hitchin, Herts, he in 1990 and she in 1991. No children found.

10.80 Daisy Ann Stothard bQ3 1913 in St Olave

Married Q2 1939 in Bermondsey Sydney L CARTER and looks as if they had 3 children between 1941 and 1943.

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