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Beckwith Family History

Tree 2s Picture Gallery

Beckwith Reunion in Dorking - 
October 26th,1957

Some of the 'first & second cousins' - grandchildren & great-grandchildren of Thomas John Beckwith & Eliza Finall


The Venue -

The house of Francis and Marjorie Granville in Martineau Drive, Dorking, Surrey.

The Date - 

The original text here said "The bare trees in photo 3 confirm that it was Winter and Iím sure that it was not long before Christmas because, having moved away from London to Cliftonville in December 1955, I remember the opportunity being seized by my parents to perform an early Xmas present exchange with Geoff & Bessie Surl so as to save on postage. We didn't venture back out of Thanet immediately after having moved there so I believe 1956 is the earliest possible and as Eric died on 1/11/58, 1957 would be the latest."

On 26th October 2007, chance led me to find my father's hitherto missing diary for 1957 and there, on 26th October - exactly 50 years before to the very day - was the entry "To M&F, Dorking for Beckwith Party. 90 miles each way. 4 galls of petrol, 19/4d at 38254" ... so 1957 it was (and that petrol fill today would cost twenty times as much. For another bit of nostalgia, in Sep 1957 there's an entry "Electricity converted from DC to AC ").

The Photos - 

All by Arthur Surl. Apologies for the less than perfect quality - they are significant enlargements of the original negatives and the lighting conditions on an Autumn afternoon canít have been ideal anyway - but hopefully they will serve as a record of the occasion that took place 50 years ago.


Photo 1 - numbered literally left to right. 

1 Francis Granville   2 Evelyn Surl   3 Gina  Beckwith  4 Marjorie Granville+Tinker

5 Bessie Surl   6 Roger  Beckwith  7 Malcolm Surl   8 Sheila Butler

9 Winnie Beckwith (2)   10 Christine Surl   11 Eric  Beckwith  12 Stephen Surl

13 Gerald  Beckwith  14 Jack Gabriel   15 Geoffrey Surl   16 Silvia Gabriel


Photo 2

1 Jack Gabriel   2 Gina Beckwith   3 Winnie Beckwith (1)   4 Eric Beckwith

5 Winnie Beckwith (2)   6 Sheila Butler   7 Malcolm Surl   8 Bessie Surl

9 Evelyn Surl   10 Gerald  Beckwith 11 Christine Surl   12 Marjorie Granville

13 Geoffrey Surl   14 Silvia Gabriel   15 Francis Granville   16 Stephen Surl


Photo 3 - same group composition as photo 2 but different angle

1 Jack Gabriel   2 Winnie Beckwith (1)   3 Eric  Beckwith   4 Gina Beckwith

5 Winnie Beckwith (2)   6 Sheila Butler   7 Evelyn Surl   8 Bessie Surl

9 Malcolm Surl   10 Gerald  Beckwith   11 Geoffrey Surl   12 Marjorie Granville

13 Christine Surl   14 Francis Granville   15 Silvia Gabriel   16 Stephen Surl

Winnie (1) is nee Dexter, the wife of Eric; Winnie (2) is nee Morden, wife of Gerald.

Cameras are in evidence and the different group compositions suggest that Roger and Winnie also took photos so I wonder if any other shots of this day are still extant ?

My sincere thanks to Gina Smart, Sheila Beckwith and Margery Pears for helping to identify everyone. 


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